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Style Tips for Wearing Leopard Print

Leopard prints have been dominating the fashion world for many years. Calling them timeless would not be wrong. And it’s still roaring the fashion world. Wild leopard prints are the best option to show off your trendsetting style all year round, especially in winter. What about mature women? Wild leopard prints are suitable for the women of every age. But you have to keep things in control otherwise you would end up looking like Edith Prickley. So, this winter, if you are going to dress to impress with some of the latest leopard styles, you must follow some basic fashion tips.

1.Less is More!

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No matter how much you love a leopard print, you must keep its use within a limit. Incorporating too many animal prints would make you look like a fashion victim. So, what’s important is to wear one item at a time. If you are wearing a leopard coat, you don’t need to pair it with a leopard scarf, shoes, or a handbag. Similarly, if you want to wear a leopard handbag or shoes, the clothing should be something different.

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2. Add a Pop of a Pretty Color

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Source: The Zoe Report

The exotic leopard prints can be skillfully jazzed up with a flare of a show stopping color. Like we have seen on a number of runway fashion shows or by some of our favorite celebs. Pairing leopard-print with some vibrant hues promises a fabulous fashion and sleek style. The colors that go best with it may include; white, brown, taupe, and gold. For young girls, striking colors, like shades of red, green (army green, mint green), yellow and pink are the most recommended options.

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Source: Glam Radar

3. One Animal Print at a Time

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Mixing animal prints is a hot runway fashion. Super models can pull off this complicated look quite effectively. But in everyday life, things go a bit different. Some ladies want to incorporate more than one animal print. Let’s not get blinded by what fashion runways or fashion magazines display. That’s a very daring step. So, keep yourself confined to one animal print at a time.

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Source: Dress and Dwell

4. Stay Classy!

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Wearing a leopard print is not that simple. There is a very thin line between a classy and a cheesy look. So, you have to be extra cautious. The leopard prints are quite dramatic in themselves. So, don’t be too fussy and frilly and keep the clothing lines clear and crisp. A pencil skirt or a shift dress can be the best examples.

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Source: Vogue

5. Be Careful When Pairing with Other Prints

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Source: We The People

The trendiest way to wear any animal print is by pairing it with some solid, plain color. Pairing it with some floral, geometric or any other print is not recommended for everyone (it requires some guidelines to be followed by you). Funky and young girls can freely experiment with various prints but it’s not recommended for mature women.

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6. Don’t over-accessorize!

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Source: Livanie’s

Accessories are the best way to elevate any look that you wear. But this rule does not apply when you are wearing a leopard print. The animal or leopard prints are quite decorative in themselves. So, to stay classy, you would have to be choosy. pairing too many accessories with it will do nothing but complicate your look. A small pair of gold stud earrings with bracelets would be good enough, no need to wear a necklace. In short, wear one to two pieces of jewelry at a time.

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7. Don’t Wear Leopard Print on your Heavy Body Areas!

Leopard prints are capable of drawing all the eyes towards you. The body part covered with an animal print is easily going to be highlighted. So, it is highly recommended to avoid wearing it on the heavy body parts like busts. The women with heavy backside should not wear an animal print skirt rather cover your heavy body areas with some plain (especially black) color.

8. Accessories made with Leopard Print

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Source: crantz couture

Markets are filled with leopard print accessories and look fabulous. And the best part is that these can go from the office to after-hours with ease. Before buying these accessories, keep in mind, the lesser, the better. So, don’t wear more than one animal print accessories at a time. If you opt for an animal print clutch, shoes or glasses, at a time, it would look give a tacky look. Lastly, the most recommended accessory with an animal print dress or skirt, is a leather belt. A leather belt would not only highlight your waist but would also add a touch of glamour.

9. A Versatile Trend

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Source: FIB

I called it a versatile print because it’s rocking the fashion world all around us. From fashion magazines to street style blogs, all are showcasing this trend. Pair leopard prints to whatever you want be it jeans, leather or a business suit. It’s a versatility is surely going to get you noticed.

10. Be Bold with Colorful Leopard Prints

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Source: Daily Mail

With time, we are witnessing innovations in every field. Fashion is not an exception. Quite contrary to the traditional brown leopard prints, fashion runways are showcasing colored animal prints. The cheerful colors include; yellow, purple, blue and pink. Again, these fun-filled colors are best recommended for younger women only.

11. Don’t Forget Shoes

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Source: FashionGum

Whether it’s a leopard printed coat, dress, skirt or a top, for getting a complete look, don’t forget to put on your shoes. There should be no compromise on style, and high heels or flats complement your look. A glamourous staple like it, should never be paired with flats.

12. Wear it with Confidence!

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There would be many of you out there who would feel nervous while wearing a leopard print for the first time. For all such people, what matters is your self-confidence. Wear it confidently and you will automatically look stylish.

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