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Dress to Impress: Pear-Shaped Body Type

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Don’t you agree that we are quite fortunate to live in a generation where most of us have learned to fully accept and embrace all body types? Every woman’s physique can greatly vary especially when it comes to shape. With every body shape, there’s a corresponding outfit that will definitely let you flaunt it! There is absolutely no room for body shaming here because whether you are slim or curvy – there’s definitely a perfect fashion coordination that your body shape will truly love. We are going to take it one step at a time, so in this article, we will give you an easy but solid dress-up guide if you have got a Pear-Shaped Body.

How do I know if my body is Pear-Shaped?

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Give yourself a moment and take a good look at the mirror. The easiest way to determine whether you’re one of those women who own a voluptuous pear-shaped body is when your hips and legs are broader compared to your upper body (shoulders, arms, bustline). Pear-shaped women are proud owners of a much-defined waist and curvy hips – something a lot of us covet! Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, and Kelly Clarkson are just some of the massive number of celebrities who proudly own a pear-shaped body. Those sexy hips are definitely worth the attention, but then again, women have different types of tastes in fashion. Let’s not cover those sexy hips and legs but instead, accentuate it along with the upper part of your body. Proportion is always the key!

Pear-Shaped Body Fashion Guide

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While fashion gives you an immense freedom of choice, a bit of an outline to help you dress best for your body shape won’t hurt. With pear-shaped bodies, your hips and legs are quite generous with love, so drawing attention to the upper part of your body is one best options to balance it out. One way to do this is to wear colorful, bust-enhancing tops along with dark-colored mid-length skirts. Take note that, we are not really trying to hide your curves (because that’s one great asset, girl!) – just make sure that your skirt flows freely on your hips without hugging it too tight so you won’t overdo it.

#1 Do’s: V-Neck Tops & Dresses

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V-Neck tops and dresses are perfect if you have a smaller upper body size. It enhances your shoulders to give you it an illusion of being wider. Also, V-necks that go down to your bustline emphasize attention to that area in order to balance it out with your lower body. Don’t forget to choose the perfect brassiere to pair up with your V-Neck because peeking cleavage can step up your fashion game too!

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#2 Do’s: Off-shoulder and Printed Tops

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Wearing printed dresses or off-shoulder tops is another great option for you to make your upper body extra fascinating. First of all, off-shoulder tops give emphasis to your shoulders by giving it the illusion of being broader. On the other hand, bright colors and abstract prints are instant eye magnets! It captures more attention to your upper body compared to your lower body.

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#3 Do’s : Midi A-Line Skirts/dresses

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Midi Skirts have been taking the fashion world by storm since the early times. It accentuates your waist, in which pear-shaped bodies are luckily blessed with a much-defined one. A-line skirts are mostly flowy, not too fitting – this characteristic is something you would want if you have a pear-shaped body! It is because it lets your curves breathe a little without losing their definition.

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Another pro-fashion tip when it comes to dressing up for your pear-shaped body is layering your tops. If you’re feeling very casual and just not into some fancy blouse, take your favorite V-Neck top, layer it on with a chic long cardigan and you are good to go! Layering boosts up volume on the upper part of your body which is a great way to balance the proportion of your shoulders and bustline to your hips and legs.

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Now that we have learned the Pear-Shaped Body Do’s when it comes to dressing well, we also need to take note of the Don’ts. The thing with pear-shaped bodies is that choosing the right fit can be a little complicated. Let’s not end up being at the wrong side of the road and check these Oh No Don’ts!

#1 Don’ts : Bright & Printed Leggings & Pastel-colored Trousers

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Bright and printed bottoms can be too overpowering for your voluptuous hips and thick thighs. Yes, it can be very catchy but it will leave your torso behind! This goes similar to wearing bottoms with pastel colors and eye-catching prints. The thing is, if you stick on to loud prints and embellishments that play around your curves, tendency is that you will draw so much attention on the lower part of your body and lose the beautiful physique that your torso has. Your upper body needs some lovin’ too!

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#2 Don’ts : Bodycon Dresses/skirts

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Let us remember that the key to properly dressing up a pear-shaped body is proportion. Your upper body needs to reciprocate the volume that your lower body has. Accentuating your hips is absolutely wonderful, especially if you choose the right fit for it. Extremely tight, body-fitting dresses are not quite much of a best friend when it comes to pear-shaped bodies as it hugs and highlights your body shape as a whole. This means, the chance of drawing attention to your shoulders and bust is getting slim for the tight fit that flows on your hips and legs are much more noticeable.

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These are some of the basic fashion guidelines when it comes to choosing the perfect fit for a pear-shaped body. There are tons of beautiful pieces out there so don’t be scared to experiment. Mix and match until you find the perfect fit for your beautiful curves!

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that “Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes”. Don’t let your body shape stop you from wearing what makes you feel beautiful, comfortable, and empowered!

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