How To Measure Bra Size

If you’ve ever worn a bra that doesn’t fit or is the wrong size, it can ruin a perfectly good outfit. Or worse yet, a whole day. Breast pain and backaches can be caused by large breasts. Finding and investing in underwear that is the right size, cut and fit can be a solution.

The size of bras can vary between brands. A C-cup in one store could be a D cup in another. Some bra sizes will grow or shrink (particularly the band size) during a single day, between washes, etc. You can find out your bra size using simple measurements. This will help ensure that the band and cup are perfectly fitted.

It can be uncomfortable to learn how to measure bra sizes, but knowing them and keeping them in a handy place, such as your phone, will make shopping for bras much easier. This is especially true for online shoppers. You only need a tape and some time to measure bra sizes. Knowing how to measure your breasts will help you adjust to any changes (whether it’s due to weight gain or loss, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, or other factors).

It’s not necessary to guess the size of your bra. This guide will make it easy to manage irregular bra sizes, including sports bras. You’ll also be able find bras that are the perfect fit for you, so you won’t have painful breasts or ill-fitting clothes.

Do you wear the correct bra size?

Sandi Simon is a fit advisor at Bra Smyth, located in New York City. Here are some signs that you might not be wearing the correct bra size.

Cups that are wrinkled

Underwires poking your breasts on the side

A band that rides through

Cup spillage

Slipping straps

Bra that raises when you lift your arm

You can measure your bra size yourself at home if you have any of these fit problems. You may need to adjust your bra size due to a number of factors, including weight gain, loss, new exercise routines, pregnancy and diet changes.

Step 1: Measure your bra size

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Use a measuring tape while braless or wearing an unpadded bra to measure your torso under your breast, directly where the bra band would be. The tape should be very tight and level. To the nearest whole number, round up. Add four inches if the number is odd. If the number is odd, add four inches. This is your band size. If you measure 32 inches, then your band size will be 36. If you measure 33 inches, then your band size will be 38.

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Step 2: Measure your bust

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The tape should be wrapped loosely around your chest at the nipple. To the nearest whole number, round up.

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Step 3: Calculate the cup size

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Refer to this chart for bra cup sizes. Your bra size is the band size plus your cup size. Example: 37″ (bust) + 34″ (band) = a 3 inch bra size. This is a 34C.

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Use a bra sizing chart to size up or down

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If you have to reduce a cup size in order to fit better, increase the band size. If a 34C cup size is too large for you, go up to a 36B. You can use the chart to ensure you’re moving up or down the correct bra size. Also, keep in mind that the size of your bra may vary slightly depending on brand and type. You may need to experiment a bit before finding the right fit.

How do you know if the bra size is right

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To ensure that your breasts are fully in the cup, bend forward at the waist and then hook the bra.

Adjusting the band The bra’s back should be at the same level as the front.

Check that the bra band is not too loose. Only one finger should fit under the band.

Repair straps that are falling. Tighten the band first, then shorten straps.

Wear a tight-fitting shirt to cover the bra. Do not wear a bra that is too large if the cups pucker and your breasts bulge.

In a side-on mirror, look at your breasts. They should be positioned midway between the shoulders and elbows. You need to find a bra that is more supportive and fits better.

When the bra becomes looser over time, tighten the band by moving towards the most snug hook.


How do I deal with spilled or gaping cups?

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You may need to reduce your cup size if you notice your bra has gaping cups. If you are experiencing spillage in your bra, it is likely too small. Ra’el Cohen is the co-founder of ThirdLove and its CCO. He says that your cups should feel comfortable without any gaps or spillage.

Why does my bra straps fall down?

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Cohen explains why your bra straps may be falling off for two different reasons.

If the bra is too big, straps may fall. It could be that you need to go down a size if your straps are still slipping after you’ve tightened them all the way.

It could be that the elastic in your bra has worn down over time. You should consider buying a new one.

Cohen recommends buying a new bra at least every six months or a year depending on how frequently you wear it. This will ensure that you get the most comfortable and flattering fit.

Which bras are best for my body shape?

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There are bras that will fit any shape, whether your breasts are large, small, rounded, slender or anywhere in between. You can find them at department stores and specialty brands.

Finding the right bra is as simple as finding your shape. Cohen suggests the best bras to fit six breast shapes.

Asymmetric If you have breasts of different sizes, Cohen says that you are not alone. Around 40 percent women who use ThirdLove’s Virtual Fitting Room describe themselves as having this shape. She suggests a bra with removable inserts so that you can add an insert to one side of the bra for a boost on your smaller breast.

Athletics: Wider, more muscular breasts tend to be more prone to cup gaping. Cohen recommends T-shirt bras because of this.

East West This is a wide-set set of breasts with nipples pointing east and west. Look for a full-coverage underwired bra that will bring your breasts together and up.

Bell-shaped: These are breasts that are thinner at the top, and fuller towards the bottom. It is a sign of a larger cup and may cause overflow when wearing styles with less coverage, such as balconette or demi. Try a full coverage bra with wider memory foam straps to provide support but not dig in.

RelaxedThese breasts have lax tissue and nipples that point downward. If you have longer breasts, you may want to try a balconyette bra with a shorter cup. This will give your top more volume.

Round: Although most styles will work for you, you can try a wireless or balconette bra on days you need a little support.

What is the best way to measure bra size?

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You can measure your bra size even if you don’t own a measuring tool. ThirdLove shares a simple two-step technique:

Mark your measurements on a piece of cord, rope or string.

Measure your underbust and bust using a ruler or hard tape measure.

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