14 Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

Christmas- the time of the year when families get together to share their love for each other. The time when we express our love through different ways and one of the most popular way is presents. The kids being the ones who are the most expectant as the result of them being good throughout the year delivering them the best gifts from Santa. Over the years, we might face the dilemma of what to gift the little ones on behalf of Santa. So, let us take a look at fourteen Santa gift ideas that you can put to use this Christmas.

Throw ‘N’ Pop Pikachu and PokeBall

Throw 'N' Pop Pikachu and Poke Ball

This one is especially for the kids who have not gotten over the demise of the game that rocked the year 2016 –  Pokemon Go. Each pack comes with one character made of PVC and about two inches in size. The Poke Ball can be opened by the push of a button and it can hold one character.

Frozen Fever Singing Elsa Doll

Taken inspiration from the animated short film Frozen Fever, this might be the one your girl child is looking for. Elsa dressed up in the new style inspired by spring, sings the song “Making Today A Special Day” at the press of a button. A good gift for any frozen fan.

KidiRace Remote Control Police Car

Source: Fakespot

Source: Fakespot

Who does not love cars? And being on the good side is always a plus. Get the RC police car for your son and he sure will be thankful to Santa for the rest of the year. With fast response, kid-friendly controls and non-slippery wheels, kids can have a great time playing with this great make.

Bow and Mallow

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

We have always had the dream to shoot arrows inside our home. But it is dangerous, so our parents never let us. Here is the chance for you to not be a spoil sport. Get your kid the Marshmallow Bow and Mallow, which is completely safe to be used inside the house. Let them have the time of their life shooting things up safely.

Stop Motion Animation Kit

If you are looking for something that would improve the child’s creativity while making the whole process fun, this is the right one for you. Following the principle of “persistence of vision” the kit helps create fun characters and all these can be recorded by the camera which comes with it.


Source: CNET

Source: CNET

Probably the best choice, a Kindle will help develop the habit of reading among kids. Santa would definitely want the kid to grow up knowledgeable. The availability of the latest books at cheaper rates and classic for free will help the kid to grow intellectually.

Barbie Hello Dreamhouse Playset

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

Ideal gift for any Barbie lovers, this is one of the highest tech dollhouses. A voice controlled Dreamhouse with Wi-Fi connectivity. The floor sensors let you locate barbie and the two-storeyed house comes with elevator, stairs that turn into slides and spinning chandeliers.

Rockboard Scooter

Source: Rock Board

Source: RockBoard

The generation prefers to spend time playing in the house instead of going out. The Rockboard Scooter might be what is needed to get them to go out and spend some quality time socialising with friends face to face. The Rockboard Scooter is a two in one scooter, which can transform from a kick scooter to a shredding scooter in just a matter of seconds. Built to last with ultra strong aluminium frame, it is the perfect gift to keep your kid satisfied till next Christmas.

Lego Creator Ferris Wheel

The Ferris wheel set comes with ten mini figures, inclusive of an ice cream vendor, a ride operator, four adults and children each. Gone were the days when kids used to wait for carnivals to come to their city, but with this Ferris wheel set, get the carnival to your house and help the kid have fun at the same time learning a thing or two about carnivals.

Batman Raincoat

Source: Imgur

Source: Imgur

Let your kid be a superhero. The Batman raincoat is a two in one gift as most kids do not like wearing raincoats. With the Batman raincoat, help your kid feel like a superhero at the same time protect them from the rain.

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail

Kidizoom Smartwatch

Source: Techlicious

Source: Techlicious

Well, an Apple Watch is something we always have our eyes on. So why not get your kid have a smartwatch of his/her own? Santa would definitely appreciate it. With choices to take pictures, videos, and features like calendar and calculator already in them, it will be something kids would love to have.

Portable Ping Pong Set

Tired of your kid sitting at home playing video games? Get the portable ping pong table and help him/her have fun while moving around in your living room. With a length of up to seventy-two inches, you can attach this to any table and start playing. Invite your kids friends and make it a fun holiday season.

Nintendo Portable Gaming

The Nintendo portable gaming devices come with a number of fun games to play. With the new version of Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, The Legend of Zelda and many more games of its stature available with the Nintendo, it will be the perfect gift for any kid who is into gaming. If you are planning to go with this, choose the Nintendo 3DS XL.

Darice Deluxe Art Set

The Darice 120 piece art sets can prove to be a life-changer if the kid is into painting or drawing. The set includes markers, pencils, pastels and watercolours, providing the kid with the opportunity to get familiar with the usage of different sets. It is an all in one package which would end your search for a complete art kit.

With just a few days to go for Christmas, these fourteen ideas would prove to be great gifts for the kids from Santa. Choosing the gift which is appropriate for the kid is an important thing to do. And hopefully, this list has helped you to make a decision. If you are thinking out holiday gifts for travelers and homebodies, check out 10 Cozy Gifts for Homebodies this Holiday Season14 Gifts Travelers Will Actually Want or a budget gift [read about The Best Gifts under $50 to Brightening Someone’s Day.]

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