Beautify Yourself with Ancient Chinese Beauty Secrets

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When we talk of women with flawlessly beautiful skin and silky black hair, the first thought that comes to mind is the gorgeous Chinese women. Chinese women are known for their even skin tone and ageless complexion, for ages. There are a number of ancient beauty secrets and Chinese tricks that have proved to bring the best results. Women in West love to explore these Asian beauty secrets to get lasting beauty.

Top Chinese Beauty Secrets

All the ladies in the West, hold your breath and check out the best Chinese beauty secrets.

Applying a Jade Roller

You will never get to see a Chinese woman with a dull complexion. They all come with even skin tones and fair complexion. ‘Jade’, is the secret behind it. Since ages, Chinese women have been using jade rollers to get a fair look. According to Chinese culture, rolling a jade on your face improves blood circulation, and that in return, brings the best results for your skin. Though the trick is quite ancient but these jade rollers are quite easily available even today. Here are a few reasons why you should use a jade roller;

  • It promises cooling effects on the skin (best in summer)
  • It hides the ugly large pores
  • Relieves puffiness
  • Tightens the skin
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Drains the toxins from your body by promoting lymphatic drainage

Note: To get the best results, use it in a special technique. Roll it over your skin from center of the face to the upwards and outwards direction.

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Pearl-Like Beauty with Pearl Powder

Get the glow of the pearl with pure pearl powder. It is gained from oyster shells. It might sound strange to many of you out there, but that’s another of the well-known Asian beauty secrets. It has been a part of Chinese beauty secrets since 320 AD. The best way to use it is in the form of a facial mask. Add 1 tbsp. pearl powder with 1 tbsp. honey and one egg yolk. Mix them well and gently apply to your face. Application of this mask regularly works to;

  • Cure for skin pigmentation
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Removes acne
  • Improves collagen levels in the skin
  • Cures irritation and redness of the skin
  • Reduces inflammation
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source: Beauty with pearl powder

Mint Leaves

We all know the numerous health benefits of mint but only a few of us know how mint can work wonders to get you a bright and glowing complexion. Mint is so cost-effective and easy to buy that we all should try it. To get instantly fair skin, grind the mint leaves and form a paste to apply on your face and neck. It gives a cooling effect in summer.

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source: Mint leaves for Skin


Tremella is an ancient Chinese food. It actually is a mushroom or snow fungus that is known for best skin conditioning. It contains a lot of vitamin D (very good for healthy skin) and other antioxidants. There are some myths related to an ancient Chinese princess with beautiful skin, who used tremella. That’s great! What are we waiting for?

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source: tremella

Drinking Lots of Herbal Teas

No one can deny the benefits of herbs for aging skin. Since ages, Chinese women are known to be drinking a variety of herbal teas. Green, white, goji berry and oolong tea, all come with different health benefits. Particularly green tea is known worldwide for its anti-inflammatory properties and richness in antioxidants. Furthermore, it is one of the best anti-aging drinks. It functions perfectly to increase the metabolic rate and you may easily lose extra weight.

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source: Herbal Tea


Rice is not only a Chinese beauty secret but the Japanese geisha’s too have been using rice water to get an even toned skin. Talking of the benefits of rice water, it tones up and softens the skin beautifully. Besides that, it prevents the skin from sun damaging and early aging (fights wrinkles). You all have seen the black and silky hair of Chinese and Japanese women. Rinsing their hair with the left-over water (after rinsing the rice) of rice is the real secret. For hair, you are supposed to wash your hair with this uncooked and unpolished rice water. For skin, soak the unpolished rice in the water. Leave it that way until the water looks white like milk. Dip the cotton in this water and apply on your face and neck. You can keep this water stored in refrigerator for about 3 to 4 days.

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source: Rice Water

Mung Beans

Empress Wu, the only female ruler in Chinese history is well known for her timeless beauty. Myths suggest that she was breathtakingly beautiful and ageless even at the age of 80. The secret of her age defying beauty was a regular usage of mung beans. It was a face mask prepared with mung beans, motherwort (an herb) and green tea extract. You too can try it to get a youthful skin.

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source: Mung Beans

Turmeric Mask

Women in ancient China were great admirers of this orange root named ‘turmeric’. Even today, it is considered one of the best items for the skin in Asian countries. Using it in a ground form, as a mask, promises clear and wrinkle free skin.

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source: turmeric

Ancient Chinese Herbs

Beauty in Chinese largely depends on natural products and usage of herbs. There are a number of Chinese herbs known to be awesome for an amazing skin. Goji, huang qui and bei qi are the most famous Chinese herbs for aging skin and flawless skin.

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source: Ancient Herbs

Regular Massage

We all know the excellent results of a regular massage. Massage too is one of the most popular beauty secrets in Chinese culture. Today more and more women are opting for a regular (facial and body) massage to improve the blood circulation, reduce puffiness and to improve the overall functionality of the body.

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source: Facial Massage


Chinese women look young and beautiful, even today. It’s all because of the traditional Chinese makeup and ancient beauty secrets. Even today women all across the world envy the beauty of Asian women (Chinese, Japanese and Korean), because of this all-natural beauty routine. You too, irrespective of your location, can get the complete benefits of these beauty tricks by making them a part of your daily beauty regimen.

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