Revamp Your French Manicure with 15 Mismatched Designs for a Bold Look

We love the classic French manicure just as much as anyone else, but the trend of mismatched French manis that has taken over social media is something we can’t ignore. Instead of white or single-color tips, mismatched French manicures feature a variety of tip designs.

We love the result of this fun, laid-back take on a classic. We gathered over a dozen ideas of mismatched French nails for you to browse. See them below.

Colorblock French Tips

image 5 99

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

Consider a mismatched color-block French manicure if you love vibrant colors. You’ll need Sally Hansen Nail Polishes in PEEPS Yellow and Pink, as well as PEEPS Blue, Lavender, Fruit Punch, and PEEPS Lavender to recreate this nail design.

Black Emoji Mani

image 5 100

@saruhnails / Instagram

A black-and-white palette is a good choice for a subdued, mismatched French manicure. You can see here how classic French tips work with diagonal French tips and negative space straight tips.

Rainbow Gradient Cloud Nails

image 5 101

@tinybrushes/ Instagram

Consider an ombre to avoid the rigidity that comes with classic French tips. You can see what it could look like with this manicure that features a gradient colour palette and cloud-like nail art.

Layered Mountains French Mani

image 5 102

@melanated.mani/ Instagram

There’s no right or wrong way to apply French tips, whether you want them classic or not. Anna was inspired by the mountains to create this mismatched French manicure. She created this look by using Cirque Colours Nail Polishes in Hatch Navy Jelly Olive Jelly and Marsala Jelly.

French Tips with Black and White Squiggle-Edged

image 5 103

@amyytran / Instagram

Are you intrigued by the idea diagonal French tips? This mismatched manicure features them with an edgy squiggle effect. Amy Tran, a nail artist, created this look with Kokoist USA’s Bluey White and Darkest Black.

Half and Half French Tips

image 5 104

@eleven2six_/ Instagram

You can create a color-block effect if you want a French manicure with vibrant colors but don’t want to cover your base. Use two different colors on your tips. To achieve this, book a nail appointment at a professional. You can DIY by using a fine-lining brush for nail art.

Mismatched Swirl French Tips

image 5 105

@heygreatnails/ Instagram

This Barbie-inspired pink, purple and orange swirl nail design is an interpretation of a mismatched manicure. We say it’s okay because the swirls encompass the tips. It’s also very pretty! This nail look was created by Aiste Hass using a fine-lining brush.

Two Toned Rainbow French Mani

image 5 106

@lolo.nailedit/ Instagram

What about a double French manicure with mismatched colors? This was done using the OPI Power of Hue collection.

Pastel Neon Mismatched French Tips

image 5 107

@nails_and_soul/ Instagram

This pastel neon mismatched French manicure is stunning. This is a playful Y2K look. You’ll need a dotting tool with two ends (or one that comes in a variety of sizes) to dot your own nails. Five COMIART Ball Styluses dotting tool sets are included in the set.

Bold Rainbow Gradient French Tip

image 5 108

@nails_and_soul/ Instagram

Remember when we told you that color-blocked French tip French nails could be used to create a mismatched appearance? You can choose a gradient to add even more color to your nails. You’ll probably want to hire a professional to help you perfect the tips, given the precision required for this set.

Abstract French Mani

image 5 109

@myprettyset / Instagram

This abstract French manicure with mismatched colors is a miniature work of art. The design is random, but it works. This is a great way to get inspired for your own mismatched manicure adventure.

Aperol Spritz French Tips

image 5 110

@disseynails/ Instagram

We were blown away by this mismatched spritz-toned mani. It’s colorful, playful and fun. The vibrant nail look is full of emojis and smileys.

French tips that are mismatched

image 5 111

@myprettyset / Instagram

In 2023, 3D-sculpted nails were a popular nail art style. This trend is not going away in 2024. If you want to add some texture and depth your mismatched French manicure, this is your guide.

Mismatched French tips in Earth Tone

image 5 112

@disseynails/ Instagram

It’s not necessary to overthink French manicures that are mismatched. You can opt for a different nail color every time, like Dayana I. Sapiens created this manicure. Gelcare Official UV Gel Nail Polish Dunes, Matcha Girl Scout, Archive Beige and Memphis Green are required to recreate this manicure.

Clear French Manis

image 5 113

@sojinails / Instagram

The see-through tips are what give this manicure its mismatched look. The nails are a mystery, but we can’t help but be captivated by them.

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