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Sabrina Carpenter Channels Iconic Rom-Com Glamour for Her 25th Birthday Bash

Which look would you recreate from a classic romantic comedy? Sabrina Carpenter chose the yellow dress with matching necklace worn by Kate Hudson in the 2003 film How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.

Jared Ellner confirmed in an Instagram post that Carpenter’s stylist was inspired by the film. Jared Ellner, Carpenter’s stylist, confirmed in an Instagram post that the movie was the inspiration behind the look. He also mentioned the surprising place where he got it: a Depop vendor named Jules. She had less than 2000 followers at first but has been steadily increasing as I type this. Jules revealed the dress was vintage Cache, and she thrifted in New York City. The dress was originally longer, but she cut it down before selling to Carpenter’s stylist.

The spectacular necklace is by British jeweler W.Salamoon. It features an intense yellow diamond that weighs 11 carats and white diamonds totaling to 25 carats. Scroll down to view photos of Carpenter’s 25th birthday, which was rom-com themed.

Sabrina Carpenter 25th birthday dress

image 887

(Image credit: @sabrinacarpenter)

Sabrina Carpenter: vintage Cache Dress; W.Salamoon Necklace

image 886

(Image credit: @sabrinacarpenter)

The Inspiration from 2003

image 888

(Image credit: Everett Collection)

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