13 Expert Fashion Tips to Transform Your Look

We’ve probably all spent much of this year in sweatpants. Our outside clothes have accumulated dust in our closets, and our social skills along with our fashion sense has weakened. Even those who don’t forget how it feels to dress up can be overwhelmed by the number of choices available. Dressing up doesn’t need to be a hassle. Good Housekeeping Chief Fashion Director Kristen Saladino and a few other professional stylists were asked for their top fashion tips in order to get us out of our wardrobe rut.

1. Go monochrome

Dressing in one color from head to toe is a chic way to avoid the pressure of matching colors. It might inspire you to try your favorite shades in a new, fresh way. Saladino loves white, gray or pink. Try the “Canadian Tuxedo” if you have a lot of denim. Denim jackets and jean skirts will make your wardrobe staples trendy.

2. Include these three key elements

Heidi Nazarudin, The Ambitionista, says that if you don’t like complicated fashion trends, or you want to put together your outfit, you only need three things. Classic sunglasses that flatter your face, a beautiful everyday leather bag, and smart shoes will instantly elevate any outfit.

3. Brighten up your accessories or lipstick with bright colors

Black and neutrals can be worn in a variety of ways. Nazarudin suggests as an accessory to try out loud patterns and bright colors before investing in clothing. She suggests that instead of wearing a citron-colored shirt, you could try a cuff, bracelet or lipstick.

4. Vintage cardigans are a great way to add some vintage style to your wardrobe

Top graphic tees with a granny sweater to give them a new lease of life. Find a cardigan that is reminiscent of a cedar chest at a thrift store and pair it with cropped jeans and loafers to create an edgy, modern look.

5. Bring your gym shoes out of the gym

Running shoes aren’t just for treadmills anymore. Saladino recommends wearing eye-catching kicks along with a dress or skirt to create a stylish ‘fit while still being comfortable for running around the city. We love a style that can last the distance.

6. Pop on a Belt

Belts are an important part of any outfit. Adding a textured or embellished belt can instantly elevate a casual look or pull together even the most basic of pieces, according to Yraola.

7. Use a tape measurement for online shopping

Knowing your measurements is important, especially when shopping online. It can prevent costly sizing mistakes. Nazarudin says, “I love online shopping.” “But I’ve found that sizes can vary between brands and cuts. So, memorize your shoulder measurements, bust size, waist size, hips, and inseam.

8. Track pants or trousers are a great alternative to track pants

It can be difficult to put on structured pants after a year spent in yoga pants, sweats, and other loose clothing. Saladino suggests a pair of trousers instead. Track pants can be dressed up with a cute blouse, jacket, and pair of statement shoes to take you out for the evening.

9. Remember the Rule of Two

Yraola has a rule that you can follow if you are worried about matching patterns. She says that two is the maximum amount of prints and brights can mismatch. For example, stripes with florals, or lavenders and grays. “Don’t include a third.”

10. String some pearls

Add a pearl or hair clip to any outfit, from workwear to t-shirts. Add a piece of string to other jewelry to create a grandma-inspired look or to add unexpected elegance to casual clothing.

11. Strut in loafers

The loafer is a popular shoe right now, and with good reason. Saladino says that the menswear staple is now being worn by women to ground dresses and skirts. They can be dressed up with feminine lace or patterned socks. You can wear loafers with almost anything in your closet.

12. Blazer

Saladino says that A well-fitted blazer can enhance any look. Styles can help you express your personality. You can choose from crushed velvet, brocade, leather or tailored versions in traditional styles.

13. Match your mask

Make your mask a part of your outfit. Choose cute fabrics or prints and match your outfit’s color scheme.

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