Hourglass Body Figure

Dress to Impress: Hourglass Body Figure

Having an hourglass body figure is the ultimate dream of many women. It is considered as the ideal body figure for it features really defined curves – with full bust nearly the same size with the hips, shapely legs and very small waist.  It has been the type of body figure that most people view as curvy, sexy and very womanly. If you are one of the lucky women who have an hourglass figure, there are lots of flattering apparels for you. Although sometimes, women who have this body shape often mistakenly think that they are “huge”; having them resort to clothing pieces that are totally unflattering. Never make the mistake of hiding your fabulous body shape ever again! In this article, we will help you pick the best and most fashionable pieces to suit your body figure. See celebrities who are famous for their hourglass bodies here.

How do I know if I have an Hourglass Figure? 

If you take a good look at the mirror and see that you have a full bust that is closely proportionate to the size of your hips and a small waist (probably around 23cm to 25cm), then you are one of those lucky girls that have an hourglass figure. In addition to that, you also have shapely legs and thick thighs which add to your voluptuous curves.

Hourglass Body Figure

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Some of the best examples of hourglass figures are Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren. Because of the curves that an hourglass body figure has, there are several fashion do’s and don’ts to make your figure stand out.

Hourglass Body Figure Fashion Guide

  • #1 Do’s: Go for tailored and fitted clothes.
Hourglass Body Figure

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The key to dressing up is to fully embrace your curves. Always remember that curves that grace on the sides of your body are your assets. Tailored and tight-fitting clothes beautifully flatter the curves that you naturally have so don’t be afraid to explore with bodycon dresses, wrap dresses and stretchy tops. These types of body-hugging fashion pieces are some of the great ways to make your curves stand out.

Hourglass Body Figure

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  • #2 Do’s: Wear V-Neck or Wide-cut Necklines

V-necks and wide-cut necklines would look extremely flattering on hourglass ladies. The plunging symmetrical cut slims down the upper body which keeps your entire look balanced. As hourglass figures feature full busts, V-necks can also be a way of showing some cleavage – release your sexy, flirty self!

  • #3 Do’s: Wear Streamlined Bottoms and Gowns
Hourglass Body Figure

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Streamlined clothing is always a comfortable option especially if you have thick thighs and voluptuous hips. This style lets you move freely without hiding your body asset. In addition, streamlined bottoms also lengthen your legs in order for your lower body to look balanced with your upper body. If you want to be a little more sultry and daring for your evening gown, you can choose streamlined hems accented with high-cut slit.

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Now that we are done discussing the fashion do’s for hourglass figures, it will be much easier to pick up the next fashionable pieces that you’ll add in your wardrobe! But of course, there are also certain styles that you should avoid. Although hourglass ladies are pretty lucky, there are still fashion pieces out there that may look unflattering for you. Here are some of the don’ts when it comes to choosing clothes for hourglass body figures.

  • #1 Don’ts: Do not settle for Dramatic Ruffles
Hourglass Body Figure

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There’s no doubt that ruffles are cute, but the downside to it is that it hides your natural asset – your curves! Although ruffles and frills would look fine when placed on the bottom part of a long dress, it will look very unflattering on the bust and hip area. As you already have a large bust and hip size, ruffles would only make them look bigger, hence losing the balance with your legs and waist.

  • #2 Don’ts: Never wear shapeless (straight-cut) clothes
Hourglass Body Figure

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Unless you don’t want to show everybody how beautiful your body shape is, then it is always wise to draw away from clothes that fall in a blunt, straight cut. This will not only hide your beautiful curves, but will also make your body look heavier and imbalanced.

  • #3 Don’ts: Avoid Heavy Prints
Hourglass Body Figure

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Don’t get us wrong! Prints are okay for hourglass figures, to be honest. What we were trying to point out are heavy, confusing prints that cover the bust and waist area. If you have an hourglass-shaped body, the size difference between your bust area and waist is very different (as your bust area is full and your waist is very small). By wearing heavy prints on your top, your upper body would lose definition – making your bust and waist look identical in size. It can make your figure quite imbalanced.

Are you ready start shopping for new clothes? We hope that this guideline helped you out in choosing the best fashion pieces for your hourglass body figure. That body figure is very much coveted by many so you better flaunt it with confidence! Click to check Apple-Shaped BodyPear-Shaped Body TypePetite Body Type

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