Beauty-Work Balance: The Office- Appropriate Makeup Looks To Try

Women love wearing makeup. When they are going to attend a party or running errands or meeting friends, they are free to wear makeup in any way they choose. But the challenge starts when you start creating a makeup look that is fitting for the corporate arena.

As we all know, looking professional and competent is a must in the workplace. But please bear in mind that not all makeup looks are acceptable inside the office. With that in mind, how can you achieve a balance between work and beauty? What is the appropriate makeup looks for the office? Here are some of the looks that you should try:

The Natural Look

When it comes to an office makeup, the lesser the makeup, the better. Avoid wearing too many layers of eye makeup and too bright colors. Instead, opt for a clean and refreshing look. You can put on foundation but make sure that it matches your skin tone. For the cheeks, we recommend that you opt for either cream or pink blush. For the lips, you can choose just to put on lip gloss, or if you want some color, we suggest that you go with pink. You can put eye makeup in nude or brown shades to make your eyes pop.

Smoky Eyes

If you wish to conceal your eye bags and the tiredness of your eyes, we recommend that you try the smoky eyes but do not overdo it. This makeup style is perfect for a night out, but you can tame it down to make it suitable for the office.

Dewy Skin

As we have mentioned above, the classic makeup look is all about achieving a fresh look, and there is no best way to look fresh than to create the illusion of a dewy skin. Lucky for you, you can create a fake glowing skin with the use of a highlighter. You can opt for one in a champagne shade if you have fair skin but if you have dark skin, we recommend that you go for a copper tone. Just simply apply the highlighter to the cheekbones, at the inner corner of the eyes and the center of the eyelids.

Natural Blush

Another way to look fresh yet professional is to achieve flushed cheeks. We all want to have that natural pink glow, but if you do not have that, you can create one with the help of a rosy cream blush. Apply it to the apple of your cheeks and your cheekbones to make it look natural.

Just-been-kissed lips

Another thing that’s hard to achieve is the natural redness of the lips after it has been kissed. Well, you can get that look by applying lipstick or lip balm in the strawberry shade. Apply the color in the middle then blend it outward to make it look natural.

There are many makeup looks that you should avoid when you are at the office. The bright red lips, thick mascara, and eyeliner are just some of the things that you should avoid. The makeup looks that we have mentioned just perfect for looking polished in the workplace.

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