Elevate Your Spring Style with Socks & Loafers

The loafer is a shoe that has stood the test of the time. A practical shoe that is easy to walk in and can be dressed up or down, is a must. The loafer is a stylish and comfortable option for everyday wear. It comes in many different styles, from the functional penny loafer to the nostalgic boat loafer. It’s easy to style loafers because they are available in many different colors, textures and heel heights.

You probably already have the perfect combination for styling loafers. Socks with loafers! The combination of socks and loafers instantly makes an outfit more interesting. When it comes to styling socks and loafers, the possibilities are endless. Here’s a list of some of our favorite sock and loafer styling combinations to inspire you.

Get Matchy-Matchy

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Anyone who said matchy-matchy is wrong has never seen this luxurious sock and jacket situation. Matching your socks with your outerwear will make your fringe loafer instantly look more cohesive.

Wear More White

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Sometimes, more is better! Add a white cotton socks to a pattern-heavy ensemble to add a fresh twist to a colorful loafer. White socks can be used to refresh any style of loafer, including those that are multicolored and patterned.

Pair Black & Brown

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This outfit proves that black and brown go together. This unexpected combination of black socks and cognac brown penny loafers feels polished and creates a contrast.

Go Monochromatic

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In the 1930s, a telephone call cost only two pennies. This cleverly named penny loafer was born. Pennies were stored in the slot on the front of the loafers we wear today. The loafers are just as cool as they were back then. Styling them in monochromatic colours feels like an updated look.

Add Textured Sock

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Try adding a high-calf textured brown sock to your chocolate Belgian loafers. It not only draws attention to your stylish slip-ons, but also makes a simple suit look more sophisticated.

Play with Patterns

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Loafers are known as a sophisticated, classic shoe. But they can also be fun. A colorful pink sock with a black brogue loafer looks stylish, but also adds some whimsy. It’s especially fun to wear multiple colors in the same tone.


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Who would have thought that a pair rhinestone bling loafers could be as versatile? This pair of loafers is ready to party with any skirt or dress you choose. Layer them up with polka-dot tights.

Go Logo Crazy

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When you combine designer logo tights with chunky socks in white, the party is on the bottom. This layering may seem like an unlikely pairing, but it gives a street-style edge to a simple loafer with brogue.

Opt for Colorblocking

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Red loafers with yellow socks will create a serotonin-inspired outfit. You wouldn’t normally wear two primary colours together, but this combination works so well that you are inspired to buy bright solid socks.

Layer Socks & Stirrups

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Stir up the fun with stirrup leggings and socks. The equestrian leggings are a perfect match for the horsebit loafers.

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