Throwback Vibes: Mastering the Trendy 90s Girl Aesthetic

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If you love this look, you will enjoy the popular ” 90s Girl aesthetic.

We discussed the 1980s girl aesthetic a couple of weeks ago, which was characterized by maximalism, bright colors, and lots of power suits.

We’re going back to the 1990s today when we fell in love for the first time with grunge. everything is oversized and plaid. The ’90s is a great decade to talk about because there are so many different styles and pieces that still look good today.

If you’re interested in adding vintage cool girl vibes into your wardrobe, then read on to find out all you need to learn about the ’90s aesthetic that is trending.

Fashion Trends of the 90s

Oversized clothing

image 1127


Oversized clothing is the perfect way to embrace the 90s girl look.

Oversized clothing includes baggy sweatshirts, baggy tee-shirts, oversized jackets and baggy pants.

These items were often balanced out by more fitted pieces in the 1990s. Princess Diana, for example, loved to wear oversized sweatshirts paired with biker shorts. Baggy jeans and baby tees are also a popular and cute combination.

Iconic Dresses & Skirts

image 1126

Plaid became popular in the 1990s, as part of the grunge look and the rich girl preppy style seen in Clueless.

If you want to emulate the 90s girl look, plaid is a must.


image 1125

Denim Everything was another huge trend of the 1990s!

Denim-on denim outfits became popular in the 1990s (see Drew Barrymore above). Denim was also worn separately.

In the 1990s, for example, there were many trends in denim shorts and cropped jeans.

If you love denim, then the 90s girl look is for you.

Outfits for ’90s Girls

Cropped Tee

image 1121

In the 1990s, cropped tees were as popular as they are today.

If you own a cropped tee that you like, you are on your way to creating an ’90s aesthetic look.

Pair your cropped tees with chunky boots and wide-leg denim for an adorable and casual outfit that’s perfect for running errands and going out with friends.

You can also dress up this look by adding fun accessories such as ’90s shades and big hoops.

Striped Shirts

image 1123

The ’90s girls were very fond of their patterns. Striped shirts, in particular, were popular at this time.

If you’ve got a favorite striped tee or a striped cropped shirt, combine it with jeans and cute shoes to create a look that screams ’90s girl.

The ’90s look is best characterized by baggy cargo pants and dad sneakers.

Tie Dye

image 1120

You can add a touch of 90s style to your look by incorporating the tie-dye pattern.

Start with an oversized sweatshirt in red or pink to get the 90s oversized trend while incorporating tie dye.

Add a pleated skirt to complete the look (also reminiscent from the 1990s) and some heels or sneakers if you’d like it to look a little fancier.

Do not forget to add a small bag to complete the look.


image 1114

The ’90s aesthetic is perfect for the overalls you love this season. The 1990s saw a huge popularity of overalls.

Pair some overalls with a graphic t-shirt for a perfect 90s aesthetic.

Finish off with white sneakers and ankle socks for a retro feel.

Baggy Jeans

image 1119

Baggy jeans, as mentioned above, are another great 90s fashion item that’s back in style this year.

Add a few ’90s accessories, like a plaid shacket and hoops, to your baggy jeans for a retro look.

Slip dresses

image 1115

A slip dress is a great option if you want something more fancier with a 90s feel.

In the 1990s, slip dresses were worn for special occasions. Slip dresses are usually made of satin or silk and have a lingerie vibe.

Pair this pastel slip dress with your favorite strappy shoes for an incredibly girly and cute night out.

Flannel Shirts

image 1124

We all know that flannel shirt is synonymous with the ’90s.

The great thing about flannel is that it can be worn with any outfit for warmth, comfort and style.

If you want to try out the 90s girl look, then a flannel is a good investment.

Pair a flannel top like this with some jean shorts inspired by the ’90s, a cropped T-shirt, and Sambas for the ultimate ’90s aesthetic look.

Leopard print

image 1117

Another popular pattern in the 1990s was leopard print. Think of Fran Fine from The Nanny as an inspiration!

If you love animal prints, add this leopard-print jacket to your wardrobe and get a 90s girl vibe.

This jacket will give you a 90s-inspired look when paired with black pants, a top and boots. Fran would be very proud.

Denim Outfits

image 1122

We can’t ignore the denim trends of the 1990s!

The ’90s saw a huge rise in denim jackets (both literally as well as figuratively). To channel this decade in your own style, invest in oversized jackets like this one.

This jacket can be worn with any outfit to achieve a 90s aesthetic.

It looks great with an adorable black dress, Adidas sneakers and some fun accessories, like a nylon handbag and ’90s shades.

Plaid Skirts

image 1118

If you want to emulate Cher’s ’90s style (we did too), then start with this pleated plaid skirt.

This mini skirt can be paired with a cropped shirt or tee, and boots or heels or knee-highs like Cher.

This outfit will make you feel like a ’90s It Girl!


Dad Sneakers

image 1121

The dad shoe is another of my favorites from the ’90s. The New Balance 530 will always be the best dad shoe.

This shoe is not only the best choice for a casual, ’90s look but also goes with any outfit. Not to mention how comfortable they are.


image 1116

Grunge was a big influence on the popularity of Dr. Martens in the 1990s.

If you are a fan of grunge or edgy styles, then you should have a pair on hand.

Dr. Martens are great because you can wear them with jeans, or even a dress for a cute look inspired by the ’90s. They’re also great for any weather condition.

Add the 90s girl aesthetic to a modern wardrobe

Vintage pieces to modern looks

THRIFTING 90s TRENDS ☆ plaid skirts, denim overalls, mom jeans + more!

THRIFTING 90s TRENDS: plaid skirts, denim overalls, mom jeans + more!

You can easily achieve the 90s aesthetic by adding thrifted pieces to your look!

You can add authentic 90s clothing to your closet while staying within a budget by thrifting.

You can also mix these vintage items with modern pieces to achieve the ’90s aesthetic!

Add Your Unique Style

90s Minimalism Is Here to Stay: Uncover the Iconic Styles & Get Tips On Creating Your Own Look!

Discover the iconic styles & get tips on creating your own look!

Last but not least, I urge you to create your own style based on your favorite ’90s fashion trends.

Take your favorite ’90s staples, like baggy denim or a flannel t-shirt, and add something cool to it like a statement handbag or trendy shoes in the color of your choice.

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