Steps to Accurately Measure Your Jeans Size for Perfectly Fitting Jeans

You can add enhanced curves, longer legs, and a raised butt to your cart if you know how measure your jeans. How can you accurately measure your jeans size, especially when you shop online? Continue scrolling. Our pros have helped us create a guide that will help you find your perfect jeans size. Take a deep breathe, grab a tape measure and get started: you’re just a few measures away from the best fit of your life.

Measure your favorite pair of jeans

You can use your perfect-fitting pair of jeans as a guide to measure other brands. Here’s how:

Use your measuring tape to measure the circumference of your jeans. Double this number to get the waist measurement of your jeans. Remember that the measurement will vary depending on how high the jeans rise (also known as the distance between the crotch and the waist).

Measure the inseam. This is the distance between the crotch and the ankle hem.

Take the measurement two inches below the crotch seam and double it for the thigh measurement. Double the measurement taken two inches below crotch seam.

Last but not least, you will need to measure the height. To get the most accurate measurement, pull the waist tightly when taking this measurement. FYI: Low rise jeans measure 7 or 8 inches from the crotch up to the waist. Mid-rise jeans are 8 or 9 inches and high-rise jeans are 9 or 10 inches.

Your Body’s Best Rise

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You’ll need to know your height measurements in order to determine the type of rise that’s right for you. There are three kinds:

  • Low-rise: Typically sits 2 or 3 inches below the bellybutton or even lower.
  • Mid-rise: This is the most common rise for all styles, including flares, flares, bootcuts, straight legs, and skinny jeans.
  • High-rise: Sits slightly above or at the navel.

Try comparing jeans that you already own and measuring them with a tape measure to determine how high you want your jeans to sit. It’s a matter of personal taste, but you should also consider how different rises flatter different body types. If you plan to wear jeans to work, it’s important to choose something that’s appropriate. The super-low-rise jeans you’ve had your eye on might have been approved by Bella Hadid, but they will not offer adequate backside coverage while you are sitting, bending and walking in the presence of colleagues, including your boss. Opt for a pair with a higher or medium rise.

Measure your Waistline

When it’s time to measure your waist, you should also know what rise of jeans to buy. The natural waistline is measured from the crease at your waist (tip: bend your waist to one side to find this crease). You’ll need to measure around your navel for mid-rise jeans and two or three inches lower for low-rise jeans.

Avoid measuring over clothing, but underwear or lightweight clothing is fine (think leggings, tight shorts, etc.).

You don’t want your jeans to be too tight.

Measure your Inseam

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Inseam is the last part of your body that you should measure. This is the measurement of your leg, or distance between your crotch to your ankle. The Gap, Levi’s and other popular denim brands offer jeans with standard waist sizes and varying lengths (shorts, regulars and talls). Ask for help if you need it. It can be a bit tricky to measure this area. It’s important to measure this area while wearing lightweight clothing that fits closely.

Size Chart

Ask or check to see if the brand or retailer has its own size chart, whether you are trying jeans on in store or online. Some might use a sizing system in inches (e.g. Some people use a system of sizing in inches (e.g. 8, 10, 12). European brands of jeans require that you estimate their size based on your typical U.S. brand fit. This varies from country to country, including the U.K. France and Italy. Some denim designers also use vanity sizing. This means that you will take a smaller size than normal. Some jeans, especially those aimed at youth, may require you to order a larger size.

It’s true that this is a complicated topic. Don’t let it bother you. You can use your measurements to determine your jeans size. (Consulting a salesperson is also advisable if you are out shopping). Remember that the ideal size may vary from one pair to another. You shouldn’t be too concerned with the label size. It’s more important to focus on how the jeans fit.

How many jeans should I own?

You’re now ready to go shopping for jeans. How many pairs are ideal? Alix Gropper is one half of celebrity styling duo Danielle & Alix. Danielle O’Connell also heads the team.

What are the essential jeans styles?

Gropper says that vintage Levis is the most essential style. Vintage denim always looks effortless and chic. It also gives off a cool-girl vibe. They also have the most realistic looking washes. We recommend the light and dark washes, which are the best foundations to style any outfit. We also recommend buying pairs without rips. So they can easily be dressed up with heels and a blazer!

Pro Tip

Alix Gropper, of the celebrity styling duo Danielle & Alix confides: “We love to get vintage denim from Lenny.” She has a huge warehouse with every style and colourway. She can also tailor to your specifications in her LA studio, or virtually.

Gropper adds: “Some of our favorite denim brands are Good American, specifically the Good 90s and AGOLDE Carpenter. These denims have a very cool style and can be a great way to add a unique touch with a simple look.

Which jeans flatter every body type?

Gropper says, “Good American has just launched the Jeanius collection which is a hybrid between sweatpants jeans.” It’s genius – and universally flattering! She adds that the collection is “a fantastic way to feel and look dressed up without wearing denim.”

Parke Denim is also “obsessed with” by Gropper and O’Connell. Gropper says that the brand has just released their own denim. They are a perfect blend of vintage and casual wear and come in different washes. They look great on everyone!” The best denim polos and shirts are also available. We love the denim on denim look. It’s timeless, flattering and classic.

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