Cowlick Conquered: 15 Hairstyles to Tame That Stubborn Swirl

Cowlicks are probably the most annoying hair problem. There are many hairstyles you can use to hide a cowlick. Nina Dimachki is a former Kerastase artistic director. Trey Gillen is a master hairstylist, and color specialist, and Jennifer Korab a celebrity hairstylist, colorist, and hairstylist, gave us tips on how to hide your cowlick. Scroll down to view the hairstyles approved by experts that will conceal your cowlick.

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Heavy Fringe

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Dimachki recommends a cut if your cowlick is right on the front hairline: “Heavy fringe will help weight down the cowlick well so that it can be completely hidden if it does pop up.” Ask your hairdresser for the thickest part of the bangs to be cut directly behind the cowlick. Think of classic triangle bangs with the point of the triangle at the top of the forehead. “Even if your bangs are slightly asymmetrical, you will win the battle”, she says. To style your fringe, spray a texture spray like Moraccanoil’s Dry Texture Spray.

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Curly Lob

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You’re in luck if you have naturally curly hair! Gillen says that the natural twists, bends and flips go well with stubborn cowlicks. SACHAJUAN Curl Treatment is recommended by Gillen to get silky, frizz-free, manageable curls. This conditioning mask turns stiff, coarse hair to smooth, soft curly hair, he says.

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Baby Bangs

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Dare you make a bold cut? Baby bangs are a great way to try a new look. Gillen says to wear them straight and choppy. The cowlick will give it more character. SACHAJUAN Moulding spray can be used to blend in the cowlick with the rest of your fringe.


Direct the heat directly down to the cowlick to flatten and prevent it from springing up.

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Loose waves

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Blake Lively has hair that is so perfect, it’s hard to imagine how she could make a mistake. Her messy, loose waves are something to envy. (How can tousled hair be so well-composed?) And, coincidentally are the perfect disguise for cowlicks. Dimachki says, “This style works for cowlicks anywhere on the scalp.” The loose texture of the hair is tolerant to accidental partings in front or back from cowlicks. And, she adds, “the shoulder blade length keeps it from getting out-of-hand.” You can also get the same tousled look without using heat with Ouai Wave Spray.

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Wispy Bangs

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Cowlicks can be embraced and accentuated with a cowlick style. You can let it work for you by embracing it. Gillen suggests a center part, and letting the cowlick separate your bangs to create a simple and carefree fringe style. He suggests using SACHAJUAN’s Hair Cleaning Cream as a great alternative to shampoo and condition. My clients swear by it. They get the best blowouts.

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Pixie Wedge

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The pixie is a great option for cowlicks on the back. “Keeping the sides and top longer than a typical pixie can give you more volume.” Gillen says that these small adjustments make it easier to manage the cowlick on the crown of the head. Gillen recommends SACHAJUAN Rootlift with a medium size round brush to lift and control the area and keep it from separating.

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Blunt Cuts

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Dimachki recommends cutting your hair to one length if your cowlick is on the crown. “Keeping your hair at one size will maintain the weight at the bottom which the hair needs in order to cover any crown cowlicks.” The finer your hair is, the more pressure you need to apply while blow-drying. Apply a hazelnut-sized amount of Kerastase L’incroyable Hair Creme to the crown and massage into the hair where the cowlicks most affect. Then use a small round metal brush to grip the hair without sacrificing volume.

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Side-Swept Fringe

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Gillen suggests growing your fringe out to a side swoop using shoulder-length locks if it won’t cooperate. He explains that the shoulder-length perimeter will complement the swoop by fluttering up slightly. “SACHAJUAN Volume Cream provides just enough volume without making hair feel like it’s weighed down with product.”


You’ll need to stop the growth pattern of a cowlick in order to get rid of it. Blow-dry the cowlick repeatedly from left to right. This will “overworked” the hair, causing it to lay flat.

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Modern Shag

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Want to disguise your cowlick with a new trendy haircut? Modern shags are the perfect solution. Gillen says that it complements a Cowlick because of its flirty, tousled movements. Use SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist to create a beachy texture that is both moving and evocative.

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Slicked Back Bun

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Dimachki suggests that on days when you don’t have the time to hide unruly hair, the best option is to place it into a slicked back bun or textured weave. No one will know.

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Long Layers

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What is the best way to create a super-flattering cut? Long layers! Combine them with a fringe to add weight to the cowlick and help control it. Gillen advises that long layers and a fringe that frames the face will help to control any cowlick. To get volume and bounce, you will need to use more product on longer hair. He recommends SACHAJUAN Hair Mousse which is weightless and yet delivers bounce and volume.

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Classic Pixie

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The classic pixie style of Michelle William is one of best ways to hide a ‘cowlick.’ Celebrity hairstylist Jennifer Korab also agrees: “Pixie is a great cut for hiding a ‘cowlick. This shorter style will camouflage and hide cowlicks, making them easier to control. When styling a pixie, I like to use texture paste or spray.”

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Beachy Waves

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The beachy waves will not only help you hide your cowlick, but they are also a good style to wear on your next European vacation. “Loose or beach waves are another great way to hide cowlicks. Cowlicks are less noticeable when you have a textured, tousled look. This style will stay in place if you finish it off with a hairspray that has a soft-finish. Korab recommends Pureology Soft Finish to achieve this look.

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Slicked back

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Jennifer Lopez’s sleek slick-back style isn’t just chic. “A slick-back style is another excellent way to conceal cowlicks. Korab says that smoothing down the hair and making it sleek will prevent cowlicks. I like to use mousse to achieve this look, and then finish with oil to add some shine. To lock in the style, use a hairspray with a strong hold.

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90s Blower

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Korab believes that the 90s big blowout, which was most famously worn by Supermodel Cindy Crawford, is the best way to hide a cowlick. “Long styles and layers like the 90s blowout can help to reduce the appearance cowlicks. She explains that these styles are intended to look tousled and move in various directions. “Using a mousse like Kerastase Densifique Thickening Leave-In Mousse will create volume and movement to enhance this style.”

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