Jennifer Lopez Channels ’60s Glamour with Her Bouncy Ponytail and Twiggy-Esque Makeup

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Jennifer Lopez has delivered another day of high fashion. Since January 1, Jennifer Lopez has served us a look after another at every A-list affair you can imagine. She started with the Golden Globes and her bombshell waves. Then she went to Paris Fashion Week where she tried out a short, wet-styled hairstyle before changing it for a big bow. She has debuted her newest look in Paris.

While in Paris for Couture Week and Valentino Haute Couture, Lopez attended the third show of her season. The singer’s hair and outfit channeled French icons from the 1960s to sit in the front row with Florence Pugh and Rosie Hunington Whiteley.

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Although the dress was of course top-notch, the hairdo was the main focus of the outfit. JLo’s recent hairstyle is proof that she loves the flippy malt-shop look.

A reto hairband would have looked great on Catherine Deneuve, or Anna Karina. The velvet band was wrapped around her pony and a coquette bow was tied on top. It was holding her hair in place, which was full of shine and volume. Her hair would have been completely straight if not for the flippy style. It was a few inches away from the ends that it was curled up loosely but dramatically. Her hair brushed her shoulders when she walked.

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Her makeup added to her chic vibes. This is J. Lo is the subject of our discussion, and her lips are painted in a peachy-nude color with a glossy high-shine finish. Her skin was bronzed and radiant with a sculpting and blush effect. She had a lot of fun with her eyes and maintained the 1960s vibes by adding a black cat-eye on top of gray eyeshadow in cool tones and fluttering eyelashes.

Her outfit was worth a second look, since this was a fashion show. It was tight-fitting and hugged her with its black fabric. The fabric grazed the floor when she walked. Silver ribbons were attached to the arms and embellished with crystals. The look was completed with a matching, opulent choker in silver and coordinating earrings.

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