15 Summer Hairstyles You Should Try 2024

Summer is just around the corner and we are pretty sure you are already thinking of gearing up for your next beach getaway! Well, apart from your sexy swimwear and fancy summer destination, there’s one more thing you definitely want to prepare for – your hairstyle! Enough of the usual high-up ponytail and let’s do something more exciting for this year’s summer season. These gorgeous celebrities have been flaunting theirs and you wouldn’t want to miss out on their gorgeous hairdos. If you want to stay trendy, then here are some celebrity-inspired summer hairstyles you may want to try for yourself. Enjoy our list!

1. Lily Collins – Slick 20’s Wave

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

We love this vintage hairstyle that Lily Collins sported on the red carpet. The slick waves looked so enamoring even without built volume. To achieve this, you can try using a two-barrel or three-barrel iron to create those sleek waves. Load it up with serum for intensive shine. The way Lily Collins pulled off the look here is totally red carpet worthy! More brunette hair trends here: Trendiest Brunette Hair Colors to Try this 2017

2. Rihanna – Blunt Straight Bob

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Of course, who would miss flaunting the classic blunt cut straight bob? This particular hairstyle is not so difficult to achieve. Despite its very plain and simple-looking appearance, the look remains classic and elegant. It’s a great short summer hairstyle to try! If you are willing to chop your tresses off, then here’s something to try. It enhances your shoulders and draws more attention to your body as well.

3. Emma Watson – Sleek and Sophisticated

Source: Glamour

Here’s another short hairstyle that perfectly defines sophistication. No frills needed and it probably takes just a minute to perfect. Emma built a tinge of volume on the front crown and has everything else tucked behind her ear. The look is perfect if you are going for something very easy to do but looks quite fashionable. If you have prominent facial features that you wish to enhance, this is a really good hairstyle to try out. It brightens up your face and shows your features very well.

4. Ciara – Half-up Pigtail Buns

Source: Glamour

How cute is this hairstyle! If you want to try something new but you don’t really wish to something mega dramatic, then why not go for half-up pigtail buns? The looks is cute and we must say it’s totally wearable this summer too! Just like the previous styles, this won’t take a lot of time to achieve.

5. Emma Roberts – Headband Braid

Source: Glamour

Feeling sweet and romantic? Here’s a very dainty hairstyle that you can wear this summer! Take it from Emma Roberts. Braids are really popular during spring and summer but if you want your tresses to go all up for utmost comfort, then here’s a fancy way to do it.

6. Gigi Hadid – Rope Braid

Source: Glamour

If you want to rock a superb summer hairstyle so bad but you are not very willing to chop your precious locks off, then go for braids. We are in awe of Gigi Hadid’s classy rope braid right here! What do you think?

7. Joan Smalls – Cornrows

Source: Glamour

The classic cornrows are what defines being in tropical paradise. This hairstyle has been a constant look that a lot of women (and men) go for during the summer season. It looks quite edgy and stylish. But most of all, it’s so convenient to wear during the hot season!

8. Kourtney Kardashian – Power Braid

Source: Glamour

Here’s another braid to join our list of trendy summer hairstyles. Just go for a really high ponytail and start braiding. Kourtney Kardashian flaunted a neat rope braid right here. How neat, right? It’s not hard to fall in love with it!

9. Kristen Stewart – One-side Messy Hair Flip

Source: Glamour

Going for a grungy rockstar look this summer season? We have got you covered! We found this look by Kristen Stewart and we can’t help but swoon over her hot look! It gives a very effortless yet classy vibe to it. The beauty of it is that it can be quite an edgy androgynous look as well!

10. Margot Robbie – Side Fishtail Braid

Source: Glamour

Here’s another superbly tweetums hairstyle and this time, it’s by Margot Robbie. The half side braid looks quite simple but it gives off a very romantic feel to it. It’s a great hairstyle to try if you are going for something rich in volume.

11. Shay Mitchell – Crown Braid

Source: Glamour

Shay Mitchell went all out with her crown braid! If you have got longer hair, then you can just go wrap your head in crown braids! It looks very trendy and it’s definitely a hairstyle to have everyone looking. It will take a lot of braiding but we believe it worth it!

12. Sofia Richie – Cornrows

Source: Glamour

If you want to go all out with your cornrows, then just go for it! There are no rules here so you can just go have every inch braided from roots to tips. Sofia Richie’s neat cornrows are definitely eye-catching.

13. Vanessa Hudgens – Natural Curls

Source: Glamour

Here’s a super beach-worthy hairstyle if you are someone who rocks natural curls. Vanessa Hudgens looks scorching hot in her sexy and super voluminous curls! It adds depth to her whole look and it really matches any type of summer wear.

14. Cara Delevingne – Double Buns

Source: Glamour

Felling like you can definitely channel your inner Chunli? Well, you can definitely be that Street Fighter character in your very own way with these cute double buns. Super easy to do and very comfy to wear as well! You don’t have to deal with all that sweat and oil in your hair of you have them neatly tied in buns!

15. Alanna Arlington – Coiled Curls

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Here’s another way to embrace your curls. Alanna Arlington just let her beautiful coiled curls as it is and she nailed it! With a bit of serum to scrounge over your curly hair, you can achieve such look without having your curls look frizzy. Read more about curly hairstyle here: Easy Ways to Achieve Perfect Curly Hairstyles

Whether your hair is straight, curly, long or short – there’s definitely a gorgeous summer hairstyle for you to try out. Which among these do you fancy?

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