Quick Beauty Fix: What to Do When Your Foundation Turns Orange

When buying foundation, most of us have this habit of going inside the cosmetic boutique and watching the products at the back of our hands to check for the right shade. While this isn’t the most effective way to match the foundation shade to yours, there are times that the shade seems to match the face at first swatch. Unfortunately, there is this one major makeup dilemma that usually bothers most of us women. It is when you find the right shade from that amazing makeup brand but end up not using it at all because it turns orange at the end of the day! We have seen this makeup mishap everywhere, from your office mate to famous Hollywood A-listers – the struggle against the orange foundation is real! This problem can be extremely bothering and it is quite hard to accept the fact that your high-end foundation would only turn you into an oompa-loompa! Nobody wants that.

Why does your foundation turn orange?

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There is a technical term for this particular makeup problem and it is called oxidization. Oxidization happens when your foundation turns orange on your skin after a few hours (or even minutes) of wearing it. Actually, this makeup mishap often happens to the ones with oily skin type. Why? It is because oxidization happens when the chemical pigments from your foundation reacts to the oils of your skin. As a result of this chemical reaction, the pigments turn orange; making you look like you had a terrible faux tan.

How to Prevent Your Foundation from Oxidizing?

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It is always best to just toss that foundation off the bin since oxidizing foundations can be very tricky to fix at times. It also implies that your foundation features several chemicals that react horribly against oil, bacteria, light, and even air. But of course, when we are talking about those expensive foundations, it’s not an easy decision to just throw them away. To be fair, some of these foundations offer great coverage and seamless finish so saving them is not a very bad idea. Ever wonder on how to properly fix them? Here are some tips that can help you prevent and fix your foundation from oxidizing.

#1 Wear a Mattifying Primer

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Remember how oxidization happens when your foundation reacts with the oil from your skin? One effective solution to that is by applying a well-performing mattifying face primer. The primer will not only control the excessive sebum production of your skin but will also serve as a barrier between your skin and the foundation. In this case, it will lessen the possibility of creating a reaction that will turn your foundation to orange. It is also a great way to make your makeup last longer and look more flawless all throughout the day.

#2 Mix your Foundation with a Lighter Shade

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Another option to circumvent foundation oxidization is to try to control the color change by mixing your foundation with an SPF-free foundation in a lighter shade. Higher SPF levels involve chemicals like Titanium oxide and zinc which plays a big role in having your foundation oxidized. These chemicals tend to severely react to the sun and the oils of the face which results to a change in color. By mixing your problematic foundation with an SPF-free concealer or foundation, the custom shade of your foundation will be neutralized, hence preventing any color changes.

#3 Powder up with a nice Translucent Setting Powder

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An effective translucent powder will help control excessive oil production released by your skin. It will mattify your foundation without changing the shade for it has a translucent finish. As it is on the top layer of your foundation, it will prevent the oil from interacting with the chemicals from the foundation.

There you have it! Hopefully, these tips will end your worries of having your foundation turn in a terrible orange shade. Good thing that the beauty world has come up with tons of solutions and new formulations that prevent us all from experiencing such makeup mishap. Have you experienced this makeup problem before? If you know more quick fixes for this particular problem, let us know in the comments section below!

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