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On my way to The Row FW15 show, in this coat is by Awake, designed by the lovely Natalia Aleverdian. While keeping me perfectly warm it also looks damn cute. Belt by Calvin Klein, bag by Salvatore Ferragamo, nail polish by Essie in the shade “Pink about it”.— 16 February 2015, Hanneli Mustaparta

This short but very famous article was posted by Hanneli Mustaparta, a massive name in the fashion world these days. She was known for being a Norwegian street style model. She has since evolved to a fashion photographer, model and stylist. A modern designer who contributes to Vogue and has a super famous fashion blog called Hanneli. Everything that you see on her blog is shot by her alone, she speaks about interesting subjects and models occasionally as well. Each post draws hundreds of thousands of views, and intriguing comments too. Her blog contains snapshots of the shooting process, as well as every detail with respect to the clothes themselves.  Pier Heimly, a fashion photographer discovered Hanneli’s talents when she was just 17. Since then, she has come a long way having been features in Vogue’s Best Dressed Issue in 2010.

Hanneli is not your ordinary model or photographer, she began photographing herself and uploading pictures to her blog, where she practiced reviewing herself. According to her, when you are just a model, it’s quite hard to be involved in the creative side of things as you are simply just 1 small piece in someone else’s puzzle. The blogging is what allowed her to merge her two massive interests together.

In the years 2010 to 2012, Hanneli’s auxiliary skills came to the fore, with Calvin Klein asking her to run their twitter and tumbler accounts. Zara introduced a set of four t-shirts immortalizing her too. Hanneli officially retired from modelling in 2008, however she does occasionally model for some brands and for her blog too. Over the years, she has grown to be an authority when it comes to big brands, street style and how clothes can be worn to look best.

She is now based out of New York where she does most of her work. She uses a Nikon D700 to shoot images is completely self-taught. The key to a great street shot according to her is essentially an outfit that someone is wearing because they love it rather than it being the trendy thing to wear. It is the best way to draw out the confidence and charm from the person and the picture too. She is considered to be a pioneer and has put fashion bloggers on the map and in the front row of almost every major international fashion event. Her recent work primarily focuses on trying to find the best look for fashion brands globally which she then sends through to her readers.

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