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There are fashion statements from the past years that never died in vain. From the 1920s to the 1980s, these years truly brought a lot of fashion pieces that look trendy and timeless. We are pretty sure that whenever you stop by thrift shops, you get immediately fascinated with vintage pieces. Guess what? You are not alone in this! In fact, a lot of well-known celebrities flaunt the streets and red carpets with beautiful vintage pieces.

To perfectly complement the entire vintage look, it needs to have its corresponding hairstyle and makeup. Bold red lips, sleek side waves and pompadours – it is definitely a blast from the past! Check out these celebrities that made it seem like they came from the past with their specific and unique vintage fashion finds.

Dita Von Teese

Known as the Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese truly restored fashion history in her signature pin-up girl look. From her signature sleek waves, pitch-black hair, porcelain complexion and red hot lipstick, Dita truly embraces what vintage really is. Don’t you think Dita Von Teese is this generation’s version of Ava Gardner? Although Dita isn’t a full-time actress like Ava was, their style is pretty much identical!


  • Vintage Look #1

Her see-through floral dress draws a fine line between sexy and classy. Her plunging neckline revealed her beautiful corset; flaunting her perfect figure. She paired her gown ensemble with a vintage bronze clutch to add to the glam.

  • Vintage Look #2

This beautiful black dress reminds us of the ever popular silhouette that captivated women back in the early 40s! Dita has been wearing corsets almost all her life – one reason why she has got an extremely defined waist. Her black dress emphasized her waist by sporting a huge petticoat and balanced her upper top with a shoulder-wide V-cut. As if the makeup look and dress aren’t enough to define the epitome of vintage, she also paired it up with black ankle-strap pumps.

  • Vintage Look #3

Metal-shine frills are the thing of the 20s. Remember how Coco Chanel ditched this fashion trend back in the days? Dita Von Teese flaunted a modern twist on the fabulous frills that conquered 20s; proving that the trend hasn’t died yet. Her strapless frilled dress is like a match made in heaven with her Mary Jane pumps!


Steal the Look: Go for an all-black ensemble. A well-tailored blazer or jacket is your safest option in sporting a Dita Von Teese look. Amp up your look by picking Mary Jane pumps or strappy heels in black for it is a universally flattering style and color. To top off your Dita Von Teese-inspired look, do not forget to wear your bold red lipstick!

January Jones

Everyone knows January Jones as Betty Draper in the American TV series Mad Men. Her famous character embraces a classic, vintage image and is mostly compared to Grace Kelly. This might be one reason why January seamlessly adapts to vintage fashion even in real life! Here are some of her best vintage picks.


  • Vintage Look #1

A long white dress that resembles 60s lingerie – definitely stunning! The top features a corset/brassiere design that perfectly embraces January’s athletic silhouette. It falls down on chiffon mermaid-cut pleats and she paired it up with a matching silk clutch. To add to the elegant and vintage vibe, she went on with a messy updo accessorized with a bejeweled hair band.

  • Vintage Look #2

Her Marilyn Monroe-inspired look is a total eye catcher! To add up to the details, she went on a vintage drape skirt with an emerald sleeveless cutout top. Her neutral and earthy color choices truly add up to the entire ensemble’s vintage image.

  • Vintage Look #3

Want something classy but wearable? Take it from January Jones’ white vintage coordinate. She sported poufy sleeves that graze into a sharp V-neck and balanced the look out with a printed skirt and pearly sandals.


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Steal the Look: This look is definitely a wearable vintage attire. Go fancy with a floral mini dress at layer on a full long plain blazer. It’s an outfit perfect for work and casual meetings. Don’t forget to pair it up with ankle-strap sandals!

Zooey Deschanel


If you want ruffles and glamour, take it from Zooey Deschanel! From full-length gowns to mini dresses, she went fearless with dramatic frills and ruffles to give vintage fashion a playful twist.

