Trend-Centric or Style-Driven? Discover Your Fashion Identity and Embrace It

Trends are the thing that I am asked the most about, despite all the talk I do about style.

The trends are always changing (duh!) Trends are always changing (duh!

Trends can inspire you to experiment and can help you find new ways of expressing yourself.

You might discover that the Pantone color of the year, Peach Fuzz, is actually your *perfect* shade. Maybe leopard print goes with everything you own. You would never have known it was a trend if you hadn’t seen it.

What’s the Deal With Trends?

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It’s simple to find inspiration on how to wear trends. Trends are universal by nature when they’re popular.

Sadly, they also come and go quickly. Today we love cherry red, ribbons and bows, and Leopard Print. Tomorrow? Tomorrow, it could be camouflage, olive green, or cowboy boots.

What happens to these trendy pieces after a short time? What are you going to do with the trendy items you purchased? Is peach fuzzy still your favorite shade? Does leopard print work with your wardrobe?

How can you ensure that a particular trend will continue to work for you after your FYP has ended?

I’ll show you how to get the most out of your money by incorporating trends into your wardrobe without spending too much. You may decide that you do not need them in your wardrobe after all.

How to tackle trends: Tricks, Tips, and Hacks

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Here are some simple tips and tricks that will help you to work with trends, and determine if they are for you.

  • As is like. You can use items that match your wardrobe or your style.
  • Start small. Start with accessories or shoes if you’re not sure what to do.
  • Classic or statement piece? According to your personal style, will this trend be a classic everyday item in your wardrobe or a statement piece?
  • Aesthetics can be fun, but they are not everything. Aesthetics is trendy, and it’s made up of trendy items, but you should consider your current wardrobe before adopting a new style. It’s not smart to buy a new wardrobe if it means you have to replace your entire closet.
  • Borrow before you shop. Borrow a piece of trendy clothing from a family member or friend to test it before you buy it. Before you buy it, try it out and see how it feels.

What to Wear: Trendy Pieces for Your Wardrobe

In order to create this guide, I selected a few trendy colors, patterns and pieces. Let’s get started.

Outfit 1 (Easy), Cherry Red

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Let’s start with a color that is very in style: cherry red.

Since last year, the color red has dominated our feeds and shops. Personally, I am here because I love red. What about you? What about you?

In this example, I began with a neutral foundation: a cotton shirt, a white tee-shirt, and blue jeans.

Let’s now add some red. I opted for a pair red velvet Mary Janes flats, and paired them with a cherry-red purse and red statement ring. My accessories are minimal: a gold necklace and rings.

It’s easy to add a color that is trendy. I could have just left the neutrals in place and used flats. It made sense to me to add red because I love color and have a rainbow wardrobe. Extra color = my personal style.

If you don’t love color like I do, then red can be a nice addition to an otherwise neutral wardrobe.

Red is a color that demands attention. If you don’t like the color or you prefer a lighter shade, you can choose to use only one item. You could use a pair or shoes, earrings, rings, or a handbag.

Outfit 2 (Easy). Bows/Ribbons and Peach Fuzz

image 1161

Photo: Instagram

Let’s now try a mix of trends.

Since the fall/winter season, bows have appeared everywhere. Now, they’re everywhere. They are so feminine and easy to wear.

Peach Fuzz is Pantone’s Color of the Year. This peachy shade is making its way to our favorite stores, whether you like it or not.

image 1167

As a base, I selected a polka-dot, ballet pink long-sleeved shirt and matching pants. To keep with the monochromatic ballet theme, I then added pink ballet flats.

I finished by putting my hair in a bun and adding a pair (too literal?) of velvet peach bows. bows.

This outfit was already my style, but I added a trendy, small accessory to make it more interesting. The set is pinker, but the bows being so small make it easy to overlook the fact that they don’t match perfectly.

Let’s begin by talking about Peach fuzz.

I don’t like light peach colors. They make me feel drained and I want more contrast. You can read about my color analysis experience here. In small doses like bows I find they go well with the other items in my wardrobe.

Peach fuzz could be an excellent neutral to add to a warm closet. Peach could be a good pop of color for a cool palette.

How can you tell if bows are right for you?

