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Elevate Your Summer Wardrobe with 7 Chic Looks Incorporating Sheer Tights

Tights have returned in a big fashion. They are timeless, sleek and oh so sultry. They add a touch of elegance to any outfit. And they’re perfect for layering light in spring weather. The once-grandma fashion accessory is now a must-have for the modern fashionista. You can’t leave the house without seeing a sheer legging. They come in all shapes and sizes, from fun and flirty dots to bold, colorful pieces.

Justine Logue, stylist, says that tights are a great way to incorporate sheer clothing into your wardrobe. It elevates an outfit that is simpler, so it’s a fashion trend that many people can embrace because they can combine it with existing items in their wardrobe.

Need inspiration? Here are 7 ways we like to wear sheer tights with every outfit and aesthetic.

Bold red

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Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

Cherry red is the color to choose if you want to make an impression and show everyone that you are a fashionista. Recent trends like tomato girl summer or cherry red nails have embraced bold, vibrant colors for everyday wear. It’s no wonder red tights are having their moment.

Try going monochromatic to embrace the trend. Take a tip from Beatrice Granno and pair your sheer red leggings with matching shoes, shorts and blazers for an elegant and stylish fit.

Delicate Lace

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Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Lace can make a big difference. It’s important to balance the feminine and delicate lace tights against something more edgy, such as a pair leather shorts. Leather and lace are a classic combination that has been around since the dawn. They look great no matter what you do with them. If you want to make your outfit more bold, pair it with a patterned shirt. Keep the shoes simple and sleek to match the shorts. When you have too many patterns, it can be confusing, but if they are balanced correctly, the look is chic.


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What could be sexier that fishnet tights. Fishnets are the ultimate in sheer legwear. They add a unique edge to any outfit. Not only are they always in style, but also add depth and texture to your outfit. They look great with a black pump, an oversized jacket and a sleek blazer.

No Pants? No Problem

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Try to step out of your comfort zones by throwing your pants aside. No, seriously. Tights are increasingly being seen as an alternative to wearing full pants, or as a cover-up for ultra-miniskirts. Wear a bodysuit and you’ll feel like a star in no time.

Schoolgirl Aesthetic

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It’s good for us if it’s the same as Olivia Rodrigo. The ultimate cool girl look is to wear sheer tights with a plaid skirt, ankle socks and loafers.

All About Boots

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Shoes make an outfit. We’re biased. Knee-high boots with tights are the perfect choice for a versatile outfit that will take you from dinner out to a night on the town. For warmth and an extra touch, you can pair your boots with a leather coat if it is colder. Grab yourself some bold rings and graphic tees and you’re ready to go!

Say Pink? Say Less.

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A floral outfit and pink tights are a great spring look for the maximalist. Accessorize! You can add a layer of dimension to the look by playing with purses and earrings.

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