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Ways to Wear a Sarong: Your Guide to Effortless Beach Style

Sarong skirts are a summer staple that is as versatile as any other style. The sarong was first worn in Southeast Asia and has now become a summer essential. Sarongs can be worn a variety of ways, which is one of our favorite things about them. Here are six different ways to tie your sarong, which will show how versatile the scarf coverup is.

How To Tie A Sarong

Basic Sarong

image 437 41

You can create a simple sarong by gathering the ends at the waist and tying a simple knot. This couldn’t be easier!

The Waist Wrap

image 895

Wrap your sarong around your waist by folding it in half. You’re ready to go if you tuck the loose end.

The Shoulder Cover

image 440 1

Hold one of the narrow ends at your neck. Bring one corner over your shoulder, and tie it on the long end of sarong underneath your arm to create an armhole. Repeat the process on the opposite side. Wear the entire length of the sarong as a cape.

The Neck Wrap

image 437 42

This style is ideal when you want to cover up completely. Fold the sarong in half and place it around your body, with the ends facing forward. Bring the top ends behind your neck, and tie them to create a full-body cover.

The Split-Front Coverup

image 437 44

Fold the sarong around your body and tie it this way. Tie the top ends at your chest. Bring the excess length of the ends behind your neck, and secure them. Presto! Your cute swimsuit can still be shown off with the extra coverage.

The Faux Mini

image 437 43

Tie the top ends of the sarong around your neck while holding it vertically. Bring the ends up to your waist and create a pleat. Tie the ends at your waist to create a faux cowl-neck mini dress in the front.

Tube Dress

image 899

This looks more feminine and offers a bit more coverage. This is another very simple style that will make you stand out. Wrap the corners of the sarong around your chest. You can create a stylish look by tying the corners together in front. Grab your sunhat and head out.

One Shoulder Greek goddess dress

image 896

My personal favorite! This Greek Goddess look is suitable for all body types. This look works for everyone, whether you’re a curvy goddess or a petite thin Goddess. Grab the opposite sides of the sarong. Pull the corners up to the top of the sarong in front and back. Tie the sarong at the shoulder. If you wish to cover more of the sarong, if it has fringe, you can tie loosely and gently on one side.

Coverage of the houlder

image 897

For this look, you just need a sarong you love. It’s perfect for those days when you feel like you’ve had too much sun. Wrap this sarong over your shoulders to create a beautiful sun shawl. This shawl is also perfect for evening walks on the beach. This soft fabric will not only make you feel comfortable but will also give a romantic feeling to your night under the stars.

Beach Blanket

image 898

It is easier to use a sarong than to wear one. It can be used as a beach towel for those days when you don’t want to carry much. Our sarongs have a material that is great for sand removal. You can wrap them around your body using the different options listed above. Perfect for picnics or a boho feel for your vacation.

Sarongs come in many styles and are easy to pack. Choose a few that you love and use them every day of the week. We want to be able to show off our skin on sunny vacations. Find clothing that is comfortable, stylish and versatile. LoveShuShi has it all. LoveShuShi is dedicated to helping women feel good about themselves by offering them clothes that are easy to wear and flattering.

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