Bows are often associated with girly, romantic styles. But that’s not for everyone. If that’s what you like, then it is easy to incorporate them. You can, for example, wear larger, bolder bows to go with casual outfits. Dainty bows with intricate details look amazing with more sexy or dressed up outfits.

If you prefer a classic, androgynous or boho style, then bows will be a challenge for you. Stick to smaller, matte ribbons in colors and fabrics that complement your wardrobe.

Outfit 3 (Easy): Leopard Print

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Leopard print is making a comeback. The trend began with Ganni’s viral denim (and honestly, their entire Spring line) and then the Mob Wife look.

The neutrals in leopard print will go with any wardrobe. Choose a version of the leopard print that is less saturated and contrasted to make styling easier.

This outfit features a leopard-print skort and a white tee shirt. Instead of the usual combination of light and dark shades, this print is all dark brown.

To add texture and another layer, I added a corduroy brown shirt. Last but not least, I grabbed some white sneakers with a subtle leopard print.

You can see that a less saturated version makes a viral pattern more timeless and subtle, no matter your style.

This print is not for everyone but it comes in so many different variations. You’re likely to find something leopard-print that fits your style, and you will keep it in your wardrobe for years.

Outfit 4 (Medium Size): Tie up Blouses

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Tie-up blouses are another viral Ganni item being copied and imitated everywhere. The peplum, balloon-sleeved version.

It’s hard to tell if this style will fit into your wardrobe because it is more an item than a color.

It’s just a pretty blouse. All of us have room for one.

Yes and No

Some items are not suitable for all tastes and comfort levels. If you like this blouse, look for something similar to it that is more in line with your style.

Take, for example, this look that I’ve created.

I started with a tie-up white and orange stripe blouse. The blouse has a large white collar with floral accents. To keep it casual I added straight-fit black jeans. For shoes, I chose a pair of sleek black sock boots.

As you can tell, I bought a blouse with a different fit.

I personally don’t like peplums and already own a few blouses that have balloon sleeves. I wanted to find a tie up blouse that had a different style of sleeves and a different type of waist. I was immediately drawn to this blouse because I thought the color and fit were perfect.

When I say that you should find a version of the trend that suits you and your wardrobe, I am referring to this.

Shop for details that you like, not just the exact item or dupe.

If you’re interested in trying this style of blouse, you should consider your comfort level with the ties, how well it fits, and whether the feminine style suits you. Find a piece that suits you.

Outfit 5 (Medium): Leopard Jeans & Red Items

image 1170

Let’s now create a complete look by using trends. My best tip to achieve this is to combine an item in a solid color with a trending print.

Consider also the fit. If you have a trendy item, such as a tie-up shirt, make sure that the other item is a classic, such as an Oxford shirt, or even just a plain t-shirt.

See what I mean by looking at this outfit.

I began with a white T-shirt, then added a red sweatshirt. I then wore a pair trendy leopard-print jeans. Accessories were kept simple, with only gold jewelry. To finish off, I went for a more trendy piece, which was some white and black Adidas Sambas.

This combination isn’t for everyone but I love it. It is a classic style with a trendy color.

The leopard print jeans, on the other hand, are more trendy. For the jeans, I did not want a dupe of Ganni’s muted print as it does not fit my wardrobe. I searched for a brighter, more contrasted print for a minimum of a month.

By making these choices, I can make my jeans and sweatshirt fit my personal style and not just the current trend.

My sneakers are no different. Sambas are nice, but I personally prefer something more flat. When I saw a version that had a little more platform in a color combo I liked, I knew I wanted them.

Outfit 6 (Medium Size): Scandi pants and bows

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We’re now dipping a little deeper into a viral look through a trendy item. I’m talking about Scandi pants.

This outfit is a classic: loose, relaxed pants in powder blue, a white shirt or tank top, and a jacket or shirt that’s oversized. Those *almost* pajama pants are called Scandi pants.

For this look, I chose a loose-fitting, white baby tee with striped pants. Orange and white pants with bows on the side. Instead of a jacket, I added a white button-down shirt that was oversized. White sneakers completed the look.

As I mentioned earlier, it is important to find the version of a trend that suits you.

The blue color of the pants was not my favorite. Then, I came across this orange set. Yes, it comes with the tie-up top. Its color and details were more appealing to me.

