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The Red Carpet Looks of Gal Gadot

Convincingly, Gal Gadot portrayed Wonder Woman in the most memorable way. She is downright perfect in any sense— a beautiful princess of the Amazons and a strong-willed hero of the universe. Many viewers have fallen head over heels with this dashing beauty, and we can’t blame them. She’s an epitome of beauty, skills, and passion. And behind the camera scenes, she accents a laid-back yet captivating aura of a gorgeous, stylish and fearless woman. She rocks, not just the movie screens, but also the red carpet. And to prove her dominance in the virtual world and reality, here are some of her exceptional red carpet looks that truly left spectators at awe. Well, she’s definitely a complete package you’d seriously adore.

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Sophisticated, sexy, and sleek— the perfect representation for this red carpet look. Gal Gadot has always been praised because of her alluring physique that would really drop jaws in any ways possible. And did you know that this captivating superhero was once a beauty queen? Yes, and she even represented Israel during the Miss Universe 2004. She may not have won the pageant, but she certainly captured a far more fulfilling presence in the world of acting.

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Another vision of red, Gal Gadot wore a stunning red gown during one of her red carpet looks, and the result was breathtaking beautiful. Red seems to be the perfect shade for her as it complements her skin tone in the most sophisticated way. For this particular red carpet style, she wowed the crowd with her unique fashion choices. She completed her getup with a quite distinctive footwear— a pair of flats. Her bravery to wear such unconventional piece is seriously one of the many reasons why the viewers love her. And to top it all, the footwear only costs $50! She is truly a penchant for comfortable fashion without breaking the bank. Well, who would actually need some towering heels if you are 5 ft 9.5 inches, right?

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This 32-year old superhero really knows how to exude a touch of elegance and sassiness in every gathering. Though not a red carpet but a blue one, Gadot still captured the hearts of the viewers with her black-sequined dress that completely accentuated her slender body. This look was before she got the role of Wonder Woman, and now she is sexier and fitter than ever. Her secret? Simply, a healthy diet and a variety of workouts that include boxing and martial arts. Water is also a very essential factor, as well keeping a balance meal. And of course, she’d indulge in some tasty cheeseburgers during her cheat days.

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With her baby bump slightly peeking on her metallic dress, Gal Gadot still manage to give her signature smile to the camera, which is downright contagious. She is surely very happy with this motherhood scene as she looked ravishingly beautiful even with a burgeoning belly. Now, she is a proud mother of two.

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Seriously, black on black never looked so good in red carpet. Gal Gadot rocked this black suit effortlessly with a seductive red lips and sleek hairstyle. She proved that a head-turner style doesn’t need to be very colorful or flashy. Sometimes, you need to tone down the colors and stick with the basics. And black will always be one of the staples in creating a rather exceptional style. It’s versatile, cool, and sassy. Just don’t forget to add a few statement accessories, and you’re off to conquer the scene.

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Black is downright classic, much more if worn by the ever dashing Wonder Woman in real life. In this red carpet getup, Gadot slayed another black on black ensemble— a black Prada gown and black platform flip flops. The custom-made dress tailored with glittery embellishments was dramatically set off with a sleek updo and sultry makeup. And as always, she’d choose comfort over style. For her footwear, she opted for an affordable piece that probably cost less than $30.

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A leaner and fitter Gal Gadot greeted the press during her Shanghai premiere last May 2017. Clothed in a cobalt blue David Koma piece, she simply stood out in the red carpet. Her look is a melange of sophistication and sultriness. The intricate details of her plunging neckline was a charming tease. She even forego the shiny accessories, and opted to flash her toned physique. She wouldn’t be Wonder Woman for nothing.

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A vintage style on the red carpet will always turn heads, cause stares, and get nods. And Gal Gadot has proven that in this ombre dress during one of the premiers of Fast & Furious 6. Showing off her stems in the most enthralling way, she chose a statement gold necklace and a strappy black heels to complement her gown. She may be way too skinny here, but she has definitely gained a serious amount of body mass lately.

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Gal Gadot took a break from her simple outfit choices, and went for a dramatic style with this chic and intricate Balmain dress. She paired her clothing with a metallic pair of heels, and polished her entire getup with a gorgeous blunt layer. Overall, this ensemble is breath of fresh air, and of course, a charming red carpet look.

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This big screen mega-babe took the confidence and charm to the highest level by rocking a leather crop top and a mid-length printed skirt to the red carpet. Gal Gadot is a fan comfortable fashion rather than those with hefty price tags. For her, there’s no need to spend a fortune just to achieve an A-list style. And it’s definitely true! Choose what is more fitting for you. If you love comfy pieces than designer labels, then go for it! The world of fashion and style is boundless.

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A casual and comfy clothing will seriously go a long way. Well, it is part of Gal Gadot’s fascinating appeal to look aesthetically comfortable in every OOTD. With a nice, bold shade of turquoise, she effortlessly kept her accessories minimal and let her toned legs do the talking. Take a cue from Gal Gadot- ‘If you have it, flaunt it!’

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