best hairstyle for thick hair

Best Haircuts for Thick Hair

Do you happen to have thick hair or thin hair? Do you like having thick hair or you’d rather have thinner mane? People have varied preferences when it comes to their hair. While some people love thick locks, others do not count themselves blessed for having thick hair. Why?

This is because while thick hair looks and feels healthy, it also feels heavier to carry. This is especially true with those who have long and thick hair. Some also find thick hair difficult to manage and difficult to style. They feel it’s difficult to think of a truly attractive and easy to manage haircut or hairstyle they can wear.

However, this is not at all true. If you have thick hair of any length, rejoice! Your hair is not only blossoming with health and life but there is also a variety of easy hairstyles for thick hair you can wear. Get to know what you and your hairdresser can do with those thick locks.

Haircuts for long thick hair

Long hair never runs out of style no matter how modern the present and future generations become. Having a long, thick hair may be difficult to manage but there are some stunning hairstyle ideas you can apply for your long, thick hair.

Haircuts for long thick hair

Source: DIYS                                          Hair World Mag                                                      Long Hair Beez

  • Layered and Colored. Layered haircut for long, thick hair can reduce the heavy feeling of your hair and if you add color to it, it is like perking up your hair instead of making it look plain. This is especially true if you apply the newest hair coloring trend called the Balayage. Get to know Why Balayage Hair is the New Hair Trend
  • Long Beach Waves. The best ting about long, beach waves hairstyle is it is easy to do. You only need a curling iron and you can wear this gorgeous hairstyle already. Yes, beach waves also never fail to catch the attention of the people around you. Check out Tips for Long Hair: Beach Waves Hairto know more about this hairstyle.
  • Loose Angled Layers. Even if you have long and thick hair, it is possible to let your hair loose without causing you inconvenience. This is by getting angled layers haircut. Your hair will be enhanced even if you have straight hair. However, this is only advisable for those who can really take care of their hair well. The presence of split ends may ruin the effect you want to achieve with this hairstyle.

Medium hairstyles for thick hair

Medium hairstyles for thick hair

Source: The Right Hairstyles         Hairstyle For Women             Short Haircut

If you have a medium or shoulder-length thick hair, you will find it easier to manage compared to long, thick hair. However, compared to long hair, it can be challenging to think of an attractive hairstyle you can wear that will match that of the long hair. Most of the time, medium length hairs are boring to look at. But, here are some shoulder length hairstyles for thick hair that you can wear beautifully without fail.

  • Bouncy Layers. This adds bounce to your layered hairstyle. Instead of your layers looking flat, they are flicked. This style makes your hair look and feel lighter as well as your hair won’t look boring.
  • Layered Front Bob. If you have a medium straight hair, this haircut can definitely add attractiveness to your hair. This Style is characterized by angled side edges while the rest of the hair at the back are cut straight. They add more texture to the hair’s end, making it look very healthy.
  • Shaggy Waves. The best thing about this hairstyle is the fact that it is easy to do even on your own. You can simply use your blow dryers, curling irons, etc. and you can wear this style daily. Aside from the ease, this style makes your hair look lighter despite its thickness.

Short haircuts for thick hair

Short hairs are probably the most manageable of all hair lengths, requiring less maintenance, less time to style as well as they go well with the modern era. However, it depends on the hairstyle you are wearing for your short hair. Here are some haircut ideas for short hair that would make you appreciate your thick, short hair more.

Short haircuts for thick hair

Source: KCBLER                                     Hairstyle Trends                                  Harpers Bazaar

  • Short Layered Bob for Thick Hair. This is the most popular bob hairstyle for short, thick hair. This style keeps your hair clean and kept instead of messy, light to carry as well as blooming with life. It is also easy to maintain as you just need to use your blow dryer to give you that attractive short hair look.
  • Cute Crop Cut. This cut or style is characterized by face-framing layers of long side bangs as well as hair shaped like you just had your hair up. This style will give your short hair a sexy look you can wear to parties and formal gatherings.
  • Pixie Cut. This haircut is more preferred by those who consider themselves risk-takers and those who want to try a new and modern look for their short hair. This hairstyle will make your thick short hair look very light and thin because this requires a modern razor technique. This is a little risky indeed because if not done right, it could break the style you want to achieve.

It doesn’t matter whether you have short, shoulder-length or long hair. Whether or not having a thick hair will be a blessing or a curse, the answer lies in your hands. So, to embrace the benefits of having a thick mane, don’t forget to apply effective maintenance tips for your hair.

First, keep your hair healthy and free from split ends or else no matter what haircut you have, your hair will still look dull and ugly. You can do this by keeping your scalp healthy as well because a clean scalp makes a healthy hair from roots to tips. Most of all, unload the burden of your thick hair. This means free your hair from too much reliance on chemical treatments.

As long as you bear these tips in mind, there will be no bad hair day for those luxury locks you have.

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