Beach Vocation Tricks: 9 Charming Ways to Tie a Sarong

Sarong is not just a traditional garment, but also a fascinating piece of cloth you can add into your daily wardrobe capsule. This fabric is widely used in most Southeast Asian countries, especially in Indonesia. Sarong or sarung, is a significant garment in Indonesia, and wearing this piece is normally attached to the Muslim society in the country. Thus, sarong making is one of the most notable industries in Indonesia, which are exported worldwide.


Over the years, sarong has become popular all over the world because of its quite unique and artsy details. And if you have some sarongs in your closet, then you should make the most of out of these traditional and stylish garments. There are certainly several ways to achieve a charming fashion getup using a sarong, and here are some of those.

How to Tie a Sarong?

1. One-Shoulder Dress

If you’re off to the beach, this one-shoulder sarong dress will definitely elevate your flair into a more stylish and distinctive manner. To pull off this style, follow these steps:

  •  Hold the sarong in a vertical manner, then tuck it under your armpit.
  • Bring the upper corners over one of your shoulders, creating a double knot.
  • Gather the two edges at the waist area and tie a double knot.

2. Side-Slit Dress

Another charming way to wear a sarong is by creating a side-slit dress. This easy-to-make sarong outfit will certainly turn heads during your beach escapades.

  •  Bring the sarong around your back, and double knot the upper ends, just above your bust area.
  • Pull the sides at the waist, tying a knot and creating a sexy side slit.

3. Halter Dress

For a more sophisticated and stylish sarong dress, why don’t you try to achieve a halter dress? The procedure is just a piece of cake, and you can finish this ensemble in a minute.

  • Wrap the sarong around your body.
  • Cross over the upper edges and tie those ends behind your neck properly.

4. Bandeau Dress

Charming Ways to Tie a Sarong bandeau

Source: M Frannie

Looking for a simple yet stylish sarong dress? Then, try this effortless bandeau dress you can wear during your casual days at the beach. Creating this ensemble is very easy, and can be completed in a minute or two.

  • Wrap the sarong around your body, and tie the upper ends.
  • Tuck those ends properly to create a simply chic outfit.

5. Toga Dress

The charming ways of wearing a sarong is undeniably unlimited, and another striking sarong style you can try is the toga dress. This dress may look intricate, but chill; it’s not as complicated as you think.

  • Hold the fabric on both ends, then pull the right part overyour left shoulder. Consequently, the left corner will be pulled to the right.
  • Twist the garment on your right side to create a braid or belt under your bust. From there, the sides of the sarong will now be draping because of the twisting.
  • Now, use the braid or bust ends on the right side and tie it at the back, together with the left end of the sarong. Tying a knot at your back may be difficult, so you can ask someone to do it for you.

6. Jumpsuit

A more fashionable way to tie a sarong is through this fancy jumpsuit ensemble. Yes, you can definitely create your own jumpsuit with just your sarong, and the end outfit is downright captivating.

  • Start with a sarong wrap by holding the garment in front of your body, and placing it under your armpit.
  • Wrap the two upper angles around your back, creating double knot.
  • Then, pull the bottom through your legs.
  • Take the two back corners and bring them into a tight front wrap. Secure the wrap with a double knot.

7. Blouse

Charming Ways to Tie a Sarong blouse

Source: Pinterest

Sarongs are not just made for dresses, but also for blouses. There are seriously a lot of ways to style up your upper ensemble using a sarong. For sarong blouses, it is best to choose those Balik sarongs, which are made of lacy and smooth materials. The details, of course, will also help you achieve a more feminine aura.

Creating a sarong blouse is more or less the same with the dress procedures, except that you will focus on the upper area.


8. Mini Skirt

Charming Ways to Tie a Sarong mini skirt

Source: Pinterest

If you want to flaunt your toned abs, then you can downright achieve such style in the most fashionable way with the help of your sarong.

  • To create a mini skirt, fold the sarong in two and wrap it on your waist.
  • Tie the upper ends carefully.

9. Maxi Skirt


This maxi skirt is just a step-up of the mini sarong skirt. Creating this style is likely the same with creating the mini skirt version. However, you can style the knot freely because of the extra cloth dimension. Instead of the usual double knot, you may be able to achieve a ribbon knot or some other charming ways of tying.

  • With the maxi skirt, there’s no need to fold the sarong in half. Directly wrap the sarong around your bottom.
  • Tie the upper corners together, and create your own knot.
  • Adjust the fabric accordingly depending on your style.

Cover up

Apparently, one of the easiest ways to wear your sarong is through a cover up. A sarong cover up is simply tagged as a ‘stylish rescuer’ by women who are not so confident in wearing bikinis. This garment is often used to cover up the swimming attire, allowing comfort and style in one setting.

Charming Ways to Tie a Sarong end

Source: M Frannie

A sarong is definitely an important travel essential you ought to bring during your summer trips, especially in tropical islands. Sarong seems to be the only piece of cloth that gives you the freedom to create several charming ensembles— from sassy dresses to fascinating skirts. It is not just a stylish garment, but also a practical fabric you can wear as you pass by some historical or religious sites.

So, before you head unto your next travel destination, don’t forget to stack at least one or two sarongs in your luggage. And if you’re not yet ready with your swimwears, well don’t worry and just check this article: Gorgeous Swimsuit Ideas for Spring Break. Here is also an important and healthy guide for you: What to Eat Before and After a Workout.

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