Shade Shift: How 2024’s Sunglasses Trends Blend Past and Present

There are few feelings better than dressing up for the first warm days of spring following what seems like ages of winter. The most important accessory to have if you want to make the most of the sunny weather that has been confined inside for months is a stylish pair of sunglasses. They can protect you from harmful UV rays and unplanned encounters with ex-partners. Plus, they instantly make an outfit cooler. You can never go wrong with classic styles like black wayfarers or quiet luxurious ovals. But sunglasses are a great way to try out new trends. Get ready for spring by checking out 10 of the most popular 2024 sunglasses styles.

Modern Cat-Eye

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The cat-eye has never really gone away but is making a welcome comeback in the sunglasses trend of 2024. The pointed teardrop frames were first created by Altina Schinasi Miranda during the 1920s. They work to enhance any facial structure. The style is made modern by angular shapes and bold colors.

Kitschy, Playful, and Kitsch

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Colorful sunglasses with quirky shapes and playful colors block the sun in an instant. You can choose from a variety of creative styles, including beaded frames or frameless tinted heart sunglasses.

Aughts Nostalgia a la “That’s Hot”

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Paris Hilton, the Olsens, and other celebrities have immortalized the oversized shades from the early 2000s. Think baby blue shields, black-lined ombre lenses, and a half-face-covering baby-blue lens. The Y2K trend has been resurgent in general for a long time, but this particular element is something we haven’t seen much of since the 2020s. It feels new as we enter a new year.

Retro Metal

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The metal-rimmed glasses are both vintage-inspired and futuristic. We will never forget Julia Roberts’ brown oval sunglasses with metal linings from the 1990s. Choose your favorite metal. The coolness and warmth of silver will complement any skin tone.

Tortoise for Maximalists

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Tortoiseshell frames are a timeless and distinctive alternative to black or colorful frames. This timeless finish will make you look stylish no matter what the shape.

Futuristic Shields

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Shield sunglasses with rimless frames, in futuristic or sporty styles, or in Y2K style can be a protective shield when you need to go out but want to remain at home. They’re like the hotel signs that say “do not disturb” and are also good for protecting your skin around the eyes.

Pearly Whites

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The frames are fresh, bright, and clean. These shades are perfect for a quiet luxury look, whether you choose to go monochromatic as Paris Hilton did above or coordinate them with other neutral colors.

Tride-and True Aviators

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Aviators have been a staple of many sunglasses for decades. Metal frames are a great way to achieve a classic style that hits on two trends at once. Or, you can try acetate for an ultra-cool look.

Rose-Colored Lenses

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This old saying may even be true: Some studies suggest that pink lenses can have a positive psychological impact. The old saying may have some truth: Studies suggest that wearing pink lenses has a positive impact on the mind. 1

Decorative Details

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Black sunglasses are a staple, and decorative details like metal wiring, pearls, chains, beads, or dangling beads will make your pair stand out. Black sunglasses will always be a classic. Add decorative details like metal wires, beads, chains, or pearls to make your pair stand out.

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