Complete Your Look with Trendiest Hairstyles for Spring 2024

A classy outfit, trendy makeup and fashionable accessories, even all of it together, can’t complete your look unless you have a heavenly hairstyle. A hairstyle helps define your look. Hairstyles keep on changing. Each season, we are introduced to latest and trendy hairdos. Fashion runways and celebrity styles are the biggest inspirations for fashion forward women. Winter will soon be gone and we’ll be welcoming the colorful spring. Which hairstyles would go the best with our spring 2017 look? No worries. Following are the most sought after and recommended hairstyles to wear in spring 2017.

Style#1: Wet Hair Look

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A drenched hair look is bound to take place this spring season. Spring fashion runways are filled with models having slicked back hairstyles. Hairstylists use a combo of gel, mousse and hair creams to get that sassy wet look. Here is what the hairstylist McKnight has to say about it, “it’s something that works great with really sexy clothes…it’s nice, tough and strong.” Girls with wavy, or straight hair, all can opt for this wet hair look. There are several ways to wear it including; open yet slicked back hair, a tight knot, simply racked back hair, a center parted and slicked down look and wavy and curly locks with a dripping-wet effect.

Source: StyleCaster

Style#2: Hair Accessories

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Hair accessories are always trendy. No season goes without them. For spring 2017, we have seen some key trends emerging on the runways. Shows like Fendi, Marchesa and Bottega Veneta showcased the utilization of glitzy and dazzling hair clips, baubles, bows and pins on one side of the head (mostly behind the ear). This jeweled touch is suitable for all hairstyles including wavy, curly or straight. Check out Dolce and Gabbana for season’s best hair accessories. [Want to follow some eye catching celebrity hairstyles?

Source: Hairstyle Blog

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Style#3: Boost of Braids

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

From simple and easy to complicated and graphic, braids have always been there. A fashion savvy women is incomplete without them. Just like we have seen in this season’s Christine Dior show. Braids have become talk of the town. Multiple braids on the back of the head, a single messy braid, low braided loop bun (perfect for weddings), French braid near the hairline or above all a braided crown on top of the forehead, all are going to dominate the spring 2017.

Source: Elle

Source: Pinterest

Style#4: Back with the BANGS

Source: fashionisers

Brilliance of Bangs is going to dominate spring 2017. Lately a lot of models on the runways, have been seen wearing them. For example, in Fausto Puglisi’s spring 2017 show, most of the models were seen wearing different styles of bangs. Other than this, Alexander Wang show, Versace, Dior and Acne Studios, all have showcased bangs in different lengths and styles. Uneven, wavy, shaggy, all sorts of bangs will be trending. Most amazingly, Christine Dior models were seen in a shorter and trimmed form of bangs for their spring 2017 fashion show. Last but not the least, the traditionally styled bangs with blunt bob hairstyle would also make a comeback.

Source: Hair Care And Hairstyle.

Source: Elle

Style#5: Hair Flipped to One Side

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With this hairstyle, we are going to witness the revival of the 80’s era. For inspiration, look at the models at Topshop Unique runway show, they wore a hairstyle flipped over to one side. Be it silky straight hair or a curly or wavy, a side flip goes with every style.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Shear Style Hair Studio

Style#6: Low Ponytail

Source: Elle

For a casual yet stylish look, a low ponytail is another great option. The fashion shows by Sportmax, Prada, and Tibi presented their models wearing them. Belt tied around the ponytail has also managed to gather everyone’s attention.

Source: Popsugar

Source: Pinterest

Style #7: Deep Side Part

Source: BeautyStat

Opt for a deep side part by tucking your hair behind the ear by using a hairpin. Fashion shows like Prada, Lanvin and Michael Kor, all have styled their models with an elegantly done side part. There is so much to follow, a side part with a low ponytail, side part with a bun or any other way that you like. This style is most suitable for the women with square shaped face. [Do you have a square shaped face?

Source: All Things Hair

Source: Hairstyles Weekly

Style #8: Long Wavy Locks

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Loose kinks and twisting and teasing of wavy locks creates a more voluminous look. Fashion shows like The Philosophy di Lorenzo Spring 2017 collection or The Spring 2017 Sonia Rykiel collection have showcased their models with eye-catching wavy locks. Be it open hair or tied in a roughly tied pony tail, long wavy locks are never going to fade.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Aelida

Style # 9: Baby Grand Hairstyle

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Girls with medium to long hair length who want a half-tied look, making a baby grand is the best option. With a bohemian feel, this hairdo reminds of the happy hippy era.

Source: Design Trends

Source: Marie Claire

Style # 10: Shaggy Bobs

Source: Hairstyle Picture Magz

An uneven and shaggy hairdo would make a stand out addition to your spring 2017 look. The short and uneven bobs just the way models of Emporio Armani wore, would take you to another level of style.

Source: Fox News Magazine

Source: Pinterest

Style # 11: Sleek and Stylish Center Part

Source: Cool Kadın

A center part hairstyle is always trendy. But this spring 2017, you will witness a sleeker and stylishly done hairstyles with a center part. Victoria Beckham 2017 collection showcased a more polished look. Guido Palau, the backstage hairstylist has discussed his views in these words, “it’s a very simple look, but when it’s done well, it becomes high end and elevated.”

Style # 12: Romantic Hairstyles with Floral Headpieces

Source: InStyle

Celebrate the spring 2017 with fresh floral accessories. Just like the models of Dolce & Gabbana flaunted a romantic and vibrant look in a recent fashion show. A white floral headpiece with a bun, just like in the image below could be the best inspiration for weddings.

Source: InStyle

Conclusion: Nothing can put you in the spotlight unless you don’t have a trendy hairstyle. Spring is the season of color and life and with trendiest hair accessories and a suitable hairstyle, you can complete your look. Hope these trendy hairstyles from fashion world would make your spring look complete and fashionable.

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