Early 2000s Throwback: Makeup Looks That Still Slay in 2024

Early 2000s was a makeup artists’ dream. The early 2000s were the decade of frosted lips and glossy lids. There was also a trend for skinny eyebrows. It was also the height of the mega-bronzed appearance, thanks to the decade’s focus on skin, more skin and more skin.

Scroll through the 25 most iconic makeup looks from the early 2000s and learn how to recreate them today.

Glow up

image 1878

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Egan says that Angelina’s overall look is sun-kissed, bronzed. Egan says that Angelina’s skin is naturally glowing and that she emphasizes her lips subtly with natural pink lipstick. To achieve a similar glow you can apply bronzing drops on your fingertips and blend them gently into the skin. She says to avoid using powders or other products that would make your skin appear matte. You want a shimmery finish.

Natural Flush

image 1879

Arnaldo Magani/Getty Images

Sarah Egan, a celebrity makeup artist, explains that Natalie’s look from the early 2000s is still relevant today because it looks natural and flushed. Her skin appears flawless but has some texture and her lips have a natural color. Egan says that her eyes are also a focal point because they’re made to pop. Start by applying a skin tone, such as Hi Beautiful You Be Your Skin Skin Perfecting Tone ($48). She says to apply the tint with your fingertips and blend gently, then add some bronzer around the edges of the face.

Lip Service

image 1890


Gianpaolo Cerciliato, a celebrity makeup artist, says that the blush is what ties the look together. For this look, use Le Rouge Francais Cream Blush Cheek & Lips in Zenobia (29 dollars). “Next, for a similar result, try MAC Spice Lip Pencil ($24) paired with Le Rouge Francais Le Nude (45 dollars).

Perfect Pairing

image 1875

SGranitz/Getty Images

Egan says that you can easily create Nicole’s look by using liquid blushes. There are so many to choose from, it will be easy for you to make the look your own. “She also pairs the blush with a lipstick-and-lip-gloss combo in a similar but not exactly matching shade, which makes her blue eyes pop.” Look for a mauve shade with a matte finish, then apply the blush to the back of your hand and use your fingers to lightly dab it onto the apples of your cheeks.

Dark Side

image 1889

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Egan says that Demi’s bright eyes are the reason why this look is so appealing. She explains that Demi chose a look with a focus on her eyes, paired with a natural lip and beautiful skin. She chose an eyeshadow that was bolder and leaning towards a bronze and an orange tone. But what makes it work, is that it brings the hazel and the bronze tones out in her eyes. She recommends using black eyeliner to tightline both the upper and lower lash line. Finish with several coats of black mascara.

Golden Touch

image 1886

SGranitz/Getty Images

Egan explains that “Cindy’s look is shimmery everywhere, which is an inspiration for many looks, especially spring.” “She went for a shimmery, warm gold bronzer instead of a browner, bronzy shade.”

Skin-Lit from Within

image 1877

Vera Anderson/Getty Images

Carly Giglio is a New York City makeup artist. “Her skin has that natural finish which looks like it’s just her own skin,” she says. “Then it’s finished with a peek of eyeliner and a just-more-than-your-lip-shade color–this is an effortless, out-the-door look.” Giglio recommends using a skin tint, such as HausLabs Triclone Skintech Foundation ($45), to achieve the same type of healthy, natural finish complexion.

Line Dance

image 1876

Robin Platzer/Getty Images

Giglio explains that Drew wears a diffused sultry smoky-eye with a touch of grunge. It’s even more striking when paired with a neutral lip, which allows the eye to be the focus. She recommends using an eyeliner such as Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal ($32), because it blends well. Then, add a similar eyeshadow shade for depth and finish off with Arbonne Elevate Mascara (41 dollars).

Midas Touch

image 1888

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Ceciliato draws attention to Beyonce’s blend of burgundy and beige tones. He explains that the focus in the 2000s was on a more glowing look with darker earth tones and browns. Why? He explains, “It was to make you look more expensive and sophisticated. That’s what everyone wanted back then–to appear expensive.”

Color Theme

image 1884

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“This monochromatic color for the cheeks and a pop of color in the lips is timeless,” Giglio says. Her color choice is easy and effortless, highlighting her eyes. She also has glowing skin.

