Pin Up Hairstyles For Vintage Looks

Pin up hairstyles is something you can try on no matter what is the time or season of fashion. Some fashions are never going to be old and keep coming back. Pin up hairstyles not only perfect for an instantly classy look, but also to express aristocracy in any occasion. To have a perfect pin up hairstyle is all about knowing how beautifully you can give it a finishing touch. To go vintage, it’s all about trying different bangs or rolled-up locks and trying nicely finished waves. There are different types of styles that are simple to do and gorgeous. Let’s have a look at these five styles mentioned below:

5 Vintage Hairstyles:

1. Classic look

image 644

Source: ThatsRight

image 651

Source: Pinterest

This one is extremely glamorous and beautiful to try to if you are looking for perfection. This is also a simple one to do. Hairs are locked beautifully in the front and waves are created beautifully to add to the look. This look is both for short hair and long one. For a beginner with basic hairdo knowledge, you can go with this look. You can make the look complete by wearing accessories like bows in your hair.

2. Romantic style

image 648

Source: Latest-Hairstyles

image 649

Source: tuning09

One of the most favorite hairstyles that has attracted ladies or all eras is this love affair look. Women are soft by nature and they try to express it by making some sweet hairstyles like the one shown below. These locks in look are not too hard to maintain the beauty of it. So, you might not want to try any hard spray for this look. Keep it smooth and give it a soft finishing by combing it slowly backwards and use your pins as many as you need. Keep the jewelry simple with this look.

3. Volume curl style

image 646


This one just perfect for wedding, special occasions, parties or anywhere you want to get most of the attention. You can try this look by locking the hair from the front or it can also be done in any of the sides. You can add complement to this look by wearing a side hat that makes it more adorable. Make a bun or leave the rest of the hair. This rosy curls will be perfect for medium to long hair. Wear valuable pieces of accessories to express the look exactly.

4. Quick one

image 650

Source: pinterest

image 647

Source: pinterest

This one is for the beginner and younger people who love to get a vintage look, but do not know all the ins and out or still at the basic. This look is quite a hangout one. You can make it more definite by wearing a bow and leave the hair behind or make a ponytail.

5. Bangs vintage look

image 645

Source: The Freckled Fox

image 645

This is the bangs one surely fall in love with. Keep the bangs unique and try it with different locks and waves. You can wear scarfs that will give the bangs more defined space to express. Create hair locks with hard spray and keep them above the bangs and it will turn into a perfect ‘girl in the picture’ look.

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