Celebrate Memorial Day with 15 Nail Art Designs, Ranging from Summery to Americana Styles

Memorial Day marks the start of summer, even though the solstice itself is still weeks away. Memorial Day signals warmer temperatures and the return of sunny weather.

You’ll probably find a variety of themes, from fun to patriotic. Scroll through these 15 Memorial Day nail designs for inspiration.

Hot and Sunny

image 2 78


This bright and fun French manicure has multicolored tips with a hazy sun detailing using shades of pink, yellow, orange and blue.

Patriotic Mix

image 4 15


Choose a mix-and match design in red white and blue for a patriotic style that isn’t too obvious. This design features stars, cherries, smileys and checkers.

Sunny Days

image 2 77


This manicure combines French tips, suns and checkers with bold shades of blue, yellow and pink.

Chrome Stars

image 3 22

This look is a velvety nail with a pewter color and stars.

Gingham Picnic

image 4 14


French tips with gingham patterns will give you a picnic-like feel. Add visual interest by pairing it with a tip decorated with flowers.

Watermelon Season

image 2 83


Why not match your nails with the watermelon season?

Simple Flags

image 2 80


Incorporate the flag in your design for a simple Americana look. This look pairs the flag with stars, blue gingham and solid red.

Berries & Cream

image 2 84


Pair the classic French mani with adorable strawberries for a fresh spring look.

Stars and Stripes

image 2 82


This patriotic look features light blue, red, and white. The addition of a set of pinkies with cow-print adds a surprising touch.

Summer Neons

image 2 81


Celebrate the holidays with a neon manicure. This design is a swirl of shades in pink, yellow orange and white.

Subtle Florals

image 3 23


This nail art design features the classic combination of red, white and blue in a floral nail style.

Navy Florals

image 3 25


This white and orange floral is based on navy. This design features French tips with floral-splashed nail polish.

Watermelon Tips

image 3 26


This tip will put you in the mood for watermelon. Each nail has a nude base with watermelon slices on the tip. They also have seeds and a two-toned rind.

Juicy Fruit

image 2 79


These orange nails were given a juicier vibe with a 3D polish. The orange nails are paired with an amazing blue-and white design that screams Summer.

Strawberry Stripes

image 3 24


This design is a summery design with strawberries and stripes.

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