Bright Eyes

image 1895

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Giglio says that Linday’s signature look is still popular because it appears made-up, but without being overdone. The brighter area under her eyes can be corrected with a Bobbi Brown Skin Correction Stick ($30), and then covered with a concealer with a higher coverage like Hourglass Vanish Concealer ($18).


image 1882

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The early 2000s J Lo period is summed up by this. Avendano says, “I believe the 2000s really cemented Jennifer Lopez as a makeup icon. She made people want wear makeup!” This look is so 2000s but it’s also totally wearable today, with its pastels and icy shades on the lids.

Bare minimum

image 1887

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Giglio says that this look is very popular right now. It’s a sunkissed look with minimal makeup, allowing the freckles to show through. Use a buildable, creamy bronzer such as the Makeup By Mario SoftSculpt Transforming skin Enhancer ($32), to create a W shape across the tops of cheeks and the bridge of the nose. This will give you a look that looks like it was just sunkissed. Use a brow pencil like NYX Lift & Snatch to create fake freckles. She recommends using the Brow Tint Pen (13 dollars) to “dot your freckles and then lightly dab them with your fingertips to soften it for a natural look.”

Perfect match

image 1874

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Ceciliato says that the makeup of the early 2000s was earthier, with colors like nude and beige. You can clearly see this in Linda.

Gleam Team

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Avendano says that this Tyra Banks trademark face should be on the red carpet as soon as possible. He says, “Tyra gave us that 2000s smoky-eye that went above creases and finished with frosty highlights right under the eyebrow–it is so beautifully placed and I’m determined to bring it back!”

Glam Goals

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Ceciliato says that the look Reese Witherspoon wore was all about glowing skin and smoky eyelids. Before this era, the skin looked very powdery, but in the early 2000s, makeup artists started to focus on skin care.


image 1892

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In the early 2000s the eyes were the main focus. Ceciliato explains that when it came to eyeshadow it was all about smudged look, dark liners and lots of mascara.

Get Cheeky

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Cameron Diaz is known for her youthful and fresh look. Claudia Bentancur is a Miami-based makeup artist for L’Oreal Paris. She says that the key is how she highlights her cheekbones with a vibrant pink color. This makeup is very trendy with berry shades, which gives a healthy look to the face.

Rusty Heat

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Avendano says, “All hail Queen Rihanna who looks flawless in every decade.” “What is not to like about this?” The perfect cat eye can be worn even today, with the rusty earth toned lids to bring out her eyes and add depth. There’s also the subtle frosty tones on the inner corners of her eyes. This was a trick that she used in the early 2000s and we should use it now.


image 1893

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Ashlee Simpson nail the smoky-eye look of the 2000s. Bentancur says that a smoky-eye adds an allure of mystery and seduction to the eyes. Here, the smoky eye is a feature that stands out as it adds depth and intensity to the look, making the eyes a focal point.

Eye Opening

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Bentacur believes that Jessica Simpson’s make-up is an example of a 2000s moment. She says, “I love this style!” It highlights her eyes well with lots mascara which makes the gaze seem more open. To achieve this look, try L’Oreal Paris Panorama ($17).

Second skin

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Paris Hilton wore a mega smoky-eye in 2001 that’s still popular today. Bentancur notes that her glowing complexion is due to the structured smoky eyes she uses. She has a very satiny skin which is trendy.

Shine on

image 1880

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Mariah Carey is a master of golden skin, frosty lipsticks, and thin eyebrows. Avendano says that there are many beautiful lipsticks in frosty or metal hues. People are often intimidated by them, but they shouldn’t. “I love how she kept it light, with rosy-cheeked cheeks and a hint sun-kissed.

Line up

image 1894

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Kate Moss, a 2000s icon shows off her defined but slightly smudged eyes. Bentancur says that you can also achieve this cool, smudged look. You should first use an eyeliner which doesn’t smudge. Try L’Oreal Paris Infallible Grip mechanical gel eyeliner in Black.

Lash out

image 1873

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Gwyneth paltrow, the ultimate cool girl shows off her edgier face at the 2002 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Allan Avendano is a makeup artist at L’Oreal Paris. He says that the mascara was smoked with gray, taupe, and silver tones around her eyes. This made her eyes pop, but it also looked timeless.

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