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Upgrade Your Linen Wardrobe: High-Quality Pieces for Every Summer Occasion

Linoleum is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about summer style. It’s the crisp white linen button-downs that instantly transport me to a charming coastal European town. This summer, I want to invest in the best linen pieces. The feel and look of linen represent easy, relaxed living. My colleagues are far ahead of me. Editor-in-Chief Kat Collings and editor Aniyah Moronia put their own spin on UNIQLO’s Linen Collection in time for the summer.

UNIQLO’s linen and linen blends, which are made from 100% premium linen or linen blends, are rated as the best quality linens available at affordable prices. The items are breathable and comfortable. They help me achieve the effortless European style I strive to achieve. The flax used to make its 100% premium linen was grown by local farmers in Western Europe. This fabric is the perfect way to keep cool and comfortable in the summer heat. Its smooth texture, breathability, and moisture absorption are its best features. The linen-blend fabrics from UNIQLO combine the light, airy feel of linen with the softness of cotton and rayon. These pieces are perfect for comfort and style. Shop my colleagues’ favorite linen pieces for the summer including breezy shorts and accessories.

image 1651

(Image credit: @katcollings Original Illustration by Yracema Ribas)

“A matching set gives you a polished look in no time. Linen makes it effortless. This fabric is a linen blend that includes rayon and cotton, giving it a cool, classic feel. In the summer I like to layer a tank with a button down left open. The tank has a built-in bra, which is a huge plus for me. One less thing to worry about is always welcome. “I finished the look by adding a summer staple: a bucket hat crocheted in a style that is now part of my uniform for warm weather.” — Kat Collings Editor in Chief

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Image credit: @aniyahmorinia Original Illustration by Yracema Ribas

When I shop for linen, I pay attention to the description of each product to ensure I am buying high-quality items. UNIQLO is bringing me premium linen this summer. The 100% premium linen shirts have been processed to reduce wrinkles while maintaining the natural texture. This is a major game changer. “While I don’t have a European summer this year, I certainly can look like one with this chic outfit.” — Aniyah Morinia, Editor

image 1650

(Image credit: @kristenmarienichols; Original Illustration by Yracema Rivas)

This is the look I wear every weekend in NYC, from the Farmers’ Market to brunches with friends. With a few stylish accessories, the UNIQLO linen pieces are easily dressed up or down. The UNIQLO linen blend is used to make these shorts. They have the comfort and luster of linen, but also the fabric. These pieces would be perfect for a vacation, but I styled them differently when I was on vacation. The button-down can be worn as a cover-up for a bikini, while the shorts look great with a one-piece swimsuit and sandals. The linen pieces from UNIQLO are light, airy, and of high quality.” — Kristen Nichols, Associate Director, Special Projects

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