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Effortless Dress and Loafer Combinations for Any Occasion

Loafers have evolved from their humble beginnings as an understated, practical shoe to a staple of street style. Dresses and loafers are the most popular loafer outfits, despite their many cool options.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing loafers with jeans or shorts. But there’s just something unmistakably chic about dresses and loafers. The contrast between the sturdiness of the shoe and the frivolity of the dress, or the fact that a casual footwear can make a dress look effortless could be to blame. But whatever the case, loafers enhance any dress, from florals and structured A-line dresses to every other spring dress in between. We’ve selected our favorite looks featuring this fashion match made for heaven. It’s a romance for the ages.

Enhance Romantic Vibes

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Romance is in full swing — or at least, the romantic air that floats above Fashion Week runways. That means it’s time to get our pleated, ruffled and bow-adorned dresses ready for spring. Add a pair or socks and loafers to balance the sweetness of these trendy styles.

Keep Stripes Front and Center

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Stripes can be a great sartorial guide for loafers and dresses, especially if your style is to layer. When it comes to the ‘fit’, we think that more is better. However, creating some contrast is important. Avoid creating an optical illusion by choosing striped separates that are different widths and directions.

Channel Big Boho Energy

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The runways are saying it: Boho has returned, Babes. Wearing a relaxed-fit boho vest with your favorite pair or coordinated loafers is the best way to celebrate this chic and comfortable aesthetic. You will get extra fashion points if you top off your look with a vest.

Get Cozy in Cotton

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Regardless of what idyllic core is trending — from coastal to cottage — you can be sure that a nap dress will be part of a TikTok-trend-approved outfit when warm weather rolls around. A pair of loafers will not detract from your overall look, unlike sneakers or sandals.

Make a Statement with Mixing Prints

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Wear a dress with puff sleeves in a print that contrasts the loafers to create a statement. Finish off the look with a bag that incorporates the colors of the dress and loafers.

Keep it Business Casual

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By their very nature, loafers are business casual, making them the perfect choice for tailored outfits. Try swapping your slacks for a mini-dress with a blazer that is just a few inch below the hem. This will give your dress and loafers a casual, cool feel.

Choose a Pop Color

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Picking a bright color to be the focus of your next dress-and-loafers look is a great way to make ‘it seem effortless’ and create maximum impact. The OOTD look is achieved by using a vibrant lime green or icy metal throughout your outfit from head to foot, tempered with dark neutrals.

Keep it Sleek

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This look combines clean, sophisticated lines with a subtle style that will appeal to minimalists. The combination of a sleek, stretchy maxi with matching loafers is stunning on its own. You can then choose the outerwear that best suits the overall look.

Embrace Your Inner ’90s Alt Grrrl

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Most people have a hidden Alt Grrrl from the ’90s just waiting to be released. They can pull on a stretchy necklace and play Jagged Little Pill over and over. The combination of lug sole loafers with a floral dress that is ruched, wrapped or ruched on the sides strikes a retro balance between grunge-girly. This was what made 90s fashion so popular.

Get the most out of menswear

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This dress and loafers combo is one of our favorites. Layering pieces inspired by menswear, such as a button-down dress, blazer and loafers will give you a clean, crisp ensemble.

Mod Mini Platforms to Pair with

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You can’t go far wrong with a mod dress and platform loafers for a vintage-inspired dress and loafer look. This outfit has the same energy of the mini dresses and go go boots from the past. You don’t have to use a lot of patterns or prints because each piece makes a big statement. Solid colors can be striking by themselves.

Style Sheers

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Wearing sensible loafers with sheer dresses will enhance their softness. For a coordinated look, choose sleek, minimal loafers, either in brown or black, and add a matching handbag.

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