How to Choose the Right Lipstick Shade for Your Skin Tone

Lipsticks come in a vast selection of colors. If you take a look back at lipstick collections in the past, probably 20 to 30 years ago, most lipsticks only come in either red, pink, or orange. But now, ever since the whole beauty industry has boomed tremendously, the lipsticks you’ll find in the market go from sexy nudes to electric blues! It’s true that there are no specific rules when it comes to choosing the lipstick you want to wear because these lipstick shades are all about your mood; all self-expression. But you may probably wonder why there are times that you pick up that gorgeous Barbie pink shade that looks amazing on another person but looks horrific on yours? Well, just like picking the right wardrobe, there are also some factors you may want to consider when it comes to choosing the right lipstick shade for you. In this article, we’ll help you out in knowing what lipstick shade suits your complexion best.

How to Determine Your Skin Tone and Undertone


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Warm – if your skin gets tan under long sun exposure, then you have a warm undertone. Another way to know if you belong in warm undertones is when the veins on your wrist appear green.

Cool – if your skin gets red under long sun exposure or if your skin gets really red, it only indicates that you are cool toned. Another way to know if you belong in cool undertones is when the veins on your wrist appear blue.

Neutral – if the color on your wrist is comprised of both green and blue, or if the color is hard to tell, it means you are neutral. Neutral undertones are considered lucky for they can go for pretty much any color they want and look good in it.

Now that you are familiar with your skin undertone, let’s talk about the best shades that suit you. Let’s start with warm tones.

1. Lipstick Shade for Warm Tone

Warm Tone – Light Medium Skin

image 2


We love how Alexa Chung pulled off a tropical look with her coral orange lipstick that matches her warm-toned skin. Not to mention how it perfectly complements her floral outfit!

image 19


If you want your look to be a bit more vampy and sexy, try this dark plum shade on your lips. If you have light skin and warm undertones like Toni Garrn, here’s a really daring lip color for you to try.

Warm Tone – Medium Olive Skin

image 9


Here’s another plum-toned lipstick shade that looks good on warm tones. This matte lipstick is definitely a sexy way to pull off that subtle sultry look ala Amber Heard.

image 17


On the other hand, if you have medium warm tones and are looking for a nice red lipstick, go for orange-based red lipstick shades.

Warm Tone – Golden Brown Skin

image 20


Warm golden brown skin tones are also often known as the morena or latina complexion. The best colors for this complexion are shades that appear brighter like cool burgundy shades, vibrant tropical orange shades and true red lipstick shades.

image 13


image 17


Here’s the perfect red lipstick shade for morena skin tones. Check out Jessica Alba’s true red lipstick.

Warm Tone – Deep Skin

image 15


It’s recommended to wear vibrant (almost neon) lipstick shades if you have a deep complexion. In this look, Lupita Nyong’o managed to flaunt her neon orange lipstick perfectly! The color made her complexion stand out and her teeth whiter as well.

image 14


image 12


Now that we are done with warm undertones, let’s show cool tones some lovin’ too! Cooler undertones appear fairer and leans more to the paler side of the color chart.

2. Lipstick Shade for Cool Tone

Cool Tone – Ivory Skin Tone

image 18


For paler skin tones such as ivory or porcelain, berry red shades would look stunning. If you’re looking for a statement lipstick, MAC’s Sin and Cyber would be perfect!

image 8


Mauvy pink shades also serve as a good choice if you have very fair skin tone. Emma Stone’s pink lilac lipstick made her look more vibrant and lively.

Cool Tone – Porcelain Fair Skin Tone

image 5


Emma Watson is a perfect example of cool toned porcelain fair skin tone. She has a very fair complexion but doesn’t really come off as pale. To give her look a bit of more flush, blue-toned reds would look mesmerizing on her.

image 7


If you’re looking for a great spring color, take this rosy red shade from January Jones.

Cool Tone – Light Buff Skin Tone

image 21


If you fall in this category, you can take inspiration from Gwen Stefani’s mauvy pink lipstick shade.

image 16


Or go for blue-toned red shades like this deep red color that Jennifer Lawrence wore.

Cool Tone – Golden Brown Skin Tone

image 11


Going for a perfect vampy look? Take it from Queen Beyonce’s deep burgundy lipstick!

image 10


Of course, while we have mentioned how neutral undertones look good with any lipstick shade, we still decided to list down some celebrities that fall in the same category. You’ll probably want to consider these colors as your next statement shade!

3. Lipstick Shade for Neutral Tone

Neutral Undertones

image 4


image 1


Yes! Plum shades are going to be very trendy this year! Check out other makeup trends set to conquer this year here: Step Up Your Makeup Game with these Gorgeous Makeup Trends to Try for 2017

image 3


image 6


We really hope you liked our quick and simple guidelines for choosing the right shade of lipstick for you. But then again, there should be nothing to stop you in wearing whichever color you like. As long as you feel good about it, go for it!

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