Best Haircuts For Thick Hair

Let’s be honest. It’s like winning the lottery to have thick hair. It takes a while to dry and doesn’t always stay in a ponytail for the entire class like its lighter counterparts, but it is still as thick and beautiful as honey. We don’t have to feel bad. It’s not just about the short hairstyles when it comes to finding the best haircuts. With a few flattering tricks, thick-haired women can wear medium and long styles all day. The thick hair and bangs go together like peas and carrots. No wimpy, slicked down fringes here! Layering can also remove the excess weight that prevents your strands reaching their full volume potential. Are you ready to show off those thick locks? Here are 15 medium hairstyles that will suit thick hair.

Feathered layers on the curtain bangs

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The curly, wispy ends of feathered layers add dimension to any style. These layers are especially flattering for thicker hair, as they don’t appear too thin. Curtain bangs are the perfect cut for thicker hair.


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The shag is a great way to highlight volume in the right places. Lightening layers will help you achieve bangs that are unlike any other while avoiding bulk.

Ouidad Cut

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The Ouidad Cut produces perfectly defined ringlets, without adding bulk. This curly-specific technique involves “carving” and “slicing”, hair to enhance natural curl pattern, and minimize frizz.

Stacked bob


This long bob will help you achieve a shorter look. This cut, by Carolynn Judd, has layers in the back that add enough structure and shape to your hair so you won’t need to spend hours styling it.

Curly Bans


We’re talking about a lot more layers for thick, curly hair. Ringlets are the best way to add volume and bounce. Adding some fringe? It’s a hit.



It’s time to get shaggy. This shag cut by Sal Salcedo is perfect for thick hair. Just add some layers and bangs to it.

Layered shoulder cut


The layers are back, but with a shoulder-length cut that’s sassy. This hair is so full and lush that we want to take hair vitamins ASAP. The shoulder-length haircut is flattering for everyone.

Curly Lob


Curls love the lift provided by shorter lengths, and this collarbone grazing cut with long layers is a great example.

Blunt Bangs


If you request a full fringe, your biggest fear is to end up with wimpy, stringy, feathery strands on your forehead. This does not apply to thick-haired women. You can wear blunt bangs with ease.

Side-parted Shoulder Cut


Shaylee Blatz’s blunt cut plays up the thickness, but it doesn’t appear weighed down. The heavy side part creates an almost asymmetrical appearance, which balances out the heaviness at the ends. It also frames the face in a playful way.

Internal Layers


You’ll think your stylist is a magician after she gives you internal layers. Internal layers can reduce the weight of thick, long hair without being noticeable.



This is the noncommittal alternative to full fringe. Even thick hair can be lightened with a bit of texture, loose waves and beachy vibes.

Long Layers


The layering will lighten the thickness of your mane without making it bulky. Too many layers on top of one another can create excess bulk. These long layers give a full-headed hair a lot of dimension.

Tousled Lob


Textured layers can be a great touch to thick hair. The Texas-based Chris Jones gives this cut plenty of volume and movement by layering. It also minimizes the bluntness that can make styling thicker hair difficult.

Birkin Bangs


These bangs are classic and cool. They take inspiration from the iconic Jane Birkin whose effortless, Parisian style was popular in 1970s. This fringe will give thick, straight hair the perfect style boost.

Frequently asked questions

For individuals with thick hair, internal layers can be a great styling option. They are invisible and are often referred to as “ghost layers.” These layers create volume and movement within a cut by using shorter sections. External layers are visible, and they are used primarily to define a particular hair shape. Internal layers do not change the length of hair but rather the profile of the style.

The addition of bangs to thick hair can help reduce the weight and add some style. Blunt bangs are a bit more difficult to maintain, but thick haired individuals can still pull it off. Thick hair can also be used to create easy-going bangs with long side-sweeping bangs and piecey, layered bangs.

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