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Embrace Your Shape: 23 Chic Outfits That Flatter a Small Chest

Dressing for a small breast can be challenging — bras never seem to fit right, and straps always seem to fall down — but there are also perks. You don’t hesitate to go braless. You can experiment with different silhouettes and styles without having to worry about nip-slips. In fact, too many choices can be a problem. How are you going to choose?

Texture is a good place to begin. You can start by looking for pieces with ruffles or bows around the chest. Choose sleeveless styles that emphasize your arms, such as a cropped bustier, halter top with a high neck, one shoulder blouse or a high neck halter. Florence Pugh recently paired a lightweight bralette with a midi A-line skirt. Consider a strapless top that has a feathered neckline, a thin camisole embellished with rhinestones at the hem or a graphic print with interesting construction details.

Next time you decide what to wear, try these styling tips for more inspiration on how to dress a small chest.

Dress up Your Small Chest

Wear a silky bralette or a top with lace detailing to draw attention to the shirt. Dress over shirt is an easy way to make the most of your clothes. A spaghetti-strap dress worn over a turtleneck short-sleeved dress is a fashion hack from the ’90s that will never fail.

How To Highlight Your Small Chest

You can go braless if you don’t like to camouflage your breast area with frills and loud prints. If you’re not comfortable with your nipples being exposed, you can use boob tape or nipple cover.

Continue reading to find out more about how to dress for your boob and start shopping using our carefully curated selections from your favorite brands.

Enhance your bustline with cutouts and cinching

image 387

Try out busy neckline details like pearl straps and bows

image 377

Wear a leather jacket and go bare underneath your cardigan

image 385

Experiment with Cap Sleeves and Asymmetrical necklines

Make a stylish entrance.

image 386

Remove your sleeves for a stylish off-the-shoulder look

This is the ultimate look for a come-hither.

image 378

Play with Lacy Lingerie

You can combine sexy and stylish with chic trousers.

image 375

Tuck a plunging neckline into high-waisted trousers

No bra required. Finish with a statement necklace or pendant.

image 372

You can wear a silk bandana as a top

There is no need to wear a bra without straps.KukKwFhLvsNyorzEAFzIQp1Vdb0KvdPfBb9xpboE2LXjedm ywSDGEfoQ3789K5DLJ00PMIKWBSUCXCW1IdVbWM2V409W0j4V1ljIGL Paggqz lw M3Jdy8DRXNSATG 8rmwIPmKRRlYuSDdmFXu08

A printed coord set with a high neckline makes you feel sophisticated

When you want to appear put together but without exerting excessive effort.

image 383

Show off a flirty open back by going braless

Nothing grabs everyone’s interest like a backcutout.

image 370

Transform Your Lounge-Around bra into a Crop Top

This is useful for a quick trip to the bodega, or Sunday brunch.

image 374

Turn your long tee into a crop top for a casual, cool vibe

Tip: Secure the excess material with a hair tie underneath your bust.

image 380

A Satin Bralette Can Double as a Crop Top

Wear your favorite intimates in public.

s3HotcLG w9ajo5qjDnN5kfy74Bq2aJNRcAFyIjpGx6ddBAI0Rz6rpXldSpDIngY7XAsKzYACU7jKiUbdSbR kVt6FoVz31GKS5m961VdTtVDNirtu r325mwaC YgwKWhN31V0XXyrPMKS sDwe5g
Dress-over-Shirt: Use it Again and Again

Add some creative layers to your minidresses and they will feel like brand-new.

image 379

Spaghetti Straps aren’t too thin or delicate

Layer the metallic jewels on top of a pattern that is colorful.

image 382

A Laced-Up Bustier Doesn’t Need a Bra

Wear it with white trousers and a bright purse to add a splash of color.

image 381

Enjoy a Cutout Dress that Bares your Chest

Cutouts inspired by the ’00s have been seen on celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa and others.

image 371

Add some extra frills to your outfits with puffy sleeves, Peter Pan collars and buttons

The more detail, the better!

The Best Slips with Adjustable Straps

Bring back the 90s one midi-dress at a time.

image 384

You can loosen up your button-down shirt

We fully support you if that is what you want to do.

image 371

Play around with sheer fabric without layering too much underneath

The more sheerer the better

image 376

Trimmings like bows and extra necklaces

What about a date night?

image 373

The Corset trend is a fun spin on crop tops

The Y2K revival is still going strong.

image 369

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