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Maximize Your Chic with Minimal Effort: Summer Outfits That Shine

The summer in NYC is unlike any other. Even though the season isn’t officially underway, the city has already sprung to life with outdoor dining, movies in the parks, and of course, incredible fashion. I’m focusing on enjoying the city this summer without worrying about my outfits. Yusra, an associate fashion editor, has the knack of achieving maximum style while putting in minimal effort. She describes her summer style as “easy and comfortable, yet polished and chic.” She has recently told me that she gets her outfits from On 34th Street at Macy’s. It’s no surprise that the site is full of stylish and affordable items.

Yusra: “I love On 34th for its basic items, like denim jackets or light sweaters, but also the trendier pieces like leopard-print shoes and ruched skirts.” She browsed 624 products, all under $150. These three easy and elevated outfits were the result. Continue reading to find out what she plans to wear over and over again this summer.

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(Image credit: @thatgirlyusra)

If I had to choose a favorite outfit, this would be it. This season, I think that everyone should have a white poplin skirt. It is both elegant and comfortable. It can be worn with anything from structured blazers and casual T-shirts. “Since the outfit was mostly neutral I added a pop with a red sweater tied over my shoulder, which is a simple way to accessorize an outfit.” — Yusra Siddiqui

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Double denim is a classic outfit that I think will never go out-of-style. Add a trendy accessory to a classic outfit like this. This way the outfit feels new, but I do not have to purchase something I will never wear again. The leopard flats were the perfect choice in this case. They went with so many pieces of my wardrobe and made my denim outfit look more interesting. — Siddiqui

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“I have never owned a cargo pant before, but now that I’ve worn this pair in white, I feel like I need to buy more.” The black sweater and silver slingbacks are a must because I love the contrast of white with metallic and black accessories. “I used to think that cargo pants were too casual but this combination made me feel polished and put together.” — Siddiqui

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