Best Deodorants for Women

Deodorant has become an everyday essential for most of us, as sweating excessively and bad body odor is socially unacceptable. If you suffer at the hands of your sweat glands, do not get depressed. The right deodorant is all your need to put all your worries at rest. Here is a list of a few deodorants o choose from the next time you go shopping for deodorants:

#1 Best Deodorants for Women-Dove

Deodorants for Women-Dove

It is one of the most trusted brands in the market. Dove deodorants are skin sensitive and do not irritate the skin, all the while offering long lasting fragrance throughout the day. The key behind Dove’s success at being the top brand is the fact that their product delivers in keeping the skin healthy and moisturized.

#2 Best Deodorants for Women-Yardley


Deodorants for Women-Yardley

With extremely feminine fragrance at just the right amount, Yardley keeps the user fresh and confident throughout the day. The main ingredients in the fragrance are lavishly available in nature, helps them prove the point of being the friendliest deodorant. With starlets like Katrina Kaif and Amy Jackson as brand ambassadors, they made a mark at being one of the sought after deodorants in the market.

#3 Best Deodorants for Women-Jovan


Deodorants for Women-Jovan

Jovan provides attractive and long lasting deodorants for both women and men. With ingredients such as spices and woods, the fragrances they provide are nonirritating and mild.

#4 Best Deodorants for Women-Nivea


Deodorants for Women-Nivea

Nivea is a globally recognized brand trusted with the supply of quality products. They have product networks currently in over fifty countries in the world. They introduced the ‘Nivea whitening deo’ to curb the problem with dark underarms and has since received positive feedback.

#5 Best Deodorants for Women-Playboy


Deodorants for Women-Playboy

Another venture of the infamous magazine. Playboy fragrances add a flirty and fresh charm to the wearer, giving her a unique identity. It comes with trusted quality and is free of chemicals that are harmful to the skin.

#6 Best Deodorants for Women-Secret temptation


Deodorants for Women-Secret temptation

As the name suggests, this deodorant adds a mysterious touch to the fragrance. Being part of the McNroe Consumer Products Private Limited brand, Secret Temptation provides long lasting fragrance without damaging the skin. Another attractive feature of this product is the lower price range compared to the rest available in the market.

#7 Best Deodorants for Women-Nike


Deodorants for Women-Nike

Coming from the famous multinational corporation, Nike manufactures and sells quality deodorants all over the world. With long lasting attractive fragrance, it is a huge bonus that Nike deodorants are made for sensitive skin. Even when being on the costlier side, it can be considered as money well spend.

#8 Best Deodorants for Women-Adidas


Being an all round competitor to Nike, Adidas has always stepped up to the expectations and delivered high-quality deodorants. Providing chemical-free, mild to skin product, Adidas is one of the trusted brands all across the world. With a high number of duplicate products, do check the logo to make sure you are not being cheated.

#9 Best Deodorants for Women-Fa


Deodorants for Women-Fa

Owned by the German company, Henkel, Fa offered a wide range of roll-on deodorants of high quality for women. With powerful fragrance, Fa also helps bring in a cool and fresh effect all over your body.

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Source: theFashionSpot & Deodorant Reviews

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