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The Emergence of the “Space Siren” Aesthetic in 2024: An Unexpected Delight

In just two months of 2024, we have already seen a rapid succession of new trends such as the office siren and mob wife. We’re now seeing a new addition to the fashion world that will likely last a long time: space siren style. It’s been a long time in coming. The trend began with Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour and the general surge of chrome and silver beauty in 2023. Now, it is picking up steam across the awards season, street fashion, and Dune: Part Two’s press tour. This new look is set to become a go-to for this year’s parties, and it will be added to our mood board for 2024. Learn all about the space-siren aesthetic, plus, check out 10 products to try it for yourself.


The space siren style is a sci-fi-inspired fashion trend that has been sweeping the world from the silver screen to the red carpet. The “space siren” look is all about futuristic, structured pieces that are perfect for going out. They’re usually metallic (especially silver) and have sharp neutrals such as gray, white, and black.

The trend began to gain traction during Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour when the music icon wore a number of ultramodern designer outfits with metallics and sequin details. The Beyhive, who matched her energy at the concerts, wore their best silver outfits.

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The silver era, which was just beginning, briefly slowed down as faux furs, coquette bows, and “mob wives” took center stage. Now, with the Dune: Part Two Press Tour and awards season, the style is back and stronger than ever thanks to the intergalactic touch.

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Zendaya’s Dune press tour campaign has emphasized a modernistic style. This includes everything from a vintage Mugler Fall 95 cyborg to a Givenchy switchboard dress that glows in the dark, all thanks to Law Roach, her stylist and fashion collaborator. Timothee Chalamet and Florence Pugh, both style icons, also dressed in the theme of the dystopian film. Pugh has worn a variety of “space-siren” gowns during the press tour. These include futuristic custom Valentino outfits and a mirrored Galvan London two-piece.

Celebrities have also embraced the silvery modernistic look of the space sirens on the red carpet this awards season. Dua Lipa chose a chrome hearts gown with a scaly, cutout design for the 2024 Grammy Awards. This dress perfectly combines mermaid and ultramodern styles.

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Natasha Lyonne, meanwhile, contributed her own spin on the space siren look with a silver knit Schiaparelli dress at the 2024 Emmy Awards. Miley Cyrus’s conversation-starting Maison Margiela look that she wore to the Grammys two weeks later featured similar intricate bust detailing in a gold finish, taking the sensual energy to the next level with an open knit take on the naked dress.

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If you want to achieve the intergalactic style, look out for metallic pieces that have a futuristic feel, such as a unique shape, or a texture that is mesmerizing. Space sirens love chainmail, scales, sculptural tops, and hooded dresses. Here are ten pieces that will help you incorporate the space siren look into your everyday or going-out style.

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