Professional Techniques for Towel-Drying Your Hair

Grabbing a strike dryer after washing your hair might be force of habit, yet utilizing one all the moment may not be the healthiest alternative (think: heat damages, dryness, and divided ends). Fortunately, options like towel drying exist and can easily be integrated into your routine when you intend to go heat-free.

” Towel drying out is so preferred due to the hair health and wellness advantages and, let’s be real, it’s perfect for individuals who are always on the move,” celeb hairdresser and extensionist Priscilla Valles states. Celebrity hair stylist David Lopez adds, “Towel-drying is secure for all hair kinds, and a towel is the best option to remove excess wetness.” Ahead, discover more concerning the benefits of towel drying and exactly how to do it just like the pros.

The Benefits of Towel Drying Hair

There are lots of advantages when it involves towel drying hair, with one of the most evident being that it is far much less destructive than various other techniques due to the fact that it does not involve warm. Getting rid of water from your hair is advantageous for an additional vital reason, according to Lopez. “Towel drying out secures excess dampness from your hair, which is critical since when it is wet, it’s in a fragile state,” he shares.

” For people that have curly hair, there’s an added advantage to removing excess moisture from the hair after you’ve applied your product,” Valles adds. “It protects against the hair from heat damage, speeds up drying out time, and diminishes frizz.”

Exactly how to Pick the Right Towel

Our specialists highly motivate using a microfiber towel like the Aquis Flip Hair-Drying Tool because of its soft fabric and delicate touch. “Any towel created for hair drying out is wonderful,” Valles shares. “A microfiber hair towel is always an ideal and secure choice. They are really absorbing and gentle on the hair.”

Lopez secs this view, noting, “You intend to select a microfiber towel. The soft appearance is excellent due to the fact that it doesn’t respond with the fiber of your hair, so it’ll lessen frizz and obtain just enough water.”

However, if you don’t have a microfiber towel, take Lopez’s guidance. “If you don’t have a microfiber towel, I recommend utilizing an old T-shirt because it’s fairly soft and will certainly get rid of the correct amount of dampness,” he claims.

How to Towel Dry Hair

Unsure just how to towel completely dry your hair like a pro? Our professionals have some excellent insights. “The first step is to guarantee your hair is appropriately detangled in the shower,” Lopez states. “After, you’ll want to take your hair and gently squeeze out the water with the towel. Or, you can scrunch it.”

Regarding towel-drying methods go, Valles has a couple of ideas. “When towel drying out hair, you want to wrap your hands around the towel and then gently press the dampness out,” Valles claims. “You never want to run your hands back and forth approximately with the hair and scalp since that can create damages and snap your split finishes.”

Exactly how to Care for Towel-Dried Hair

Your hair needs a little TLC prior to and after towel drying out. “After leaving the shower and towel drying your hair to eliminate excess water, spray in a leave-in conditioner or a treatment hair mask,” Valles clarifies. “I enjoy the K18 therapies. After that, comb the product through with a wide-toothed comb and place your hair back in the towel. Your hair will enjoy you for letting that dampness marinate.”

Usual Mistakes to Avoid When Towel Drying

If you plan on thoroughly drying your hair making use of the towel approach, there are some usual errors you need to know about. “Common errors to stay clear of when towel drying hair are leaving your hair in the towel for also long and about drinking the towel via the hair to accelerate the drying procedure,” Valles explains. “Both can bring about damage, breakage, and the hair drying with dents.”

Different Drying Methods

If you determine towel drying isn’t for you, you have alternatives. “Other alternative drying techniques consist of making use of tools like the Dyson Airwrap ( which air dries your hair without thermal damage), a hair clothes dryer (with proper warmth protectant, obviously), or velcro rollers,” Valles states. “Velcro rollers are the drying out method I favor. The larger the roller, the much better. However, keep in mind that velcro rollers can be tough for a person with longer than mid-back hair length, as it will require a longer dry time.”

Valles states you can likewise strategically style your hair after washing it to stay clear of towel drying or warmth drying completely. “Another technique lots of people don’t often think of is placing your hair in 2 loosened pigtails and letting it air dry,” she states. “The looser the pigtail, the looser the wave. This is something a lot of my extension clients do.”

The Final Takeaway

If you want to give your hair a break from hot devices, you require to provide towel-drying a try. The easy method– which just requires a microfiber towel or soft cotton tee shirt– aids eliminate excess water from the hair, decreases frizz, and cuts out any kind of opportunity for warm damages. Best of all, it’s a technique that helps all hair kinds.

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