Discover Why Vanilla Chrome is the Summer Manicure to Try

The metallic shine is both unexpected and mesmerizing. One shade shines a little more than the others: vanilla chrome nails.

Mimi D is a celebrity manicurist who teaches and teaches about nail art. She says that vanilla chrome nails have a base of cream. She’s not surprised that these nails are popular among beauty enthusiasts because of their versatility.

Chrome nails will not be going away anytime soon. Mimi said that she wouldn’t surprise us if we saw metallic chocolate or strawberry manicures.

How to Get the Look

Vanilla chrome nails are easy to achieve. To get the vanilla base, start by choosing a cream polish shade. Do not use a white one. Mimi said that you will also need white chrome powder in order to achieve that signature shine. Apply two coats to the cream polish, then seal it with a topcoat. Use a sponge and apply the chrome powder on each nail. Seal the top coat with a second layer after you have covered all 10 fingers. You should let the polish dry at least 30 minutes before you use your hands.

How to Get Vanilla Chrome Nails in the Nail Salon

Ask for a similar DIY gel polish manicure with white powder over the top. As with any nail trend you can bring in a visual to make sure that your nail technician and you are on the same wavelength.

You can use these five nail trends to bring to your next appointment.

The Classic

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Instagram @thehotblend

Vanilla chrome nails are unique because of their warm undertones, glazed finish and creamy undertones. Alexandra Teleki, a nail artist from Greece, created and shared a how-to guide for the ultimate look on Instagram.

French Accent

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If you’re unsure, go for a French manicure to complement your chromed vanilla nails. It is the ultimate timeless classic. This combination combines two nail trends to create a unique look.

The Details

image 20 155

Hollywood: How to nail it

Want to spice up your chrome nails with a little extra? The metallic details on these nails are small, but they elevate the whole look. They’re also bound to start a conversation.

Peach Undertones

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Instagram @michelleclassnails

Creamsicles are perfect for the summer. The vanilla base is given warmth and interest by a peachy shade. The rounded shape adds to the low-key look.

Faint Sheen

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Nail Hollywood

The chrome on a vanilla nail does not have to cover the entire surface. (Your nails, your rules.) Choose a few swipes so your bare nails peek through.

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