The Hourglass Body Shape: Style Tips to Embrace Your Silhouette

We are delighted to present a style celebration for hourglass figures! Knowing your body shape will help you make empowered fashion decisions. This guide will help you understand the subtleties of dressing for an hourglass shape, with an emphasis on balance, elegance and personal expression. Discover how to enhance your natural proportions. Select pieces that boost your confidence and comfort.

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What body shape am I?

Understanding your body shape will help you dress to flatter and celebrate your natural silhouette. This list will help you determine which body shape best suits your physique.

Hourglass – Balance is important. You may have an hourglass-shaped body if your hips and bust are about the same size, but your waist is much narrower.

Pear Shape (Triangle) : If you have a pear shape, your weight is likely to be more concentrated in your lower body.

Apple Round or Oval: A shape that resembles an apple is usually wider in the middle, with a less-defined waist. It’s often accompanied by slimmer arms and legs.

Rectangle Straight: Your waist, hips, and bust measurements may be similar. This could give you a rectangular shape with a straighter silhouette.

Inverted Triangle This is a shape that has a wider chest or shoulders than hips. This shape is possible if your upper body and lower body are both wider.

Understanding the Hourglass Figure

What does hourglass shape mean? Knowing your body shape will help you style your outfits with more confidence, and highlight your best features. Each shape is beautiful and unique in its own right. Identifying yours will start you on a personal and fun fashion journey.

Symmetrical and Balanced: An hourglass shape is characterized by its equally proportioned upper and lower bodies.

Waist with a Well-Defined Curve: The waist is narrower than the hips or bust and creates a visible curve.

Hips and Bust in Proportion: The hips are aligned with the bust, which enhances the waistline. This also contributes to the overall balance.

Recognized as Balanced: The shape is recognized for its natural balance and symmetrical proportions.

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The Essentials of Dressing an Hourglass Body

Dressing for an hourglass shape is all about celebrating and enhancing your natural proportions, while still maintaining comfort and style. Here are a few essentials you should keep in mind.

Emphasize the Waist: A narrow waist is the most distinguishing feature of an hourglass shape. Belts, high waisted skirts and pants or dresses with a cinching midsection will highlight this area. Clothing that emphasizes your waist can enhance your natural figure.

Select the Right Fabrics Choose fabrics that move and drape with your body. Soft, flexible fabrics like jersey, cotton blends, or silks, adapt to your body shape and enhance your curves, without adding bulk. Avoid fabrics that are stiff and can create an unflattering or boxy shape.

Maintain the natural balance in your body. Consider a flowing bottom if you are wearing a fitted shirt. It helps you keep your proportions under control and your silhouette sleek and streamlined.

Undergarments that Support: The right undergarments are the foundation of any great outfit. Investing in bras that fit well and help to smooth your silhouette will ensure your clothes are laid beautifully and your natural shape is enhanced.

Sleeves and Necklines: Sweetheart, V-neck and scoop necklines draw attention to the face while balancing out your bust. Try cap, flutter or fitted sleeves that don’t overwhelm you.

Experiment With Layers: Too many layers can hide your shape. A single layer, such as a fitted jacket or a lightweight cardigan, can help define your waistline and elevate your look.

Be Aware of Lengths: Pay Attention to the Lengths of Your Skirts and Dresses. The most flattering length is usually knee-length or above the ankle. This creates a balanced appearance that emphasizes your legs while not overshadowing any curves.

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How to Dress an Hourglass Body Shape: Garments and Styles

Selecting garments that enhance your natural curves when dressing for an hourglass shape is important. Here are some tailored suggestions for enhancing your silhouette.

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Wrap dresses: The essential piece for hourglass figures. Wrap dresses beautifully highlight your waist, and accommodate your bust and hips. Select a style that has a belt or tie at the waist to add definition.

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Sheath dress: These dresses are great for the hourglass figure, as their structured fit highlights natural curves. The hemline is usually knee-length, which helps to balance proportions and lengthen legs. Pair it with a belt, blazer or jacket to add definition.

Aline Dresses An dress with a fitted top that flares out from the waist is a stylish and comfortable option for casual or formal settings.

Bodycon Styles Do not shy away from dresses and skirts that are bodycon. They can look great when they are made of a fabric that has the right amount or stretch and structure.

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Skirts These pencil skirts will show off your curves and maintain a professional look. Choose a design with a high waist to accentuate your waist.

Flared Skirts: Choose flared skirs, which with their tight waist and flared hem will accentuate the hourglass figure’s narrow waist, while adding balance to your hips. This creates a flattering shape for any occasion.

Skirt suits: Select skirts that feature a pencil or A line skirt with a high waist and a fitted jacket. Make sure the length of the skirt is perfect, hitting just below or above the knee to highlight your waist and elongate the legs.

Pant suits: Choose pantsuits that have a tailored blazer with trousers that fit at your natural waist. Single breasted blazers are more flattering for hourglass figures, as they create a vertical line which elongates your body without adding bulk. Straight-leg pants or slightly flared trousers will create a slimmer line and balance your hips.

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Bootcut Jeans or Flared Jeans While skinny jeans work well, bootcut jeans or jeans with a slight flare will help you balance your hips. This creates a more harmonious shape. High waisted jeans are a great option.

