Top 10 Ways to Wear Crop Top

Top 10 Ways to Wear Crop Top

A crop top is a piece of clothing smaller in length than that of the full-length outfits. It usually reaches only until the middle of the rib or the waistline. Like full-length outfits, crop tops can also be without sleeves, with long sleeves, or no sleeves at all, etc.


Crop tops have also been the latest and the hottest fashion trends today because of several reasons. One, crop tops come in many different styles that it is impossible not to find the one that fits you. Two, crop tops are lighter to wear than full length outfits, especially during the summer. Three, crop tops give you the option to flaunt your flawless body and be sexy. Four, crop tops make petite girls look taller as it creates the illusion of having longer legs than the upper part of your body. And five, wearing crop tops is very easy since you can experiment on different fashion styles for this piece of outfit.

Speaking of experimenting on different fashion styles in wearing crop top, there are 10 very fashionable and beautiful ways on how to wear crop tops.

Top 10 Ways to Wear Crop Top

  1. The High-Waist Jeans and Pants Fashion Style

This refers to wearing high waist jeans or pants with the crop top. This fashion style is good for those who want to wear crop top but do not want to expose their tummy much. Since you only expose a small part of your tummy, you can look sexy in your crop top outfit without being so revealing.


  1. The Crop Top and Skirt Style
Top 10 Ways to Wear Crop Top 1

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Crop tops are not only exclusively worn with high waist pants. They can also be worn with any types of skirts. One, crop tops also look better when worn with A-line skirts that are also high waist, to have a more sophisticated and sexy look. You can also wear matching crop top and skirt for a unique kind of fashion, but not losing that sexy look. Crop tops are also best worn with long, flowing skirts, especially if you are going to attend formal gatherings.


  1. Crop Topped Dress Style

Crop tops can also be worn over a dress. In fact, they make a very good accessory to your dress, giving you that sexy and unique look. This is as long as you choose the right crop top that will match your dress.


  1. The Layering Style
Top 10 Ways to Wear Crop Top

Source: Glam Radar

This refers to wearing crop top over another shirt or blouse. Layering is a very popular way to wear crop top outfits because it makes you look more fashionable and sexy. You can wear a sleeveless crop top over a long sleeved full length blouse or wear a sleeveless full length blouse with a long-sleeved crop top over it. Whichever you like, layering can be a very fashionable way to wear crop top, especially if you are mixing the right colors.


  1. Crop Top Winter Look
Top 10 Ways to Wear Crop Top

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This refers to wearing crop top with winter apparels like jackets, coats, and blazers. This is never an outdated look since winter almost always comes. You can look fashionable and sexy without shivering in the cold or freezing your tummy.


  1. Crop Top Overalls Style


Top 10 Ways to Wear Crop Top

Source: LaBelleMel

Crop tops are very fashionable when they are worn under an overall. Wearing full length outfits under overalls can be too much, especially during a summer day. Since crop tops don’t cover your whole body, even if you are wearing overalls, you can still keep yourself cool.

Plus, overalls can cover your tummy, if you don’t want to expose skin in public. It’s just enough to give a sneak peek of your flawless skin, but good enough to walk down the streets or spend a lazy day at home in fashion.


  1. The Bare-All Look

This style of wearing crop top is for those who are not so conservative and those who are confident in flaunting their body. This style is popular during the summer season. This style refers to wearing crop top with a low waist skirt, shorts or pants, revealing much of your tummy.


  1. Cropped Undergarments Style
Top 10 Ways to Wear Crop Top

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Crop tops are best worn with hidden undergarments, meaning you should wear bras that do not show when you wear sleeveless or revealing crop tops and this does not only mean hiding the straps but also the part near the breast line. This calls for the right choice of undergarments when wearing crop top.


  1. Accessorized Crop Top

This refers to wearing the right accessories if you want to be fashionable in your crop top outfit. You can choose long necklaces or brooch, as well as other accessories as long as they go well with the fashion style you want to wear. If you are wearing crop top to the office, you may also be wearing a blazer over it. Choose accessories that are more formal too, and remember not to over-accessorize.


  1. Crop Top with Good Posture

It is best to wear crop top with good posture, meaning never ever slouch when wearing this outfit. Always project a straight body posture as it would not only make you look sexy and sophisticated in that outfit but will also make you look confident.

No matter which among these 10 ways to wear crop top you choose is, the most important question to ask yourself is “Are you ready to hit the streets with your crop top fashion?”

Being ready doesn’t’ only mean having the right crop tops and wearing them the right way, but also in preparing yourself for this fashion. You wouldn’t want to wear crop top with a bloated tummy, loose or sagging skin or dry and unhealthy skin.

So, aside from having the confidence to wear crop tops, start watching out your diet, inserting exercise in your lifestyle and caring for your skin. With this, you can check out some Low-Carb Holiday Recipes to flatten your bloated tummy and check out 10 Best Foods that Benefit Your Skin and Recipes for a healthy looking skin.


Remember that wearing a crop top is not only wearing fashion, but also wearing beauty underneath.

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