Embrace Spring with 35 Radiant French Manicure Ideas

French nails are both classic and versatile. This is why they are the perfect anchor to a fresh spring manicure.

I love French nails. Brittney Boyce, celebrity manicurist, says that they look great with most shapes and lengths. They also help to give the illusion of growth when you use a milky base color. There are many color options to choose from for spring. Anything in a pastel shade will look great.

Take a look at these 35 gorgeous spring French nails before your next appointment.

Cherry French

image 20 106


As we approach cherry season, it’s a great time to wear a cherry-themed manicure. This manicure features a pink nail tip and red gems as cherries.

Strawberry Field

image 20 107


The classic French tip can be the perfect addition to a more complex nail design. This design features a mix of daisies and strawberries.

Gem French

image 20 108


Add some gems to your classic French nail polish for spring. Boyce says that adding a small embellishment can modernize a classic French tip.

French Blue

image 20 109


To anchor this manicure in blue and white, I added a clean tip using the same French Blue I used throughout the look.

Pink Florals

image 20 110


This design is a springy one that uses a classic French manicure to create a base for the pink and orange flowers.

Happy Blues

image 20 111


This happy manicure is a combination of light blue, dark black, and dark blue. This manicure features a mixture of French tips and flowers, wavy checks, and smileys.

Baby Pink & Flowers

image 20 112


This design is a sweet combination of baby pink French tips, accent nails in pink and orange shades and flowers.

Croc Tips

image 20 113


This look is edgy and features a French tip crocodile design. The croc was made using neon yellow and a smoky base blue.

Watermelon Flowers

image 20 114


This French manicure took the watermelon theme and ran with, creating French tips which mirror a slice watermelon accented by teeny melon pieces and flowers.

Ombre Tips

image 20 115


Boyce says that ombre tips can be fun to wear and they look great in a variety of colors.

Iridescent Mermaid

image 20 116


This 3D design has a French tip in a purply pink iridescent color, topped with raised blobs to add interest.

Muted Neutrals

image 20 117


This gorgeous tonal look proves that you don’t have to use bright colors to achieve a springy feel. It has tips in beige, pink and white with accents of flowers.


image 20 118


Asymmetrical tips are a great way to break away from the traditional French style. This style features a mix of two-toned tipped.

Neon Micro Tip

image 20 119


This is proof you don’t have to have super-long nails to wear a French tip. You can achieve a balanced appearance by going micro with your line.

Bright, Groovy

image 20 120


This manicure is a mix of purple, yellow, orange, and pink. This manicure features French tips and swirls.

Coquette Bows

image 20 121


This spring, go coquette with a French stiletto accented by an 3D bow.

Pastel Tips

image 20 122


It’s easy to create interest by changing the color of the French nail from one nail to the next.

Wavy & Bright

image 20 123


This abstract design is made up of two shades orange that create squiggly shapes which look like a French manicure with waves.

Disco Cherry

image 20 124


This design is a twist on the cherry trend. It features cherries as disco ball, accented by traditional white French tips, and topped off with a Champagne Chrome.

Neon Mix & Match

image 20 125


This design is a mix of different tips, each with a unique vibe. This design uses vibrant colors, swirls and stars to create an exciting look.

Cherry Hearts

image 20 126


This look is cute and creative. It features cherry hearts on top of hot pink French tips.

Flower Power

image 20 127


This gorgeous mani is a combination of muted yet bold shades of chartreuse and lilac with yellow, orange, and blue. It combines colorful French tips and dainty flower.

Barbie Pink

image 20 128


This Barbie nail look is a combination of pink and white tips with varying shades. The center of each flower was made up of multi-colored gems.

Groovy French

image 20 129

Nailsbymaki nyc

This blue, orange and white design is all about the tip. Each nail has a unique swirly design, complete with the signature French smile line.

Pastel Florals

image 20 130


The backdrop of this French cream is a super cute floral arrangement in pastel shades including pink, orange and green.

Monochromatic Gems

image 20 131


This manicure has a matching tip and heart-shaped gems. Each finger has a different color for an interesting and bold look.

Yellow, Pink and Orange

image 20 132


This vibrant manicure is a happy-go-lucky look. This graphic design uses pink, white, and yellow to create a springy look.

Sheer Plaid

image 20 133

Nailsbymaki nyc

Gel tips are used in this manicure, as they are completely transparent by nature. To emphasize this, the artist painted on the natural fingernail a sheer plaid design in pastels and left the tip clear, extending beyond the nail. This creates a negative space French.

Yellow Floral French

image 20 134


This vibrant and sunny mani uses a vibrant white and an orange to create a mixture of French tips, flowers and French tips.

Hot Pink and Red

image 20 135


This red and pink manicure combines French tips, checkers, flowers and a smiley with a smiley.

Floral Tips

image 20 136


This design creates the effect of a French tip by using flowers. Simply place a bunch of them at the top of your nails.

Lilac Hearts

image 20 137


This cute design combines tips and a single heart on each hand. Silver glitter is used to outline the designs for extra shine.

Minty Fresh

image 20 138


This simple, sweet design is accented with tiny white and yellow flower tips.

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