Fitted Blazers A tailored jacket can enhance any outfit by highlighting your hourglass figure. Choose styles that have a single button closure at the narrowest portion of your waist.

Structured tops: Choose tops with a little structure or seaming to follow your natural shape. This is especially true for those that are narrower at the waist, and that enhance your hips and bust.

Peplum tops: The peplum style flares slightly out at the hips. This emphasizes your waist, and flatters your figure. These tops can be paired with pencil skirts or straight-leg pants for a balanced appearance.

Empire Waist Detail: Garments that have an Empire Waist can highlight the smallest part on your torso, and give you a feminine shape.

Boat or Off-the Shoulder Necklines: These styles can be used to balance the upper body by highlighting your shoulders, neck, and defined waist. Flared skirts with their tight waist and flared hem accentuate a hourglass figure’s narrow waist, while also adding balance to hips.

These specific styles and garments will elevate your style game, but they’ll also give you a variety of options that flatter your hourglass shape in any setting. While these suggestions may be tailored to your body shape, what matters most is how you look and feel. Your natural beauty will be enhanced if you choose pieces that make your feel comfortable and confident.

Let’s summarize:

Top Garment Choices for Hourglass Figures

Dresses : Your perfect dresses will gently skim your curves, and will highlight your waist. Fit-and flare styles, classic wrap dress, and anything that has a belted midriff will celebrate your shape.

Tops : Choose fitted blouses to draw attention to your narrowest part . Structured jackets will also help you achieve a more streamlined silhouette.

Bottoms : High waisted pants and skirts will be your best friend. Enhance your waistline and lengthen your legs. Choose straight-leg pants and pencil skirts for a natural balance.

Accessorizing Your Hourglass Shape

Accessorizing your look is the key to elevating and personalizing your hourglass shape. How to choose accessories for your shape

Belts – A belt that is tightened at the waist will highlight your narrowest part. Think about wearing wide belts with cardigans or coats, and thin belts with dresses or high waisted pants.

Statement Necklaces: A carefully chosen necklace can draw your eye upwards and balance out your silhouette. Choose pieces that rest just below the collarbone, or choose longer chains that hang above the waist. This will help to keep your breast area free of clutter.

Handbags – The size and placement of your bag can affect your appearance. Choose bags of medium size that are positioned at the mid-torso. Avoid bags that have long straps and fall at your hips or your waist. They can hide your silhouette.

Earrings Elegant earrings can lengthen your neck, and they are especially effective if you choose dangling earrings. They bring attention to your face, and give it a sophisticated touch.

Scarves : A scarve can add texture and color to your outfit. You can drape it around your neck, or hang it loosely to keep a sleek look.

Shoe: Shoes that have a small heel can lengthen your legs and enhance an hourglass shape. Select styles that are proportionate with your body. Overly chunky or delicate footwear can throw off your balance.

Hats A hat with a good proportion can add a touch of elegance and style. Make sure the hat’s size and shape are appropriate for your outfit and body proportions.

Accessorizing an hourglass is all about maintaining balance and enhancing your natural proportions. Each piece should enhance your look, without overpowering your silhouette. This will allow your hourglass shape to shine.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hourglass Fashion


Use belts to highlight your narrowest part: Wear belts with dresses, tunics or high-waisted trousers.

Choose tailored pieces: Select garments that fit and flatter your body. The natural balance of your body is maintained by tailored blazers and pencil skirts.

Moderate necklines: V, scoop, and sweetheart necklines draw attention up and balance out your proportions.

Fluid, Soft Fabrics: Choose fabrics that move well with the body and drape nicely, like silk, fine cotton, or soft knits.

Highlight your best features with color and texture: Use color block and subtle textures. Darker shades tend to slim, while lighter ones accentuate.

Choose your layers carefully: Select fitted jackets and cardigans to emphasize your waist. Avoid layers that are too bulky and hide your shape.

Quality Underwear: Buy supportive bras or shapewear to provide a smooth surface for your clothing.


Avoid Boxy or Oversized Items: Stay away from anything that conceals your waistline or adds bulk, like oversized sweaters or shapeless tunics.

Excessive layering: Too much layering can hide your silhouette. Layers should be sleek and complimentary.

Distracting patterns: Large prints and loud colors can overwhelm the frame. To maintain harmony, choose smaller patterns with subtler colors.

Ignoring proportions: Avoid clothing that upsets your natural balance like flared pants and puff sleeves.

Too tight or too loose: Clothes too tight will restrict and not flatter your figure, while clothes too loose will fail to adequately show off the shape of your body.

Skip the Tailoring: All off-the rack clothing may not fit perfectly. Tailoring is a great way to improve the fit of your clothing and flatter your hourglass figure.

Following these tips and tricks will help you create a wardrobe that flatters your hourglass shape and makes you feel stylish and confident in each outfit.

Celebrate Your Hourglass Figure

It’s about celebrating your unique hourglass shape in style and with confidence. Sumissura understands the importance of fitting and customization in creating the perfect look. Custom-made garments are tailored to fit your measurements and your style preferences. This ensures a perfect fitting that enhances your natural curves. Our wide selection of fabrics, styles and customization options allow you to create a wardrobe as unique as yourself. Sumissura is your fashion partner, helping you feel stylish and confident in each outfit. Sumissura can help you transform your wardrobe, celebrate your style and embrace your shape.

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