Side-Part Bobs: The Ultimate Guide to This Chic & Versatile Cut

Whenever a celeb obtains a bob, we discover ourselves on our hair salon’s web site, floating over the “book appointment” key as we consider going for a slice of our very own. No matter what kind of bob said star gets– allow it be an Italian bob, French bob, flipped-out bob, etc– there’s no denying that chin-length hair is elegant. Add in a side component and you can think about that appointment booked.

We know that where you part your hair has actually been a hot subject of discussion with Gen Z proclaiming side components “out,” and after that at some point deeming them back in again. Yet, after you see the volume-boosting power that hair parted to the side can have, we have a feeling we understand which side of the dispute– pun meant– you’ll get on. Besides, producing a little asymmetry can without a doubt produce wonders for various face shapes, hair textures, and designs.

So, if you’re in the market for a brand-new style of bob or are discovering how to transform your hair part, we’ve got your back. From Zendaya’s extravagant bob and Taylor Swift’s lived-in design to Amandla Stenberg’s side-parted box pigtails and Julia Garner’s curly bob, keep scrolling for some major hair motivation. Plus, pointers from specialist hairstylists, Devin Toth and Raven Hurtado.

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Bouncy Soft Bob

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Hurtado says Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s soft, attractive room bob has been very preferred recently. She recommends blow-drying the hair with a large barrel round brush to give light bounce and volume. Then, strike it with a finishing cream or oil, like the Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil ($ 47), for a shiny finish.

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Enchanted Side-Part Bob

image 2125


Is eyelash glue the new duct tape? Probably not. However Real Housewives of Orange County star Gina Kirschenheiter shows that it is an easy, detachable means to stud the flatter side of your side-part bob (and your ear, obviously) with a waterfall of pearls.


Make use of a dab of clear eyelash glue to stick gemstones or pearls on one side of your bob, or in a line along the side component.

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Unbalanced Side-Part Bob

image 2129

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Taraji P. Henson is evidence that if you deal with your curls– not versus them– amazing things can occur. This chin-length bob produces stunning angles, while the side part piles swirls to one side, offering the style a modern, asymmetrical appearance.

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Long Side-Part Lob

image 2121


A lengthy, collarbone-grazing bob is a wonderful compromise for anybody looking to dip their toes right into the world of shorter hair. Hurtado loves this length due to the fact that it’s casual and low-maintenance, while the side part adds simply a dash of drama.

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Tousled Bob

image 2132

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We enjoy windy rocker hairdos, and a deep side part is a wonderful addition that brings lots of tousled structure with it. This style nearly appears like Kristen Stewart rode the entire method there with her go out the home window– in a great way.


A durable texturizing spray will be your best friend for these tousled, easy components that don’t look also “reconstructed.” We suggest a healthy dosage of the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($ 52).

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Curly Fringe Bob

image 2132

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Someone, somewhere as soon as informed us the lie that a person with curly hair should not have bangs, and we have never, ever before forgiven them. Yara Shahidi’s coily fringe is such an enjoyable touch– like crowning achievement– for her advanced bob and contemporary side component.

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Nightclub Glam Bob

image 2127


If ever there was a celebration to break out the largest velcro rollers you can locate, these shoulder-length ’70s feathered swirls would certainly be it. While Farrah Fawcett’s hair may have been a bit longer, we like exactly how extravagant the swirls view on a side-parted bob.

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Clipped Bob

image 2122


Often a deep component’s task is to literally and figuratively take a step sideways. Kerry Washington’s side-part bob gives her a bigger canvas on one side to display 2 statement-making hairpin. Try it with a mix of forms and shades or make use of the space to nicely stack a row of Kitsch’s rhinestone hairpin ($ 12).


Accent your side-part bob with an earring peeking out or a statement bobby pin or hairpin. Toth suggests accessories from Kitsch, Jennifer Behr, and Lelet NY..

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Pin-Straight Bob

image 2126


A pin-straight side-part bob is traditional forever reason. Start in the shower with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner like Amika’s Velveteen Dream Anti-Frizz Smoothing Shampoo ($ 28), and prep with a heat protectant prior to correcting the alignment of the hair in sections. Finish with a luster spray for extra polish.

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Knotted Bob

image 2116

Getty Images.

A deep side part includes significant dramatization to shoulder-length box braids as seen here on Amandla Stenberg.

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Angled Side-Part Bob

image 2134

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Hurtado likes this tilted bob for a sleek, polished look. “The hairstyle is a little shorter in the back and longer in the front,” she notes, which gives it a modern-day edge in an extremely refined method. Incentive: by parting in this manner, also a streamlined and straight design can rack up a little volume at the top.

