How to Remove Eyelash Extensions

So, you got yourself an eyelash extension, and boy, how you benefited from it a lot, what with the more attractive look you had for weeks! But now, you want to have them removed already. That’s not a problem! As long as you didn’t get the permanent eyelash extensions, there is always a way to remove them.

You may have been faced with a lot of tempting reasons to get eyelash extensions before and now you are faced with several important reasons why you would want to take off fake eyelashes as soon as possible.

First, you have been wearing eyelash extensions for 6-8 weeks already, which is the maximum period for eyelash extensions to reign on your eyelashes. Once this period comes and passes, your eyelash extensions may not look as good as before, when you first walked out of that salon. Some of the extensions will start to fall out already, leaving a few strands behind.

Furthermore, this period is what your natural eyelashes can take. Extensions burden your natural eyelashes and they also need to take a break from this burden. As a matter of fact, your eyelashes deserve at least 2 months of break from eyelash extensions.

Second, you are concerned about the effects of eyelash extensions on your natural eyelashes. Why? Do eyelash extensions ruin your real eyelashes?

Yes, they do, with frequent use.

Behind the drama and the glamour that these eyelash extensions can bring to your face, they do something to your eyelashes in the long run. They can hamper the growth of your real lashes and make them shorter instead. Before you realize it, you will wake up one morning and your real eyelashes have disappeared already. This is because being constantly burdened by fake eyelashes can weaken them.

Third, you are experiencing side effects such as allergies from the glue that was used to apply the extensions. You must realize that applying eyelash extensions require strong and potent adhesives that contain chemicals. These chemicals can cause allergic reactions and could give you that itchy and prickly feeling on your eye area, notice the presence of rashes as well as swelling.

Allergic reactions are also common as bacteria buildup can occur and affect your eyes. When these side effects occur, this requires immediate eyelash extension removal indeed.

And fourth, you may have realized that you no longer actually need these extensions and that if you need to enhance your eye area, there are other ways to do so like applying mascaras and eyeliners. As long as you use the best mascaras or eyeliners and know how to apply them correctly, you can improve your look much better than eyelash extensions can. You can check out how to put on eyeliner here.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions in 3 Ways?

Removing eyelash extensions is not an easy process. In fact, it is a very delicate process since you need to be careful not to remove your natural lashes as well. Remember that a very sticky glue was used during its application and it cannot easily be removed like how you remove your makeup.

Putting it simply, while removing these extensions is possible, the utmost care and caution must be observed. There are 3 major ways to remove your eyelash extensions.

  1. DIY eyelash extensions removal
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This refers to doing the removal process on your own at the comfort of your own home. The best thing about this method is that you don’t need to go anywhere or buy any products to remove the extension.

However, this method can be tricky, which is why you need to follow the instructions on how to take off eyelash extensions at home carefully and accurately.

  • Start by removing your makeup. Doing so, will make you see the eyelash extensions clearly.
  • Do the 10-minute steam session. Expose your face to hot steam as it has the ability to loosen eyelash extensions and make it easier to remove.
  • Start the cotton ball and oil step. Pour olive oil onto a cotton ball and make sure it is drenched well. You may also use coconut oil for eyelashes Wipe the cotton ball with oil on your eyelashes gently and they will start to fall off.
  1. The eyelash glue remover method
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This is also a method you can do at home, but with the use of an eyelash glue remover product. This product can be bought from drugstores and this is mostly what salons use. You can be assured it is effective as they are for the specific purpose of removing eyelash extensions.

But, unlike the DIY and natural method, you still need to have this product in handy. It’s easy to do the eyelash glue remover method.

  • Remove makeup and make sure the room you are in is well-lit.
  • Take a cotton swab and pour the eyelash glue remover onto it.
  • Apply to the lashes gently in a downward motion.
  • Once the glue dissolves, the fake eyelashes will start falling off and you can even pull them out easily and quickly.
  • Do the process again until the whole eye area is free from glue.
  1. The professional eyelash extension removal method
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This refers to going back to the salon and requesting to have your eyelash extension removed. There is no better and quicker way to remove these extensions than to have them removed by the same technician who applied them. This method will be hassle-free on your part and quicker because these professionals know what they are doing.

Though this is not as convenient as when you remove the lashes at home on your own, they are usually free of charge if you go back to the same salon.

You can simply choose from among these methods the one that is best and convenient for your current situation. Once the eyelash extension is removed, you can start giving your natural eyelashes a new life and your face a whole new look that don’t require expensive, uncomfortable and risky procedures this year.

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