Essential Tips for Fixing Damaged Cosmetics

You may have to search for years before you find the perfect neutral-toned eyeshadow or face powder. It can be devastating to discover that your favorite product has been broken.

There are some tried and true methods for fixing broken makeup. Yippee! We speak to three makeup experts about how to fix broken makeup. They also share their best tips on traveling with makeup and preventing it from breaking.

How to fix broken powder

When you were dusting your favorite powder, it became loose. Claudia Soare (Norvina), President and Creative Director of Anastasia Beverly Hills says that rubbing alcohol is a simple fix for broken powders. Soare recommends the following steps if you find yourself in a similar situation:

  1. Break up the broken product to make it easier to bind.
  2. Add a small amount (just a couple of drops, depending on the size and shape of the product) of 91% isopropyl alcohol.
  3. Mix powder and alcohol together.
  4. Press down with your palm firmly on the paper towel.
  5. Use the powder again after removing the paper towel.

Hannah Hatcher is a Jane Iredale makeup expert and global educator. She says rosewater will work just as well to fix your cracked powder.

Hatcher says you can turn your favorite face powder compact into loose powder by emptying the powder into a Ziploc bag, then using the back of the spoon to crush it “into the finest powder possible.” Then, empty the contents into a sieve, and using a teaspoon, stir it until all the powder falls out of the sieve. You now have loose powder.

Hatcher also says that this method is best used with powder foundations. If you want to apply bronzer or blush with more precision, try using rosewater or alcohol instead.

You can turn a few broken crumbs of bronzer into tinted moisturiser. Use your favorite moisturizer to squirt some drops in the center of the compact. Then, use a spoon to combine it.

How To Fix Broken Lipstick

Your lipstick is ruined. Hatcher tells us that there are a few simple ways to revive your favorite color.

First, hold a lighter underneath the broken lipstick piece to soften it. Hold the lighter away from the broken piece of lipstick or it will melt. Protect your hands when doing this. The same technique can be used with a hairdryer. Be careful not to overheat.

Hatcher suggests holding the lighter at the top of base (also known as “the part still attached to the lipstick holder”) if it is larger. Hatcher recommends holding the lighter on top of the base if the base piece (also known as the part still attached the lipstick holder). The makeup artist says that after about 8-10 seconds of heating, place the broken piece of lipstick on top of base and gently push down. Let the lipstick dry for a couple of minutes and then use a tissue to clean any rough edges. Hatcher says that to solidify the lipstick you have repaired, put it in the refrigerator overnight. “[Then] You are Ready to Roll!”

If you’re in a situation when there isn’t much lipstick left to fix, Cara Lovello, a celebrity makeup artist suggests that the lipstick be transferred into a palette. The lipstick ruins will now serve as a cheek and lip stain.

How to fix clumpy mascara

It can be very upsetting when your favorite mascara becomes clumpy. You’ll be happy to learn that dried-out mascara can be revived. You can revive dried out mascara by twisting the cap on and placing the tube in hot, running water for 3 minutes. The water’s heat will break up any clumps, bringing your mascara back to its former glory.

Traveling with Makeup: Tips for Traveling

It’s hard enough to keep your makeup intact in the safety of your bathroom, but what about when you travel? It’s good to know that pros are experts at this.

The first thing to consider is the bag that you select. Hatcher explains that hard cases can be a good option to keep makeup safe but they take up a large amount of space. You may wish to buy a small makeup case made of cloth or other flexible materials that will easily fit into your suitcase if you want to keep it compact. Hatcher suggests using a small bag that is only big enough to hold the essentials and does not allow much room for movement. This will reduce the chances of breakage.

Soare suggests that you might want to wrap your favorite products with a washcloth as an extra cushion.

How to Remove Broken Makeup

Even though Soare is the queen of wearing makeup “until its last breath,” it comes a point when it’s best to let go of your favorite makeup products.

She says that if you break a glass bottle of foundation, you shouldn’t use it. There could be small glass particles you can’t even see. This could cause micro-tears on the skin.

If you believe that your makeup was past its expiration date, take it as a sign. Soare reminds us: “If you notice that the product’s color or smell has changed, it is best to throw it out.” This could mean that your makeup contains bacteria (life). You don’t want this to become a science experiment!

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