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’20s- Inspired Ends

image 2114

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With completions put and pinned up to produce a rounded, flapper-style form, this short bob offers ’20s feelings however really feels extra modern thanks to the off-center component.

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Curly Bob

image 2124


These undone curls look bouncy and lively on a route with a deep side component– as if Julia Garner ran her fingers with her hair, trembled the swirls around, and called it a day. To allow all the structure do the talking, fine-tune your swirls with a defining cream like Kevin Murphy’s Killer Curls ($ 41).

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Wavy Bob

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Soft, breezy waves are an all-natural fit for a side-part bob. It’s everything about looking simple and easy (even if it might have taken some effort, thanks to a crinkling iron and some hairspray). If you like the love of maintaining one side put back all the time, below’s a great trick: “Tightly bring one side back right into a surprise braid at the neck of your head, secured with an elastic,” Toth clarifies. “Allow the rest of your mane to cover and conceal the braid. The key to this appearance is to maintain the rear of your side dismantle of the braid, dropping downward with the remainder of your hair.”.

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Cracked up Bob

image 2119

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This slicked bob tucked behind the ears is innovative, but the mild flip at the ends– finished with simply a gentle bevel of a flat iron– makes it really feel graceful.

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Straight and Sleek Bob

image 2123

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The ends of this sharp blunt bob could reduce like a knife, and putting the part a few inches off-center gives this understated style a little added edge.


When developing a deeper side part, you might require a little additional aid to hold it in place. “Using hairspray to manage the top of this hairdo is vital,” Toth recommends.

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Young Boy Band Bob

image 2117


Kaia Gerber is pitch-perfect in what we call the “Boy Band Bob.” It’s basically the exact same shaggy cut you remember from the Hansen or Leonardo DiCaprio poster you had on your wall in intermediate school. This swingy, flopped-over crop is making a serious return, and we love it with a little piece-y appearance (like: “I’m simply a little sweaty from running around the Titanic with you, babe”). Toth loves how the “deep, unpleasant no-part component” emits a casual, easy vibe.

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Micro Side-Part Bob

image 2130


Not scared of elevations? A chin-grazing (or greater) mini bob is so flawlessly Parisian we can virtually scent the Chanel No. 5 from here. A balanced out side part can give the easy cut a little added passion and lift it at the roots.

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Shaved Side Part

image 2115

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A nontraditional take on the style, Tati Gabrielle’s delicately braided platinum bob develops into a badass undercut beyond– providing the impression of a deep side part.

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Faux Bob

image 2113

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Love the look of a side-part bob, yet not prepared to make the slice? Luckily, it’s possible to design your hair right into a quite persuading synthetic bob, as Zendaya does below. With your sizes intertwined and concealed, you’ll attain this sleek visual without any need for scissors.

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The Wet Look

image 2128

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There’s something so chic and strange about the damp hair look. (Namely: How did you get so wet? And why is it only your hair?) A deep side part adds a lot more intrigue. Start with the part, then slick your hair with a charitable quantity of water-based hair gel. After that use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to break up the hair from mid-shaft to the ends– which will certainly give it that tousled, just-out-of-the-shower look.

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Combined Texture Bob

image 2131

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For all-natural swirls, Toth advises this fun mixed-texture bob. “Create your side part using a tail comb and afterwards comb the hair external to the top of your head and secure the hair on each side with cross-hatched or crisscrossed bobby pins,” he states. “The secret to this design is preserving the comparison in between the level, smooth hair on top of your head and the curly distinctive hair almost everywhere else.”.

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Italian Bob

image 2122

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.

A bob isn’t just a bob– there are more than a handful of means to explain the differing styles. Just recently, the Italian bob has been en vogue for its upscale panache, which Zendaya contributed to by parting her hair to the side and developing even more volume at the origin.

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Slept-In Bob

zvZpfK kjVat822tVGK4kD VKADpE8k5H5tG48n96XGZ0cN2S HEefRMqbm9vcwZLFkk7dMWX5nTJoLietAIdOxo198FvEvAsZtisEaWLGUfFyHLe3w5jxlFGh5GnZNlvyYQQytle lKRzOS6HCkYho

Jason Merritt/Getty Images.

Taylor Swift’s lived-in bob is both edgy and traditional. Her trademark side-swept bangs have a bit extra texture than typical, including in this rock n’ roll style.

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Flipped Out Bob

image 2118

Gilbert Flores/Variety using Getty Images

Leave it to Jenna Ortega to make traditional turned ends look a lot cooler. Integrated with curtain bangs that are parted a little sideways, the combination takes the look to the following degree.

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