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Can Party Dresses Be Styled for Daytime? Paris Says Yes!

Fringe Dressed

image 252

Raimonda Kulikauskiene//Getty Images

Swinging fringes are great for street-style photographers or dancing on the floor.

Proenza’s take on the fringe is elegant and sophisticated.

Fit to a Ball

image 249

Raimonda Kulikauskiene//Getty Images

In Paris, you can never be overdressed. You can wear this look wherever you want by swapping heels for ballet flats.

Dressing up is all about reformation. This look is perfect for a wedding in the summer or a stroll through the park.

A Touch of Drama

image 258

Edward Berthelot//Getty Images

Style a black and white dress with long black gloves for a dressy, effortless look.

If you prefer a more elegant look with less layers, skip the gloves. What’s more dramatic than a dress that has a cape attached?

Dressed down

image 256

Daniel Zuchnik//Getty Images

Showgoer styles an elegant yellow dress with a leather vest and burgundy shoulder bags to create a relaxed look. It proves, in terms of wearability that even formal dresses can be worn for casual events.

This dress is for those who don’t mind going bold with their color choices. Molly Goddard’s over-the top tulle can be dressed down with Mary Jane.


image 257

Daniel Zuchnik//Getty Images

Bows are a favorite among street style and runway models. Bows were incorporated into each look in Prada’s most recent collection. Metallic heels and printed tights will enhance the playful feel.

Here’s a fun way to add a bow.

Short and Sweet

image 254

Claudio Lavenia//Getty Images

A cropped hemline is the perfect way to announce that spring is almosthere. This off-the shoulder dress is a great option for wedding guests or can be dressed down for street style.

This strapless minidress can be worn for formal or less formal occasions.

Black-Tie Affair

image 250

Christian Vierig//Getty Images

When you play with textures and shapes, all black can look dramatic. This black dress with a one-shoulder is stunning in every way. The final look is elegant but memorable, with gold and black accessories.

This sleek look is adorned with shoulder florettes.

High and low

image 253

Christian Vierig//Getty Images

The relaxed fit of a pair jeans is the perfect foil for a voluminous dress. You may wear this dress on special occasions but you can also keep it casual.

Style with jeans or wear alone.


image 255

Claudio Lavenia//Getty Images

Dress yourself up in lace. This street-style sheer look is on trend and perfect for any special occasion. You can wear a similar style for a birthday party or to dress up on vacation.

Lady Red

image 251

Raimonda Kulikauskiene//Getty Images

This season, red is a color that will never go out of style. A gown with rosette detailing on the bodice is an elegant choice.

Roses on a dress is trendy and timeless.

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