  • Vintage Look #1

Prints and ruffles in one are usually a bad idea, but with Zooey Deschanel, she went on with a chiffon gown with soft prints and patterns. The beige base color toned the ruffles and prints down for a much wearable look. She matched it up with soft curls and full bangs to draw more attention to the details of the dress.

  • Vintage Look #2

If you think pastel blue will never work of ruffled dresses, you’re wrong! Zooey looked like a disco lover with her 70s-inspired ensemble. She gave the pastel dress a twist by pairing it up with fishnet stockings and red strappy sandals. Not to mention her matching red bow and lipstick too!

  • Vintage Look #3

For a more comfortable take on vintage dresses, she went with a one piece mini dress that featured garter, prints and laces. Since the mini dress is already full of details, she made her look very simple with a curly downdo and closed heels.


Steal the Look: This fashion coordinate is a perfect vintage piece for fall. It’s a very easy coordinate – just pick a plain black shirt, along with a pair of black leggings and shoes. To give the look a pop of color, choose a printed skirt with geometrical patterns.

Katy Perry


We all know Katy Perry for her catchy music and colorful music videos; but apart from these, Katy Perry does wonderful in pulling off vintage attires. From concerts to red carpet events, she knows how to flaunt her 60s self!

  • Vintage Look #1

She’s not starring in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby , but she did pull off the vintage look with her wavy bob, embellished headpiece and layered pearl necklaces. Her beautiful smoky eyes perfectly complement her nude matte lipstick – a true vintage signature!

  • Vintage Look #2

This simple old rose dress is like a piece from the 70s. Its plunging neckline truly gave Katy a sexy look. In addition, she went for a teased pompadour downdo that falls stunningly on her skinny dress straps.

  • Vintage Look #3

You can never go wrong with a sexy black dress. Katy proved that the vintage 40s design isn’t dead and it is sexier than ever! She chose a plunging cut to show cleavage and paired it up with a high-slit to keep everyone staring. The sexy all-black ensemble is topped off with a teased, brushed up hairdo.


Steal the Look: One common thing about the vintage look is color coordination. Katy went full-on red velvet with her red strapless velvet gown and red velvet shoes. It makes a perfect dress for an evening party, don’t you think?

Taylor Swift


The great thing about Taylor Swift is her long legs, skinny physique and blonde locks; making her quite flexible in whatever fashion piece she chooses. She can go for a medium-length dress or a fun mini skirt and still look fabulous! Check out her best vintage picks.

  • Vintage Look #1

Her bright orange dress reminds us of what women wore in the 40s during the war. It is conservative as it is fully buttoned up; not showing too much skin. Regardless of that, she still managed to pull it off by taking the right fit, also pairing it up with nude bow pumps and twin low bun hairstyle.

  • Vintage Look #2

Once again, a vintage color coordinating outfit! With her knitted blue sweater paired with a pastel version of her skater skirt, Taylor looked like Brigitte Bardot’s younger sister from the 50s! Styled with comfy white oxfords and a red polka dot headband, she truly rocked a youthful vintage style.

  • Vintage Look #3

This floral femme dress is a very versatile fashion piece. It can both serve as casual or formal, depending on how you accessorize it. Taylor chose to strut it with a nice Chanel clutch khaki low-heeled pumps. To give it a more laid-back look, she effortlessly pinned her hair to the side with an embellished barrette.

©NATIONAL PHOTO GROUP Taylor Swift departs 'Katie Couric' studios in a yellow dress in NYC. Job: 102212C1 Non-Exclusive October 22nd, 2012New York, NY NPG.com

Steal the Look: Taylor rocked this color coordinated cardigan and dress; making her look like an absolute sweetheart straight from the 60s. It is a very girly but comfortable fashion coordinate. To add more glam to this vintage ensemble, Taylor wore chunky peep-toe pumps with simple eye makeup and bold orange lips.

Which among these vintage choices is your favorite? To get a whole vintage look, check out Step up your Hairstyle Fashion with Bandana10 Steps to A Vintage Makeup

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