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Become the Queen Bee: 9 Tips for Recreating Regina George’s Signature Look from ‘Mean Girls’

Raise your hands if Regina George has ever victimized you personally, or if you have ever wished to emulate her style. With the new Mean Girls musical, the iconic queen bee will once again be on the top of her game. The revival of this cult classic has us feeling inspired. You’re probably a fan of dressing up for pop culture events. And who hasn’t done that in the last year? Now is the time to wear pink or emulate your favorite characters. No matter which version you prefer, there are two to choose from. The original Regina (played in 2004 by Rachel McAdams), is full of classic Y2K inspiration in sweaters, graphic tanks, and prom style. Her new musical counterpart, however, updates her ultra cool, trendsetting energy to Gen Z. Scroll down to see nine of Regina George’s most iconic outfits, along with the product choices to replicate the look.

The Regina George Sweater

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Regina’s boatneck sweater from 2004 is a great example of how a few simple style updates can transform a look that is understated into something more for any occasion, even if it is being hit by a car. She wore a matching pink Louis Vuitton purse and belt to elevate her casual school look. Then she added timeless jewelry, including a gold monogram necklace. You can choose to follow her style or go for a more relaxed, modern look.

Too cool for school

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Jojo Whilden/Paramount

The character’s power is not diminished by the fact that the look is all black leather. The outfit is not only powerful but also simple. All you need is a leather shirt, matching pants and gold jewelry to make yourself look like Regina George.

Mall Girl moment

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Regina George’s iconic “We wear pink on Wednesdays” is a must-have for any fashion roundup. The original Mean Girls look. The key pieces of the ensemble–a black miniskirt, a graphic-printed white tank and a pink cardigan–are distinctly Y2K. This makes them feel on trend as era style revival continues. Accessorize your look with designer handbags, jewelry and a sassy expression.

Get In, Loser

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The new Mean Girls pink outfits have been the subject of much debate, but they are modern and memorable. Regina’s looks fit with Rapp’s confident, playful energy as Regina. The trailer has a line that says “Get in, loser!” Pair a semi sheer, fitted or corseted shirt with pink wide leg trousers, and top it off with fun sunglasses.

Queen Bee of Layering

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Regina George’s iconic look is another one of her standout sweater moments. The mean girl layers a black v neck over a pink button down. Regina’s favorite jewelry completes the look. We can imagine Regina saying, “jewelry” if she were to make an OOTD video in Bama Rush style. It’s a great example of how less can be more when it comes to knowing your own style and being creative.

Playful in Pastels

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This look is iconic, even though it was originally designed as a Halloween costume. We can imagine it being very coquette if we made a few changes. Pair a sparkly tank and a silky mini skirt with ballet-inspired details to reimagine the outfit for 2024. Instead of literal bunny ear jewelry, try some bow-shaped accessories that resemble the motif.

Deconstructed Regina

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@theestallion / Instagram

Rapp has only been seen in a few press events, but the actress is already showcasing her Plastics style. She also released “Not My Fault”, a song she wrote with Megan Thee Stallion. Both music artists have taken inspiration from the iconic character by wearing matching pink outfits. Rapp also pairs hers up with denim booties for maximum drama. You get bonus points if your pink manicure is as dramatic as Meg’s.

Bring on the Drama

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The iconic Mean Girls scene where Regina, Gretchen and Karen perform a seductive routine to “Jingle Bell Rock” is recreated in the new version (with some extra sparkle). Red is on trend this season, even if a Santa suit isn’t what you usually gravitate towards. Pair a matching mini dress or set in the bright shade with opera gloves, knee-high boots, and a Santa hat for a memorable outfit.

Spring Fling Style

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Regina was not in the best of shape after the bus accident, but she still arrived at the Spring Fling with a unique style. She wore a strapless pink slipdress, and added flowers to her spinal halo, creating a flower crown look long before it became a trend for festivals. Pair a slip dress with a floral headband to pay homage to her spring aesthetic. Then, modernize it with ballet flats.

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