Maximizing Your Look: Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Part

The middle part is a popular choice these days. Gen Z thinks it’s only acceptable to part hair this way. While some people love the middle part, not everyone does. Others may find it difficult to achieve and would rather stick with their usual side part. What if you are tired of your side part that you have been wearing since middle school. There are many other ways to part hair.

We came across the popular Ellebangs page of hair colorist Silvia reis during a late night YouTube binge. Then, we discovered her video Are You Parting Your Hair Correctly? video. Reis helped us break down the process a bit further.

She tells us, “It’s fun to experiment with different pieces. You can easily take them back if you decide you don’t want to wear it. And you can play around with your style without taking any risks.” Just be mindful of how the style flatters your face and highlights your features. This simple task takes only two seconds but can change the look of your hair.

Cheryl Bergamy, celebrity hairstylist and groomer of the stars at Contents HairCare, gave us her best tips for determining how to part hair. Bergamy says that there are many ways to part hair, which can make your face look thinner, fuller or longer depending on the shape of your face. Find out what look works best for you by reading on.

The center part

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Kim Kardashian’s super-precise middle part is considered classic and gives off an elegant, polished look. This part is gaining popularity in recent years, thanks to TikTok, Gen Z and other social media platforms. There’s a good reason why this is the internet’s favourite.

Bergamy says that the middle part of hair is one of today’s most popular trends. It gives you a youthful appearance without appearing childish. It works best with faces that are more or symmetrical. However, it can also be used to elongate wider, shorter face shapes. Bergamy says that a middle part creates a slimmer appearance. For heart-shaped faces, this will soften your cheekbones and balance your features such as your forehead, chin or nose.

Reis agrees. She says that it is not forgiving when there are uneven areas of the face. It can draw attention to these and, on long faces it can exaggerate their shape.

The Side Part

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The side part, à la Olivia Munn, works for all face shapes. Bergamy, however, says that it is most popular with oval faces. “Oval faces can wear any middle or side part. But I think the deep side or side part is ideal.”

Reis says, “If your brow is stronger, part your hair on the side that exposes more of your face.”

You can go as far as you want with your side part. If you want to change up your look for the night, a dramatic deep side part will add old Hollywood glamour and fun.

Reis suggests a diagonal part if a side part is too deep. As you part your hair diagonally toward the back, it will end up in the middle as the section reaches the crown. In the front you still have the side-swept look, but the hair is evenly distributed on both sides in the back.

The Off Center Part

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You can create the illusion of middle part by slightly off-centering your hair. This will help you avoid drawing attention to uneven areas.

Reis says that it creates an illusion of a middle part by throwing the eye off. This is a good option for people with a cowlick on the front. It is also softer than splitting hairs in the middle.

Blake Lively’s hair is a great example of how to section your hair. But don’t go too far so that you end up with a side part. Bergamy says that by creating this part, you can still achieve a natural flow whether your hair is pulled back or worn out.

The Hidden Part

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You can do bangs yourself. They also hide your imperfections. Bergamy says that there are different bang styles depending on your facial structure.

You can experiment with a side-part if you have blunt bangs, like Kerry Washington. However, hair naturally falls in the middle. Reis says that a middle part will balance your hair on both sides. Parts will be more visible if your forehead is free, but bangs will cover it and hide the part.

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