How to Put On Eyeliner

As per the words of the famous novelist Paulo Coelho, eyes are the mirror of the soul, and it is one of the features which determine your charisma and trustworthiness. This, in turn, makes eyeliners an important accessory in your purse. With so many new trends on the rise, it can get a little difficult to match up to. So here is step by step process you could follow to apply eyeliners gracefully.

How to Apply An Eyeliner Step 1:

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The first and the most important step to follow before applying liquid eyeliner would be to choose the one that suits you right. When it comes to the color, being the safest bet, black eyeliners have a special place in a woman’s heart. But with the correct form of supervision even colored eyeliners can do wonders. And as per the application part, liquid eyeliners are of two main types:

Dip brush liquid eyeliners are those similar to nail polish. It comes with a brush which needs to be dipped in a bottle of the eyeliner before application. Felt tip liquid eyeliners have the eyeliner propelled through its tip and are the ones akin to markers.

How to Apply An Eyeliner Step 2:

To begin with, shake the liner to make sure it is mixed well. Open the cap and brush out the excess liner on the edge of the bottle.

How to Apply An Eyeliner Step 3:

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Sit in a comfortable position and tip your head slightly behind in such a way that you can still see yourself in the mirror. Place your elbow on a flat surface to keep your hand steady and help not smudge the liner out of place.

How to Apply An Eyeliner Step 4:

Start with the inner and the outer corners and connect the line by working your way through the middle, while placing the tip of your liner as close to your eyelash line as possible. Trying to draw a straight line through might lead to accidents and the best tip would be to take it slow and work in small sections.

How to Apply An Eyeliner Step 5:

Dab the liner to fill any gaps between the eyeliner and the eyelash line. Steady your hand and draw along the breaks in the line, if any. Follow the same method to fill in the space between the bottom edge of the liner. The liner should be thin at the inner corner, and as it proceeds, it should get thicker towards the outer corner.

How to Apply An Eyeliner Step 6:

Add a tail by drawing a small line extending upwards your upper lash line at the angle of the upwards curve of your lower lash line. Connect the lower lash line with this extension and fill in the area between the connection and your eyelids.

How to Apply An Eyeliner Step 7:

To remove any lump or bump, use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover and gently swipe along the top of the line.

Follow these steps and a little bit of practice will help you get those perfect-looking eyes to flaunt on any occasion with confidence. 

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