8 Most Popular Hairstyles for Mature Women

Every year is a fresh start. One common ritual among ladies is to sport a whole new hairdo every time we think of starting over. 2016 truly got by really fast and now that it’s September, we are only a few months away to another new year! Well, before we talk about what 2017 has in store for us, let’s take a quick look on some of the extremely stylish and diverse hairstyles that made it to 2016’s most popular list.

#1 Mid-Parted Hairstyle for Long and Textured Hair

Source: Be Hairstyles

Mid-parted or Center-parted hairstyles were very common among models during the 2016 Fashion Week. The key is to have the hair equally parted on the middle and tuck both sides behind the ears. This looks gorgeous on long hair, both with straight and wavy layers. The sleek center partition allows the hair to flow freely on both sides without hindering facial features.

Source: Elle

How to style it: Use a fine-tooth comb and part the hair equally on the middle. You can either tuck the sides behind the ears or secure the sections with a bobby pin. Use a bit of wax or hairspray on the center partition for it to last all day.

Source: beautila

#2 Bluntly-Chopped Wavy Bob

Source: Pinterest

2016 is all about short bob haircuts! This particular hairstyle needs no layers to give the hair some lift, instead, the hair is bluntly chopped. This hairstyle allows the hair to be in one straight length, but to sway away from its simple and effortless cut, the hair is given a bit of texture by sporting soft waves.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

How to style it: Once you got your hair chopped, style it up by using a flat iron to create the subtle waves. Take small sections of the hair and gently curl it in alternate directions to create a messy do. Brush with fingers and apply some hairspray to set.

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

#3 Voluminous Curls

Source: NewBeauty

These voluminous curls are some sort of a throwback from the 80s. Though comparable to the hairstyles in the 80s, the 2016 version contains less hairsprays and teasing. They key to this look is to create volume, not by teasing the hair but by curling small sections of the entire hair. This hairstyle looks great on medium to long hair.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

How to style it: You can use a set of non-heat curlers for this one if you have 2 to 3 hours to spare. Otherwise, you can opt for a 1” or ¾”-sized curling iron for this look. Start sectioning your hair from the inside and work your way until you reach the surface of the hair. Leave at least 1 inch of the roots uncurled to prevent unmanageable puffiness. Use a serum to softly hold the curls and keep the hair looking shiny.

Source: Good Housekeeping

#4 Medium-Length Volumized Bob

Source: IBTimes UK

Medium bobs can be either blunt or layered – the key to this look is the volume. Despite the hairstyle having straight texture and zero waves, it doesn’t look too flat. The hair flows inwards which also gives the illusion of having a smaller face. Bangs are optional, but with this particular hairstyle that has become very popular this year, these medium-cut bobs come in see-through side bangs.

Source: Icon Singapore

How to style it: Take a round brush and a blow dryer. Comb your hair using the round brush from the roots all the way down and work your way inwards as you blow dry your hair. Repeat this step until your hair becomes voluminous and bouncy.

Source: Cosmopolitan

#5 Structured Bob

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Singapore

This classy hairstyle truly rocked 2016 with all its might! The look is very common with a lot of women this year. From the red carpet, to the runway, Instagram, magazines.. you name it! What’s quite enamoring with this look is that it’s very wearable in any occasion. It can look classic for evening parties and laid back for impromptu shopping.

Source: StyleBistro

How to style it: Part your hair on one side and create textured waves to create body to your hair. It is recommended that you use a curling iron with a barrel size of 1.25”. This will create huge and subtle waves perfect for short to medium hair lengths.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

#6 Full Bangs

Source: Elle UK

Full bangs made its vicious comeback on the runway as it truly made certain hairstyles stand out. It is either trimmed too short (above the eyebrows) or trimmed on eye level. The key to this popular hairstyle is to have the bangs full, thick and straight. The thing to note about flaunting full bangs is that you have to trim it every once in a while, especially if you’re trying to maintain it for a long time. Despite that, a lot of women get their full bangs on for it is undeniably chic and trendy!

Source: Cosmopolitan

How to style it: Part your hair and pull the front section forward. Use a fine tooth comb and comb the hair gently until it is tangle-free. Spray a bit of water to put the strands in place. Take your scissors and make sure you cut onto your desired length.

Source: The Fashion Supernova

#7 Pixie Haircut

Source: Huffington Post

Korean superstar Go Jun Hee and Spanish actress Paz Vega proved that the pixie haircut can look incredibly classy and chic this year. This hairstyle reveals the entire face, which shows your exceptional facial features. It doesn’t require so much styling and a few strokes of brush can already tame it. It is great for people who have small faces and long necks.

Source: Elle

How to style it: Pixie hairstyles are very easy to work with. You can style it up by taking a liberal amount of wax and scrunch it a bit to give more volume. You can also take a flat iron to create semi-curls to make it look more textured.

Source: Marie Claire

#8 Shaggy Layered Bob

Source: Good Housekeeping

This is definitely one of those hairstyles that define the #iwokeuplikethis hashtag! Its messy layers and shaggy cut makes it look effortless and stylish at the same time. To make it look more mysterious and defined, this bob is usually paired up with a long fringe. This hairstyle is great for the summer and it’s one of those hairstyles that don’t require so much maintenance.

Source: Prom Hairstyles

How to style it: Take a glossy hair wax and scrunch it onto the sections of the hair to create more texture. This messy hairdo matches great in a semi-wet look. To achieve such, you can go back to your glossy hair wax and apply some of it onto the ends of your hair.

Source: Marie Claire

There are still tons of hairstyles out there that truly marked this year. Truly, we are living in a generation wherein freedom of choice is our way of life. 2016 opened its doors to a lot of diverse and eccentric hairstyles but some of the most popular ones made it to this list. The year isn’t over yet, you can still go for that hairstyle you’ve been wanting! Just remember to create a hairstyle that will let you be the best version of yourself.

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