A Guide to Dressing the Apple Body Shape

Apple shapes rejoice! Let’s talk about how to dress up your favorite shape and bring out its best features. Let’s clear up one thing before we begin: inverted triangles are similar to apple shapes. Inverted triangles and apple shapes have similar shoulders. However, apples tend to carry more weight in the midsection. This 5-step guide will help you dress your apple shape figure no matter what features or flaws you wish to show off (or hide).

What is an apple shape?

  • You have a good proportionate body.
  • Your shoulders are wider than your hips
  • Your hips may not be as curvy as you think
  • You do not have a clearly defined waistline.

Your Goal When Dressing Apple Body Shape

You want to create the best silhouette you can.

You can create the illusion of a waist by highlighting your cleavage, and by creating nice vertical lines.

I like the straight silhouette too, but with lots of vertical lines to create a long and slender silhouette.

Celebrities In Apple Shape

Apple shapes can be difficult to style.

There are many female celebrities who have the same body type as you.

The stylist or the client has just taught them how to dress for their body shape.

Women who are overweight and have good legs will choose an outfit that shows off their legs at red carpet-events.

You can get inspiration from celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Amy Schumer, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Drew Barrymore.

Dressing the Apple Shape

Style the apple shape and you will be able to enjoy a sweet life! The best way to style the apple and inverted triangle shape is to play up their full breast, amazing legs and/or arms. The best pieces are those that do not rely on a traditional waistline.

Begin at the top!

Apple and Inverted triangle figures require tops that are essential.

It’s good news! Good news! You’ll need:

  • The breezy silhouettes
  • Flowy tunics
  • Relaxed boyfriend button-ups
  • V-neck clothing

Want more structure? Select a fabric with a lot of substance that will streamline the look from your chest to your hips. Fabrics such as raw silk, linen tweed gabardine, thicker cotton, and tweed are all good choices. Avoid jersey, which can be too thin. All of these fabrics will do the trick.

Tops For Apple Shapes

image 893
  • Get a bra that fits well, because the attention will be focused on your upper body. You don’t need your bust and tummy to meet!
    • Tops that emphasize your body’s slimmest part, often right underneath your breasts, are very flattering. It should be wide enough to accommodate your stomach but not too wide.
    • Buy t-shirts with a ruching in the middle. You can’t see the tummy under this shirt because it will confuse your eye.
    • Tops with V-necks will help you to create a vertical and horizontal line by breaking up your chest size.
    • Choose tops that have a thicker, less clingy texture. Woven tops are great.
    • When worn with pants, the best length for tops to wear is at or just below your hipbone
    • Apple shaped bodies look great with patterns as they camouflage and flatter.
    • Tops with embellishments that highlight your arms, e.g. Flares, a cut or embroidery can draw attention away from your stomach.
    • Your tops can create slimming vertical lines by being asymmetrical.

What about the sleeve?

image 892

Here, rules are thrown out the window. Strapless or sleeveless is the way to go if you are proud of your arms, shoulders and push-ups. You can cover up with a fitted sleeve that will help balance out your larger bust. If your neck is curvy, you may want to try a plunging or shallow V-neck. You’re more of a “downplaying” girl? You’ll want to look for a darker shade, such as black or navy.

Then, Add Layers

What are the best jackets for apple and inverted triangle-shaped figures? As with any shape, it is important to consider where the jacket hem falls. Apple-shaped figures look good in vests, jackets or coats that hit at the hips or upper thighs. You can look great in A-line coats, straight trench styles, or knee-length trenches without a waist belt.

Say Yes to the Dresses

image 894

You’re in luck if you like a good dress! Strapless styles are flattering on you. A wrap dress or a maxi with a lower-cut neckline is a great option. Wear a cami under to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Minis are the best if you love your legs. Sheath and shift styles in knee-length are also great! Styles with A-lines are perfect for apples. When in doubt, darker colors and diagonal stripes are slimming.

Last, but not least

Apple-shaped jeans & pants are a favorite. Choose your favourite! Leggings and skinny jeans look fantastic on you, especially if you pair them with a tunic or oversized sweater. Flares and heels can help you elongate your figure. Wear bootcuts or flared pants if you have long legs. The hemline should reach the top of the heel or the entire ground.

You can wear any style of trousers, whether they are cropped or ankle-length. If your top is breezy, choose a structured or slim pant to balance out your look.

Don’t Forget Accessories

Outfit Toppers for Apple and Inverted Triangle shapes

Love bracelets? Statement rings? Statement earrings? You’re lucky! You can also wear necklaces. But, since dressing for your shape is about balance, it’s best to keep them light and delicate.

A Last Thought on Body Shapes

Each person is unique. Mix and match shapes if you are not an apple shape. These guidelines should be used as a guideline.

We believe that real women are the best source of information on how to dress.

Are you ready to add some pieces to your closet that will compliment your frame? Order a Fix, take your style quiz and ask your stylist for flattering styles like A-line shapes, V-neck tops, and more. Send back what you don’t like. You can always return and ship for free. Simple as that.

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