This is a trend that you can try out without having to buy anything. All you need is a pair elasticated, loose-fitting trousers. You can borrow a pair of pants or use ones you have to test them out before buying.

Outfit 7 (Difficulty): Office Siren

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Let’s now tackle aesthetics. They can be just as popular as a certain color or item.

Office Siren is one such example. Think Gisele Bundchen from The Devil Wears Prada. Think of the office wear that you would not wear in an office but could wear for a date or girl’s evening.

Office Siren is not my style. I prefer loose-fitting, colorful clothes that are comfortable. This aesthetic is all about dark, neutral, form-fitting clothes.

I still gave it a try.

To create my version of Office Siren, i started with a cropped white button-down. Next, I paired the white cropped button-down shirt with a mini in black leather. For an Office Siren style, charcoal or dark gray are important colors. To bring this in, I put on a gray blazer.

Details are important for this aesthetic. I wore black velvet shoes with white socks. After that, I put my hair in a bun and added hair sticks. Then, I finished off with my glasses.

This outfit is not perfect. I know. You’ll know what inspired the outfit when you see it.

This is a great way to see if an aesthetic suits you, or if it’s something you want to experiment with. It’s not a problem, but it is helpful to know. You can also determine what you like about the aesthetic. Some people are drawn to the accessories or makeup. Others, it could be the clothing itself.

You might think that aesthetics are so important that you need to buy all these new things to achieve that look. Then you can see what you like about it. You don’t.

Aesthetics is more an idea than it is a specific look. You can easily recreate that feeling with the things you already own, by making small adjustments.

Outfit 8 (Difficulty): Costal cowgirl

image 1165

Beyonce has gone Western and we have too. Or, at least a large number of people.

Costal Cowgirl offers a more toned-down take on the cowgirl look. The color scheme is white and blue, and there are many loose-fitting dresses in cotton and cowboy boot. Hats are not required.

It’s fun, but not my style. This makes it a perfect example for our purposes.

I began with a simple white shirtdress to test the Costal Cowgirl look. The dress comes with an identical white cotton belt. I replaced it with a brown belt with a larger buckle. Next, I added a denim jacket.

To finish, I selected brown riding boots that matched the belt. I have some cowboy boots but they are silver and pink and I think they wouldn’t match as well.

Costal Cowgirl is probably the easiest of all current aesthetics to adopt. This look is made of basic or classic items that we all own, such as denim skirts and jeans.

You might only need to borrow the boots. However, I think that even a pair knee-high boots would be sufficient.

Outfit 9 (Difficulty): Coquette

image 1169

Let’s finish with the style that is always in fashion: The Coquette aesthetic.

Coquette is about ballet, pink, ribbons, pearls and lace. This is a very feminine, girly look.

This is the easiest of the three aesthetics that I have covered. Coquette can be really campy with its exaggerated shapes and maximalist accessories.

Make it more comfortable and wearable for everyday use.

First I wore a baby doll red and white dress. The straps of the dress can be tied in bows and there is a beautiful lace detail on its skirt. Then I added the white socks to the red velvet Mary Janes flats. Last but not least, I added a pearl pendant and a bow of white lace to the outfit.

Coquette is a collection that encompasses many trends. This explains why it has remained in our spotlight for longer than we expected. It includes bows, romantic fabrics and silhouettes, ballet flats and Mary-Janes. Pink and red are the colors of the season (even more than Peach Fuzz).

Coquette’s style is very easy to copy with color and fit. You don’t have to buy anything specific to do it!

Final Thoughts

Trends can be tricky. I do not recommend purchasing trendy items for a variety of reasons. Always try to imitate them with what you have. Keep up with trends can be expensive and you may end up with clothes that are not flattering.

Trends are fun, and most of the time they’re incredibly appealing. I use trends as an inspiration for my own style.

I realized that watching the trends for longer before purchasing anything helped me determine what was just a new shiny thing and what would work with my wardrobe and personal style.

If you like a particular trend, you can try to copy it using things you already own or borrow them. Take a break and while you are doing that, think about different outfits you can create with the trend and your clothing.

You’ll know if a trend is right for you if you still think about it after a week and have 6 outfits in your head. This is the key to being able to wear a trend without having it control you.

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