Transform Your Wardrobe with These 9 Must-Have Blazers

Anyone who said diamonds were a girl’s best friend didn’t have a blazer. While arguably much more affordable than a sparkling rock (depending on the label, of course), blazers are a closet staple that can take you from athleisure to office-appropriate–and from off-duty to on-point–as soon as you slip one on.

What makes blazers such a great fashion item? Blazers are popular because of their versatility. But it’s more than that. There is a blazer to suit every style. Cindy Conroy, celebrity stylist and fashion consultant, confirms that “each blazer represents an individual persona”. When shopping for this item, it is important to ask yourself “Who am I today?” Then, go from there. Conroy advises: “If you want to look edgy, go for an oversized or leather blazer.” If you prefer a more classic look, try a peplum, double-breasted or cape blazer.

Conroy says the proportions of your body and its unique contours are often the deciding factors in choosing the perfect blazer. She says that if you pay attention to your body, the rest will fall into place. Conroy says that structured and padded blazers can create the perfect balance for narrow shoulders. However, if your top is wider and you don’t want to emphasize that part of your physique, this style could “emphasize your shoulders’ width.”

Conroy also mentions that your shoulders should end where the shoulder of the jacket begins. She says to avoid blazers with seams above or below the shoulder. If a blazer fits perfectly at the shoulders, but the sleeves are too loose or the length too long, you should consult a tailor to create a truly custom look.

Find out the best blazers for you.

Traditional Blazer

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Conroy calls the classic blazer “the tapestry of any good wardrobe.” The blazer has a structured and long form. Although it looks like a formal jacket, this piece can be worn either casually or dressed up. It reaches the thigh in length, and there are a variety of color options.

You can style a traditional jacket in a variety of ways. However, you should always keep in mind how your style is expressed through the piece. Celebrity stylist Lindsay Flores told InStyle you can never go wrong with the jacket paired with jeans and a crisp button down. Conroy recommends a combination of leather pants, a long-sleeved mesh tee, and a mesh shirt for a sexy, sleek look.

Cropped Blazer

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The cropped jacket is a shorter version of the traditional jacket. Conroy claims that the blazer is street-style worthy because it hits directly below the breast and has minimal fabric.

Conroy says that if you can find an identical skirt, she prefers to wear a cropped jacket as part of a set. She assures that “all heads will turn” when you grace a sidewalk. Flores suggests that if you want to keep it casual, wear the cropped jacket with a t-shirt tucked in high-waisted cropped jeans. Then, finish the look off with a boot.

Oversized Blazer

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The oversized blazer is a stark contrast to the cropped jacket. It’s a long, spacious version of the traditional blazer. Conroy says that an oversized blazer is a masculine style with its wide shoulders and can be seen in both the men’s department and women’s.

Conroy imagines pairing an oversize blazer (a la Bridgerton) with a top inspired by a corset, wide-leg pants, and eye-catching accessories such as a chunky pendant to make a statement. Flores suggests wearing an oversized jacket over a hoodie and trousers with sneakers if your style is more off-duty model. Hailey Bieber is a great inspiration

Cape Blazer

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Conroy calls the cape-blazer the “sexy sibling to the traditional go to” due to its defined shoulders and not-so subtle split sleeves. It adds a creative twist to confident dressing.

There are many ways to wear a cape jacket. We recommend wearing it with stirrup leggings, but there are also other options. Conroy, for example, suggests wearing a bandage shirt and palazzo trousers underneath to “create a sexy, sultry look.” Flores, on the other hand, imagines the jacket draped across a fitted top with a cropped, loose jean, and either heels, or boots.

Waterfall Blazer

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The waterfall blazer is a personal favorite of mine. It has beautiful lapels which layer and drape along the bust. They become less dramatic as the length of the jacket increases.

A waterfall blazer makes a bold statement. Flores recommends layering the jacket over pants that are either tight or loose before belting the blazer or leaving it open.

Peplum Blazer

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Conroy sums it up best: “Nothing brings joy like a peplum jacket.” The piece is known for its large flounce around the waist that gives the wearer an hourglass shape.

Style your peplum blazers with a fun, playful flair. Conroy told InStyle that a peplum jacket paired with pointed-toe heels and jeans is “simultaneously feminine and ornate,” while Flores preferred a skirt.

Double-Breasted Jacket

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The double-breasted jacket has a similar structure to a traditional blazer, but it is a little different. Conroy explained via email that a double-breasted changes the way buttons are used. The jacket will feature not just one, but two rows of parallel buttons with wide overlapped front lapels.

Conroy and Flores both agree that a double-breasted jacket is perfect for street wear. Conroy would pair the jacket with high waisted cotton shorts for a laid-back, off-duty look, while Flores would wear it with vintage jeans and a T-shirt.

Blazer Dress

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Blazer dresses are the perfect day-to-night outfit. These sharp dresses are menswear-inspired but with a feminine twist. They can be worn at the office, on a date, or to dinner with friends. These dresses are often belted, cinched or cut out at the waist. Some styles are tailored and tuxedo length.

Flores’ shoe choice is a wide range. She loves a blazer with high-heeled boots. You can wear heels, flats or sneakers. Your footwear should reflect the overall look you want to project.

Belted Blazer

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Conroy claims that the layered details “add instant panache” to this variation of blazer.

Conroy believes that pairing a belted jacket with a flirty, sheer dress and “larger-than-life” drop earrings will amp up the style. Flores says that the outfit needs a good shoe or boot.

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